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Katherine Alice Applegate

Born July 19, 1956 (1956-07-19) (age 53)
Michigan, United States
Occupation Children's novelist
Genres Fantasy, Science fiction
Spouse(s) Michael Grant
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Katherine Alice Applegate is the author of the Animorphs, Remnants, Everworld and other book series, although some of these books are ghostwritten by other authors.[1] Applegate's most popular books are science fiction, fantasy, and adventure novels. She won the Best New Children's Book Series Award in 1997 in Publishers Weekly. Her book Home of the Brave has won two awards. She is currently working on an early chapters series called Roscoe Riley Rules.



Applegate was born in Michigan in July 19, 1956. Since then she has lived in Texas, Florida, California, Minnesota, Illinois, North Carolina, and after living in Pelago, Italy for a year, she has moved back to Southern California. She has a twelve year old son named Jake Mates, although she says the Animorphs leader is not named after him. In 2003, she and her husband, Michael Grant, her co-author on many projects including Animorphs and Everworld, adopted their daughter, Julia, in China.[2] Following the end of Animorphs, Applegate took three years off. She is back at work and has written a picture book called The Buffalo Storm, a middle reader novel called Home of the Brave and an early chapters series Roscoe Riley Rules with HarperCollins. Her book Home of the Brave has won the SCBWI 2008 Golden Kite Award for Best Fiction,[3] the Bank Street 2008 Josette Frank Award,[4] and is a Judy Lopez Memorial Award honor book.[5]


Recent works

  • Home of the Brave
  • The Buffalo Storm
  • Roscoe Riley Rules
  • Beach Blondes, A Summer Novel
  • Tan Lines, A Summer Novel


Collection of Animorphs books.

Companion books


  1. The Mayflower Project
  2. Destination Unknown
  3. Them
  4. Nowhere Land
  5. Mutation
  6. Breakdown
  7. Isolation
  8. Mother, May I?
  9. No Place Like Home
  10. Lost and Found
  11. Dream Storm
  12. Aftermath
  13. Survival
  14. Begin Again


  • Everworld #1: Search for Senna
  • Everworld #2: Land of Loss
  • Everworld #3: Enter the Enchanted
  • Everworld #4: Realm of the Reaper
  • Everworld #5: Discover the Destroyer
  • Everworld #6: Fear the Fantastic
  • Everworld #7: Gateway to the Gods
  • Everworld #8: Brave the Betrayal
  • Everworld #9: Inside the Illusion
  • Everworld #10: Understand the Unknown
  • Everworld #11: Mystify the Magician
  • Everworld #12: Entertain the End

Making Out

  • Zoey Fools Around
  • Jake Finds Out
  • Nina Won't Tell
  • Ben's In Love
  • Claire Gets Caught
  • What Zoey Saw
  • Lucas Gets Hurt
  • Aisha Goes Wild
  • Zoey Plays Games
  • Nina Shapes Up
  • Ben Takes a Chance
  • Claire Can't Lose
  • Don't Tell Zoey
  • Aaron Lets Go
  • Who Loves Kate?
  • Lara Gets Even
  • Two-Timing Aisha
  • Zoey Speaks Out
  • Kate Finds Love
  • Never Trust Lara
  • Trouble with Aaron
  • Always Loving Zoey
  • Lara Gets Lucky
  • Now Zoey's Alone
  • Don't Forget Lara
  • Zoey's Broken Heart
  • Falling for Claire
  • Zoey Comes Home


  • Harlequin romance novels, as Katherine Kendall
  • Girl Talk novels, as L.E. Blair
  • Ocean City series (republished as Making Waves)
  • Summer series (confusingly this series was originally published as Making Waves in the UK)
  • Boyfriends/Girlfriends series (republished as Making Out)
  • Barf-O-Rama series, as Pat Pollari
  • Disney's The Little Mermaid series
  • Disney's Aladdin series, as both A.R. Plumb and her own name
  • Silver Creek Riders series, as Beth Kincaid
  • Love Stories series
  • The Story of Two American Generals: Benjamin O. Davis Jr. and Colin L. Powell
  • The Very Best Jinx McGee
  • Disney's Christmas with all the Trimmings: Original Stories and Crafts from Mickey Mouse and Friends
  • Disney's Enter if you Dare: Scary Tales from the Haunted Mansion, as Nicholas Stephens

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Katherine Alice Applegate (born 1956) is an American novelist. She is the author of the Animorphs, Remnants, and Everworld book series.


  • "Well, stuck is kind of relative, isn't it? Stuck for how long? There's short-term stuck, like when you're stuck at a red light. There's long-term stuck, like when you're on a plane waiting to land at O'Hare. And then there's eternally stuck, like when you're waiting for telephone tech support for your computer."
  • "Working with a real place as your model makes it so much easier to control the geography."
  • "My son was born premature in April of 1997 and spent six weeks in Neonatal Intensive Care. ...I remember sitting in a dark, abandoned lobby at the Minneapolis Children's Hospital every night, typing away at four in the morning on Animorphs as exhausted and worried as I could be. After that, all the books were dedicated to Michael and Jake." (Jake is a main Animorphs character, as well as the name of Applegate's son, who she named after the Animorphs leader)

"They were going to eat MY buns!" - Ax, Animorphs

  • "Who knows when a jelly eyed centipede or a walking salad shooter from hell is standing at attention?" - Marco, Animorphs
  • "Really, I thought I was just staring into empty space. But then again, empty space, your head, what's the difference?" - Jake, Animorphs
  • "Thanks. I got it at Abercrombie? It's, like, on sale? Forty-two fifty marked down to twenty-seven ninety-five." - Rachel, Animorphs

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