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Maintained by KDOT
Length: 312 mi[1] (502 km)
West end: K-123.svg K-123 south of Dresden
East end: US 73.svg US-73 near Lancaster
Counties: Sheridan, Decatur, Norton, Phillips, Smith, Osborne, Mitchell, Cloud, Washington, Clay, Marshall, Nemaha, Jackson, Atchison
List of Kansas numbered highways
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K-9 is a state highway in the U.S. state of Kansas. The highway goes east–west through Kansas. It has its western terminus south of Dresden at an intersection with K-123 and an eastern terminus at its junction with U.S. Route 73 near Lancaster.

Route description

K-9 begins south of Dresden at K-123 on the border between Sheridan and Decatur counties. After starting out along the border, it gradually follows an east-northeast alignment, as the highway parallels the north fork of the Solomon River. After passing through Lenora, K-9 has a short overlap with US-283. It passes through Edmond and intersects K-173 near Densmore, then continues east through Logan and Speed. At Glade, K-9 intersects US-183. East of Glade, K-9 follows an east-southeast trajectory which goes north of Kirwin, then goes through Cedar and Gaylord before intersecting US-281. K-9 then goes southeast through Portis with US-281, then turns south. At US-24, K-9 turns east with US-24, ending its overlap with US-281.

K-9 and US-24 then overlap eastward through Downs, where they intersect K-181. The overlap continues through Cawker City and then intersects K-128. After passing through Glen Elder and Solomon Rapids. K-9 and US-24 intersect K-14 at Beloit, then the overlap ends shortly after that intersection. K-9 continues east from Beloit, then follows alternating northerly and easterly alignments before intersecting K-28 west of Concordia. It turns east into Concordia and intersects US-81 there.

Going east from Concordia, K-9 goes east to Clyde and Clifton, then intersects K-15. K-9 and K-15 then overlap, intersecting K-115 near Palmer and passing through Linn before meetin K-148. K-9 and K-148 then overlap going east, intersecting K-119 near Greenleaf, before ending their overlap at Barnes. It continues east to Waterville, where it begins an overlap with US-77, and the overlap with US-77 continues east to Blue Rapids.

From Blue Rapids, K-9 continues east to Frankfort, where it intersects K-99. They overlap going north from Frankfort, then K-9 turns east and intersects K-87 near Vliets, K-88 near Vermillion and K-187 at Centralia. East of Centralia, K-9 intersects K-63, and they overlap going south into Corning. K-9 then turns east at Corning, and then intersects K-62 southwest of Goff. It goes northeast into Goff, then goes southeasterly through Wetmore before intersecting US-75 near Netawaka.

K-9 continues southeast through Netawaka, then turns east through Whiting. Near Muscotah, K-9 intersects US-159, then they turn south together through Muscotah. They then overlap going east, then south into Effingham. East of Effingham, the K-9/US-159 overlap ends, and K-9 alternates between northbound and eastbound alignments on its way towards Lancaster, ending south of Lancaster at US-73.




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