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Kōtetsu Sangokushi
Koutetsu Sangokushi.jpg
Genre Action, Supernatural, Historical, Shōnen-ai
Author KYO
Volumes 1 chapter so far
TV anime
Director Saga Satoshi
Network Japan TV Tokyo
Original run April 5, 2007September 27, 2007
Episodes 25 (List of episodes)
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Kōtetsu Sangokushi (鋼鉄三国志 ?) is one of the Japanese anime loosely-based adaptations of the Chinese Romance of the Three Kingdoms.



Rikuson Hakugen (Lu Xun) is the inheritor of the right arm, a magical arm that had great power. During a raid by the Gi (Wei) faction in a Go (Wu) faction town, Zaoli, the soldiers were about to kill a small family of a mother and son when Rikuson arrived in his mount. Rikuson successfully repelled the raiders but he was unable to prevent one of the soldiers from slaying the mother. As he went close to the boy, the boy moved away from him, as he finally realized the severity and harshness of war. Rikuson was the disciple of Shoukatsuryou Koumei (Zhuge Liang) as they observed a war between Sonsaku Hakufu (Sun Ce), the ruler of the Go faction and a Gi squadron thrice the size of his forces. It seemed that Sonsaku was in a disadvantage, but Rikuson could feel a mysterious force in the faction. It was Sonsaku with the power of the Hereditary Seal, the ability to wield great power as he exterminated the enemy force easily. A flashback showed that Sonsaku had killed Rikuson’s father to retrieve the Hereditary Seal and the seal had chosen Sonsaku to be the owner of it and the brilliant power stored within it. At the aftermath, Sousou (Cao Cao), the leader of the Gi faction realized that Sonsaku had such a power. Koumei also saw the red star moving toward the center, as fate started to move


# Episode Name Original air date
1 "Koumei who Stands in Opposition, the Freeing of Rikuson the Crimson at Koutou"
April 5, 2007
2 "Rikuson at a Loss, his Discovery of Sonken in Go's Capital"
April 12, 2007
3 "Assemble at Koutou's lands, young patriots"
April 19, 2007
4 "The Lone-Eyed Hero Entrusts Ryoutou with the Principles of a Warrior"
April 26, 2007
5 "A Grieving Ryoutou Roars in Agony as he Hunts Down a Bitter Enemy"
May 3, 2007
6 "In his Sorrow, Kannei of Suzu, Shoots an Arrow into the Battlefield"
May 10, 2007
7 "A Bewildered Rikuson Sees the Light in a Reunion with his Teacher"
May 17, 2007
8 "Shokatsuryou Koumei Inspires Sonken of Go with his Idea"
May 24, 2007
9 "The Young Warriors Assemble at Koutou's Hills and Rivers for Training"
May 31, 2007
10 "Sou Moutoku Pushes a Red Wall, Drawing Near Son Go"
June 14, 2007
11 "Go's Six Steeds Cause the Dawn Over Choukou to Gleam Red"
June 21, 2007
12 "Ingenuity and Cunning, the Sound of the Ominous Flute Reverberates Across the Lake Shore"
June 28, 2007
13 "Bi Shuurou Stands Upon the Battlefield to Guide Rikuson"
July 5, 2007
14 "The Wail of Son Go Wavers in Repose Offered by the Six Steeds"
July 12, 2007
15 "Gloomy Rikuson Vows to Recover with Sonken's Smile"
July 19, 2007
16 "Kan'u's Roar Strikes Rikuson which Forces him to Hold Determination"
July 26, 2007
17 "Reunion at the Thatched Hut, the Deep Connection Between Master and Disciple, Wedged Together in Ekishuu"
August 2, 2007
18 "The Sworn Brothers of the Peach Garden see the Flower of Ties in the Fields and Mountains of Shoku"
August 9, 2007
19 "Courageous Taishiji Stands Tall on the Earth of the Central Plains"
August 16, 2007
20 "Amou of Go Rises from Obscurity by Using His Young Wisdom"
August 23, 2007
21 "Kouryou's Setting Sun Seizes a Warrior's Soul"
August 30, 2007
22 "Ryuubi Goes Insane and Becomes a Frozen Shadow Wandering in Koutou"
September 6, 2007
23 "Son Chuubou, in the Snowfield, Follows Rikuson to Escape from His Homeland"
September 13, 2007
24 "Ryuubi's Weeping Gives a New Light to the Field"
September 20, 2007
25 "Riku Hakugen Dances on Gojouhen Where Red Stars Are Falling"
September 27, 2007



The plot takes place in the historical period of China's Three Kingdoms.

Kingdom of Go (呉)

Chinese name: Kingdom of Wu

Kingdom of Gi (魏)

Chinese name: Kingdom of Wei

Kingdom of Shoku (蜀)

Chinese name: Kingdom of Shu

Theme songs


  1. "Nostalgia" by Camino


  1. "Kuon" by Miyano Mamoru

Insert Songs:

  1. "Koubou" by Miyano Mamoru (episode 25)


References Names in Romance of the Three Kingdoms in their Chinese and Japanese versions

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