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K.O.3an Guo (終極三國)
K.O.3an Guo poster.jpg
Genre Fantasy, Comedy, Action, Drama, Wuxia, School
Created by Sun Fanjun (孫法鈞)
Lan Jinxiang (藍今翔)
Lu Shiyuan (呂蒔媛)
Directed by Ke Qinzheng (柯欽政)
Cheng Donghan (陳東漢)
Wu Jianxin (吳建新)
Starring George Hu
Kirsten Ren
Wu Xiong
Bo Yan
Shao Xiang
Si Wei Hongzheng
Kun Da
Nylon Chen
Zhang Haoming
Pets Ceng
Huang Niu
Alan Ke
Opening theme Dui Shou (對手) by Qiang Bian (強辯) / Wu Hu Jiang (武虎將) / Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛) (1-36) / Yi Zhan Zhi Zhan by Dong Cheng Wei (37-??)
Ending theme Gou Ai (夠愛) by Pets Ceng (曾沛慈) Lei Le (泪了) by Pets Ceng
Country of origin  Republic of China (Taiwan)
Language(s) Mandarin
No. of seasons So far 3
No. of episodes On Air
Producer(s) Cheng Donghan (陳東漢)
Chen Huiying (陳慧瑛)
Huang Wanbo (黃萬伯)
Location(s) Taipei
Running time approximately 70 min
Original channel GTV / FTV
Original run 2009-02-27 (FTV), 2009-02-28 (GTV) – 2009-10-23 (FTV), 2009-10-24 (GTV)
Preceded by KO One & The X-Family
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K.O.3an Guo (Traditional Chinese: 終極三國, Simplified Chinese: 终极三国, pinyin: zhōng jí sān guó) is a Taiwanese drama which is currently airing. The title is to be pronounced "K.O.-san-guo". It is the third instalment (threequel) of the Zhong Ji (終極) series KO One (終極一班) and The X-Family (終極一家).

It features George Hu, Xiu, Kirsten Ren and three out of four members of Fahrenheit as special guests, who were the lead cast in KO One (終極一班) and The X-Family (終極一家).

The series started filming on December 24, 2008 and is yet to finish shooting.

It first aired on Friday February 27, 2009, 22:00pm on FTV; and Saturday February 28, 23:00pm on GTV.[1]



Guan Yu (關羽)

Guan Yu is straight-headed, righteous and loyal. He is known for fighting around the world alongside his best friend, Zhang Fei (張飛), with whom he has attended twenty-four schools together (only because he always gets kicked out for starting fights). Eventually, he lands a place in East Han Academy (東漢書院) with the help of his sworn brother, Liu Bei (劉備).

Because of his honesty, he is sometimes taken advantage by his enemies. His friends are often forced to lie to him, which leads to unpredicted consequences.

Guan Yu will blush bright red for two reasons; when he is embarrassed or when he gets extremely upset.

He is the second brother to Zhang Fei and Liu Bei.

He develops a crush on the principal's daughter, Diao Chan (貂蟬) on his first day in school. They later they become a couple.

Guan Yu’s weapon is “Qing Long Yan Yue Dao” (青龍偃月刀 / Green Dragon Crescent Blade). “Long Yin Tai Xu” (龍吟太虛) is his primary attack, but because its power is unlimited, he only uses it in battles when it is absolutely necessary.

Zhang Fei (張飛)

Zhang Fei himself comes from a very wealthy family. All gangster members are afraid of his wrath and would do anything to avoid provoking him, even to the point of pretending to be nice and polite.

With some help from his sworn brother Liu Bei (劉備), Zhang Fei manages to enroll East Han Academy (東漢書院) - where he can explore his abilities.

Whenever someone calls him “Xiao Nao Nao” (小孬孬) he will get so mad that his face will turn black and his strength will rapidly increase.

Zhang Fei and Guan Yu (關羽) are childhood friends and have even attended and been expelled from twenty-four schools together. When they encounter Liu Bei, the three of them become sworn brothers, with Zhang Fei being the youngest of the three.

Zhang Fei’s weapon is “Zhan Ba She Mao” (戰八蛇矛 / Battle Eight Snakes Lance).

Liu Bei (劉備)

Liu Bei is the eldest sworn brother of Guan Yu (關羽) and Zhang Fei (張飛). He is a descendant of the royal family.

Although he appears to be righteous, he is actually extremely selfish. He only becomes sworn brothers with Guan Yu (關羽) and Zhang Fei (張飛) in hopes of using them as pawns to achieve his ambition in dominating the schools and becoming the most powerful person in the Silver Dimension.

The moment he swears his vows a gigantic rock (caused by Da Dong's (大東) coin) falls down on him, severely injuring him before he could execute his evil plans. To maintain the balance of the universe, Zhang Fei (張飛), Da Dong (大東), Ya Se (亞瑟) and Xiao Yu (小雨) force Xiu (脩) to remain in the Silver Dimension, thereupon taking Liu Bei's place, while Da Dong (大東), Ya Se (亞瑟) and Xiao Yu (小雨) take Liu Bei to the Gold Dimension (金時空) for treatment of his wounds.

Xiu (脩) / Liu Bei (劉備)

Xiu is a power-user from the Iron Dimension (鐵時空) who is the leader as well as main guitarist of the magical music band, Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛).

Xiu’s alternate counterpart in the Silver Dimension (銀時空) is Liu Bei (劉備). After Liu Bei is fatally injured, Xiu finds himself put in a position he’s never imagined before: to be a leader and run an army of his own.

His involvement is part of what triggers the story of K.O.3an Guo (終極三國) in the first place.

The members of Xiu’s family specialize a spell called "She Xin Shu" (攝心術): it enables them to control their target’s actions.

Xiu has three special weapons:

One of them is a guitar pick called “Shen Feng Pi Ke” (神風鎞克 / God Wind Guitar Pick) that increases his powers and produce healing energy.
The other two being a pair of guitars called “Qing Hong Zi Dian” (青虹紫電 / Green Rainbow Purple Lightning).

Xiu is in love with a girl named Sun Shang Xiang (孫尚香).

Diao Chan (貂蟬)

The adopted daughter of East Han Academy’s (東漢書院) headmaster Wang Yun (王允). She is known as the prettiest girl in the world, whose beauty comes with a kind heart.

Though she is born with a natural beauty, she dislikes people who fall in love with others based on their appearance.

Diao Chan's wish is to find true love and eventually she encounters Lu Bu (呂布) and experiences true love for the first time with the man who becomes the love of her life. Later, after realizing Lu Bu was not who she thought he was, she parts with him and starts dating Guan Yu (關羽).

Xiao Qiao (小喬)

Xiao Chao and Diao Chan (貂蟬) are best friends, the two often discuss personal things together.

She has a hard time watching her mouth; for some reason, whenever she says something bad will happen it always does, causing everyone around to feel fearful and uneasy whenever she voices her opinions. Others often refer to this as Crow's Mouth (烏鴉嘴).

She sometimes involves herself with the Five Tiger Generals' (五虎將) missions.

She used to date Zhou Yu (周瑜) and has broken up with him.

Currently she seems to have a crush on Zhao Yun (趙雲).

Zhao Yun (趙雲)

Although Zhao Yun is listed as the third Tiger General, his power is actually almost equal to Guan Yu's (關羽).

Zhao Yun has been so attractive to females since birth that every female is immediately attracted to him. Once his sight turns away from them, their hearts will break instantly. Diao Chan (貂蟬) is the only female to be unaffected by him.

Initially, he does not get along with Guan Yu (關羽) and the others very well. Zhang Fei (張飛) likes to embarrass him whenever he is around a girl.

Zhao Yun’s weapon is “Zhui Feng Xi Yin Qiang” (追風洗銀槍 / Wind Following Silver Cleansing Spear).

He might have a crush on Xiao Qiao (小喬).

Ma Chao (馬超)

Born to a family of powerful warriors, he known for avoiding fighting. He always first lets his enemies hit him three times and he will accept he has been defeated if they are able to strike him down, otherwise they must leave him alone. His refusal to fight is because he indirectly killed his best friend when he was a child. He has strength equal to Guan Yu even though he is the fourth Tiger General.

Ma Chao’s weapon is “Piao Qi Xuan Tie Qiang” (驃騎玄鐵槍 / Steed Mount Deep Iron Spear).

Huang Zhong (黃忠)

An excellent bowman who never misses his target.

His father was murdered and though he eventually found his mother it turned out she was part of Huang Jin Gao Xiao (黃巾高校) an evil school.

Of all the Five Tiger Generals (五虎將), he is the only one with no family and therefore treasures their relationship more than any of them.

Huang Zhong’s weapon is a metal glove with an electronic crossbow attached named “Yu Tian Gong Bing Po Yin Jian” (御天弓 / Chariot Heaven Arrow Bow) and "Bing Pi Yin Jian" (冰魄銀箭 / Ice Vigor Silver Arrows).

Because Huang Zhong's respiration rate and pulse are slower than usual people, it's very hard for him to be affected by airborne toxins and poisons.

Lu Bu (呂布)

He is the adopted son of Dong Zhuo (董卓). His existence was kept in the dark from the world until Dong Zhuo decided it was time to reveal his identity, by plotting with Huang Jin Gao Xiao (黃巾高校) to kidnap Diao Chan (貂蟬) and allow Lu Bu to rescue her so in order to get close to her father Wang Yun (王允) and help Dong Zhuo usurp the position of East Han Academy's (東漢書院) principal.

Though their relationship began from a lie, Lu Bu eventually falls for Diao Chan. Their budding relationship is embroiled in conflict when Diao Chan discovers that he is Dong Zhuo's son and the real reason he started dating her. Through this relationship, Lu Bu becomes torn between his father and lover.

Lu Bu’s weapon is a spear called “Fang Tian Hua Ji” (方天畫戟).

Cao Cao (曹操)

Cao Cao is a member of the royal family.

He is the student body president of East Han Academy (東漢書院). In the election against Lu Bu (呂布) for the position of student body president, his election motto was Say Cao Cao and Cao Cao will arrive (說曹操,曹操到), which is the equivalent of the English idiom Speak of the Devil. This line continues throughout the series.

He has a crush on Xiao Qiao (小喬).

His ultimate ambition is to dominate the world.

He is known as the strongest potential enemy against the Five Tiger Generals (五虎將).

Jiang Gan (蔣幹)

Class monitor and student body vice-president. Likes to blackmail younger and inferior students.

Everyone in class will repeat his name "Gan" (幹) especially after anyone mentions his full name, it's a pun on his name since his surname sounds like the word meaning "to speak" or "say". Furthermore, "Gan" (幹) translates to "F---".

Sun Shang Xiang (孫尚香)

Sun Shang Xiang, often addressed as Ah Xiang (阿香) by others is the daughter of Sun Jian (孫堅) the principal of Jiangdong High School (江東高校) and the younger sister of Sun Ce (孫策). When Cao Cao (曹操) and Guan Yu (關羽) were imprisoned under Dong Zhuo's (董卓) orders, Cao Cao's father asked for her father's help. He passed on the responsibility to Ah Xiang (阿香) because of her mischievous personality. After she succeeded her mission, she "transferred" to East Han Academy (東漢書院) as a new student.

Ah Xiang (阿香) falls for Xiu (脩) / Liu Bei (劉備) shortly after their first encounter. They become a couple sometime later.

Ah Xiang (阿香) has the ability to communicate through radio devices, an ability called "U-Pod". This is an ability from the Iron Dimension (鐵時空).

In the 13th episode, Ah Xiang (阿香) demonstrates a defensive power called Da Bing Qi Ning (大兵氣凝), but Zhang Fei mistakes it for "Da Bing Qi Lin" (大冰淇淋) meaning "large ice-cream". It renders whoever she targets to become temporarily immobilized. In the 15th episode, Ah Xiang (阿香) reveals her main weapon, a red arrow bow called Scarlet Flame Fairy (赤焰精靈).

Episode list


Dong Han Shu Yuan (東漢書院)

Translated as "East Han Academy". This is currently the ruling school of the Silver Dimension. Because of that, many warring schools are out to invade it and claim its power to their own.

Wang Yun - principal
Dong Zhuo - acting principal
Guan Yu - 1st Tiger General
Xiu (Liu Bei)
Zhang Fei - 2nd Tiger General
Zhao Yun - 3rd Tiger General
Ma Chao - 4th Tiger General
Huang Zhong - 5th Tiger General
Diao Chan
Xiao Qiao
Lu Bu
Jiang Gan - vice-student body president / class president
Cao Cao - student body president
Wen Chou
Sun Shang Xiang
Da Qiao
He Dong Gao Xiao (河東高校)

Translated as "Hedong High School". Their commoners once kidnapped elementary school students to make them their slaves.

Dong Zhuo - principal
Li Ru
Mei Niang
Lu Bu
Niu Fu
Huang Jin Gao Xiao (黃巾高校)

Translated as "Yellow Turban High School". The founder, Zhang Jiao, is known as the strongest person alive (or at least in the Silver Dimension).

Zhang Jiao - principal
Zhang Bao
Huang Mei Tian
Xia Hou Yuan
Zhao Yong
Yu Teng Gao Xiao (玉騰高校)

Translated as "Yuteng High School". This is Guan Yu and Zhang Fei's last school before they enroll East Han Academy.

Jiang Dong Gao Xiao (江東高校)

Translated as "Jiangdong High School". A powerful academy responsible in expanding the school landmarks. It was founded by the Sun family.

Sun Jian - principal
Sun Ce - student body president
Zhou Yu - student body vice-president / leader of Champion
Taishi Ci - member of Champion
Lu Meng - member of Champion
Gan Ning - member of Champion
Nu Nan Gao Xiao (汝南高校)

Translated as "Nunan High School". A powerful school that co-operates with Jiangdong High School in expanding school marks. It was founded by the Yuan family.

Yuan Shao - student body president
Tian Feng
Feng Ji
Yuan Shu
Nan Xiong Nu Gao Xiao (南匈奴高校)

Translated as "Southern Xiongnu High School". They teamed up with White Wave Yellow Turban High School to invade Hedong High School. When the armies of Jiangdong and East Han come together, their number minimized. Later, Cao Cao gave the principal a view of Hedong's supposedly wounded soldiers to make a compromise.

Wu Fu Luo - principal
Bai Bo Huang Jin Gao Xiao (白波黃巾高校)

Translated as "White Wave Yellow Turban High School". They teamed up with Southern Xiongnu High School to invade Hedong High School, but their army was defeated by Jiangdong and East Han shortly after.

Guo Tai - principal


Wu Hu Jiang (五虎將)

Translated as "the Five Tiger Generals". A small group of East Han Academy's strongest warrior students that serve as their protectors and warriors.

Guan Yu (關羽) - Number One
Zhang Fei (張飛) - Number Two
Zhao Yun (趙雲) - Number Three
Ma Chao (馬超) - Number Four
Huang Zhong (黃忠) - Number Five



Main Cast

Character Courtesy Name Actor
Guan Yu (關羽) Guan Yunchang (關雲長) George Hu (胡宇崴)
Liu Bei (劉備)
Hu Yan Jue Luo Xiu (呼延覺儸‧脩)
Liu Xuande (劉玄德)
Shu Chen (陳德修)
Diao Chan (貂蟬) none Kirsten Ren (任容萱)
Xiao Qiao (小喬) none Cai Yizhen (蔡宜臻)
Zhang Fei (張飛) Zhang Yide (張翼德) Bo Yan (博炎)
Zhao Yun (趙雲) Zhao Zilong (趙子龍) Benji (班傑)
Ma Chao (馬超) Ma Mengqi (馬孟起) Shao Xiang (邵翔)
Huang Zhong (黃忠) Huang Hansheng (黃漢升) Si Wei Hong Zheng (寺唯宏正)
Lu Bu (呂布) Lu Fengxian (呂奉先) Kun Da (謝坤達)
Cao Cao (曹操) Cao Mengde (曹孟德) Nylon Chen (陳乃榮)
Jiang Gan (蔣幹) Jiang Ziyi (蔣子翼) Zhang Haoming (張皓明)
Sun Shang Xiang (孫尚香) none Pets Ceng (曾沛慈)
Sun Quan (孫權) Sun Zhong Mou(孫仲謀) Hsiu Chieh-kai (修杰楷)
Zhuge Liang (諸葛亮) Zhuge Kong Ming (諸葛孔明) Alan Ke (柯有綸)
Da Qiao (大喬)
Han (寒) (flashback)
Cai Han Cen (蔡函岑)
Zhou Yu (周瑜) Zhou Gongjin (周公瑾) Yellow Bull (Champion's 黃牛)
Lu Meng (呂蒙) Lu Ziming (呂子明) Monkey (Champion's 小猴)
Yuan Shao (袁紹) Yuan Benchu (袁本初) Jerry Huang (黃志瑋)
Gan Ning (甘寧) Gan Xingba (甘興霸) Cola (Champion's 可樂)

Extended Cast

Character Courtesy Name Actor
Wang Yun (王允) Wang Zishi (王子師) Bu Xue Liang (卜學亮)
Hua Xiong (華雄) none Lance Yu (余秉諺)
Wen Chou (文醜) none Qian Junxian (錢君銜)
Pre-school teacher none Zhang Yongzheng
Zhang Bao (張寶) none Xiao Zhong (小鍾)
Wang Yun's wife none Soma Akane (相馬茜)
Li Ru (李儒) none Lin Zhi Xuan (林智賢)
Mei Niang (魁娘) none Ye Yung Tang (葉泳糖)
Li Shi Zhen (李時針) none Huang Wanbo (黃萬伯)
Dong Cheng Wei-Deng (東城衛-鐙) none Deng Huadun (鄧樺敦)
Dong Cheng Wei-Ming (東城衛-冥) none Li Minghan (李明翰)
Dong Cheng Wei-Jie (東城衛-戒) none Michael Chen (陳志介)
Famous Doctor (名醫) none Kay Huang (黃韻玲)
Hua Tuo (華陀) Hua Yuanhua (華元化) Zeng Ziyu (曾子余)
Dong Zhuo (董卓)
Xia Lan Xing De Liu (夏蘭荇德‧流)
Dong Zhong Ying (董仲穎)
Chen Bozheng (陳博正)
Pub owner none Qian Demen
Teacher none He Yuwen (何妤玟)
Hockey referee none Jian Hanzhong (簡翰忠)
Lu Boshe (呂伯奢) none Xia Jingting
Veterinarian none Feng Yuanzhen (馮媛甄)
Taishi Ci (太史慈) Taishi Ziyi (太史子義) Flower (Champion's 小花)
Pang Tong (龐統) Pang Shiyuan (龐士元)
Feng Chu (鳳雛)
Ah Mai Er (阿脈兒)
Sun Ce (孫策) Sun Bofu (孫伯符) Jiro Wang (汪東城)
Tian Feng (田豐) Tian Xuanhao (田元皓) Wu Zhen Ya (吳震亞)
Feng Ji (逢紀) Feng Yuantu (逢元圖)  ???
Teacher none Ba Yu (巴鈺)
Xun Yu (荀彧) Xun Wenruo (荀文若) Jin Qin (金勤)
Dian Wei (典韋) none Huang Tai An (黃泰安)
Xu Chu (許褚) Xu Zhongkang (許仲康)  ???
Niu Fu (牛輔)  ??? Mario
Gan Zhao Lie (甘昭烈)  ??? Lin Xiao Rong (黎兒/粼筱蓉)
Robber  ??? Lu Jian Yu
A Biao Sao (阿標嫂) none Ssu Jung (思蓉)
Xiao Qiao's friend (flashback) none Wang Yi Wen
Huang Mei Tian (Huang Mama) (黃梅天/黃媽媽) none Yang Li Yin (楊麗音)
Liu Bian (Emperor) (少帝/劉辯) none Shiang Bo Tau (向伯濤)
Zhao Zhong (趙忠) none Shiue Chih Cheng (薛志正)

Special Guests

Character Courtesy Name Actor
Wang Da Dong (汪大東)
Sun Ce (孫策)
Xia Tian (夏天) (flashback)
Sun Bofu (孫伯符)
Jiro Wang (汪東城)
Wang Ya Se (王亞瑟) none Calvin Chen (辰亦儒)
Ding Xiao Yu (丁小雨)
Jiu Wu (灸舞) (voice)
Aaron Yan (炎亞綸)



This series is a spoof of the Chinese historical novel "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms".


This series airs one week after Mysterious Incredible Terminator (which features Aaron Yan) ended.

Role Change

It is to be noted that this time, new actor George Hu will take the lead role, while Jiro Wang, who had been the lead in both KO One and The X-Family, will appear as a special guest.


George was injured in a car accident on January 14, 2009, while on his way to the filming set. Thankfully, he only had small cuts on his legs and did not suffer any serious damage. He needed to use crutches and wheelchair for a month. Eventually, his leg recovered with no further problems.


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