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KOI is a family of several code pages for the Cyrillic alphabet. The name stands for Kod Obmena Informatsiey (Russian: Код Обмена Информацией) which means "Code for Information Exchange".

These encodings are derived from ASCII on the base of some correspondence between Latin and Cyrillic (nearly phonetical), which was already used in Russian dialect of Morse code and in MTK-2 telegraph code.


Modern KOI code pages are 8-bit extensions of ASCII. This family of encodings is also known as KOI8, KOI 8 and KOI-8.

The family members are:


There is also an obsolete 7-bit KOI7 code page, which does not contain lowercase letters. Codes of 31 Russian uppercase letters are just their KOI8 codes with most significant bit cleared. Other code points are the same as in ASCII.

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