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City of license McFarland, California
Broadcast area Bakersfield, California
Branding Radio Lobo
Slogan "La Que Toca Puras Buenas!"
Frequency 102.9 (MHz)
First air date 1989
Format Regional Mexican
ERP 25,000 watts
HAAT 98 meters
Class B1
Owner Lotus Communications
(Lotus Bakersfield Corp.)
Sister stations KCHJ, KPSL-FM, KVMX, KWAC

KIWI (102.9 FM, "Radio Lobo") is a commercial radio station located in McFarland, California, broadcasting to the Bakersfield, California, area. The station is owned by Lotus Communications Corporation and licensed to Lotus Bakersfield Corp. KIWI airs a Regional Mexican music format.

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For the fruit, see kiwifruit.
File:Karuwai at August 2005 Health
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Struthioniformes
Family: Apterygidae
G.R. Gray, 1840
Genus: Apteryx
Shaw, 1813

The Kiwi is a bird from New Zealand. They are the genus Apteryx of the family Apterygidae. There are several species and sub-species of kiwi. The kiwi has become a symbol for New Zealand. People from New Zealand are nicknamed "Kiwis".


They have brown feathers, which almost look like fur, and a long beak. Kiwis cannot fly, and their wings have become so small that they cannot usually be seen. Kiwis cannot see very well, but they can hear very well.


Kiwis are nocturnal birds. They mostly eat invertebrates, like worms and insects. Kiwis keep a territory in which they live alone or with their mate. In their territory they build several small caves where they sleep, or lay their eggs. Kiwis are monogamous, the male and female stay together until one of them dies. The male and female live in the same territory and raise their children together. Female kiwis lay 1-3 eggs. The eggs are the largest compared to the size of the parent of any bird species. Kiwis become mature when they are 2 years old, and they can live to over 20 years old. One kiwi kept in a zoo even reached 35 years old.

Look up Apteryx in Wikispecies, a directory of species
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