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Genre Black comedy
Created by Kenn Navarro
Ken Pontac
Warren Graff
Based on the characters created by
Kenn Navarro
Rhode Montijo
Aubrey Ankrum
Voices of Aubrey Ankrum
David Winn
Jeff Biancalana
Kenn Navarro
Ken Pontac
Theme music composer Jerome Rossen
Country of origin United States United States of America.
No. of episodes 3
Executive producer(s) John Evershed
Producer(s) Liz Stuart
Running time 4 minutes
Original channel Mondo Media
Picture format Flash cartoon
Original run September 2, 2008 – present
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Ka-Pow! is a new spin-off action Flash cartoon series of Happy Tree Friends. The series has a focus on the Happy Tree Friends characters Flippy, Splendid and Buddhist Monkey accompanied by new characters. Ka-Pow! was released on September 2, 2008.[1] Splendid Adventures was originally supposed to air on the 4th of November, but it was pushed back to the 18th of November.




W.A.R. Journal

Name Depiction
Flippy/Fliqpy A lime green bear that is currently ranked private in his army. It was hinted that he was a klutz in his early days in the army, due to mistaking a pizza slice for a dagger, and unintentionally killing Sneaky and Mouse Ka-Boom. It revealed that Flippy "Flips Out" when he had to hide in Sneaky's body to avoid being killed. It resulted in him killing everyone. In Operation: Tiger Bomb, it was revealed that he lost his hands though it is not clear if it will remain permanent in the later series. The war he was in is a mix of the Iraq and Vietnam Wars and World War II.
Sneaky A green chameleon, He was killed in Operation: Tiger Bomb when Flippy accidentally pins him to a wall with his knife. However, Kenn Navarro said his death is not permanent.
Mouse Ka-Boom An orange mouse with a French accent. He specializes with explosives. He says "Le" before any word. He was killed in Operation Tiger Bomb when he is sliced in the middle by Flippy so awkwardly and blown up by his own bombs and sticks of dynamite. Like Sneaky his death is also not permanent. According to Kenn Navarro he is deaf.
The Tiger Army The enemies that Flippy and his crew face.
Tiger General One of the evil leaders of The Tiger Army. He is missing an eye and has a claw for his left hand. He was killed in Operation: Tiger Bomb when he is crushed by a falling log. It is unclear if he will return or not.

Buddhist Monkey

Name Depiction
Buddhist Monkey Buddhist Monkey is shown as a typical Kung-Fu warrior, but with a more peaceful way of life. In Three Courses of Death, he was shown to have an Afro when he was training, but it got burned off.
Dark Shadow Lord The supposed main enemy of Buddhist Monkey and Ruler of the Ninja/Generic Tree Ninja clan. His name may have been mentioned as Char Sew, but it may be the Pig Ninja's, he appears to be an ancient Chinese dragon.
Generic Tree Ninjas The Followers of the Unnamed Shadow Lord.
Char Sew One of the Dark Shadow Lord's more elite warriors, a pig ninja. He has a Giant Crab that he can control. He and the Crab were boiled to death in Three Courses of Death.
Sensei Orangutan Buddhist Monkey's mentor when Buddhist Monkey was younger. It was hinted that he died some time before Ka-Pow!.
Panda Mom and Panda Cub A mother Panda and a baby Panda who live near Buddhist Monkey. They are the 'Buddhist Monkey' counterparts of Pop and Cub. It was hinted that they were poor.

Splendid's SSSSSuper Squad

Main Character(s)

  • Splendid: The main character of the short, a flying squirrel superhero loosely based on Superman. He is well known to unintentionally kill other characters he meant to save.

Minor Characters

  • Splendont: The polar opposite of Splendid (in terms of appearance with red fur and blue/blackish mask). Although arrogant, he appears to be somewhat more competent at rescuing than Splendid, although he unintentionally kills many Tree Friends when the two battle. He seems to be loosely based out of Bizarro (which in the Superman comic series is considered to be the polar opposite of Superman).
  • Generic Tree Friends: The generic tree friends return. However, instead of being bears like they were in Happy Tree Friends, they are cats, dogs and gerbils.
  • Whales: There are two whales; a sperm whale and a humpback whale splendont and splendid used them as weapons and the humpback smashed the spermwhale to pieces.
  • Super-Fox: One of the four members of the Super Squad that Splendid summoned for help. It is probably a female, due to her pink suit and feminine mask. She seems to possess the powers to create phantom hands.
  • Super-Spider: One of the 4 members of the Super Squad that Splendid summoned for help. She appears to be a spider because of her multiple eyes and use of webbing in the end of the episode. Possibly female, as she is wearing several bows on her head.
  • Super-Robot: One of the 4 members of the Super Squad that Splendid summoned for help. Some sort of creature in what appears to be a robotic suit.
  • Super Jellyfish: One of the 4 members of the Super Squad that Splendid summoned for help. Appears to be a squid or jellyfish-like creature in a jar of water.


W.A.R. Journal

Episode Title Description Original Air Date Deaths
1 Operation: Tiger Bomb Flippy, Sneaky, and Mouse Ka-Boom try to infiltrate the General's lair, but things go bad when Flippy accidentally kills his comrades. After he sees what he's done to his friends, he finally snaps and kills the Tiger General and his Army. September 2, 2008 10 Tiger Soldiers, Sneaky, Mouse Ka-Boom and The Tiger General. Total Death Count: 13

Buddhist Monkey

Episode Title Description Original Air Date Deaths
1 Three Courses of Death After Buddhist Monkey faces off against three Generic Tree Ninjas, a Dark Shadow Master sends Char Sew to finish him. At home, Buddhist Monkey thinks back to his memories of his training with his Sensei, when Char Sew attacks, quickly aided by a Giant Crab. Buddhist Monkey uses a fire technique his late master taught him to defeat both the Giant Crab and Char Sew. The Dark Shadow Master plots his revenge. A stinger at the end shows Panda Mom rejoicing over the fresh crab. September 23, 2008 [2] 3 Generic Tree Ninjas, Char Sew and Giant Crab. Total Death Count: 5

Splendid’s SSSSSuper Squad

Episode Title Description Original Air Date Deaths
1 Mirror, Mirror Splendid tries to save the town from a volcano and when he does the rock he puts on the volcano gets blown up to space and hits a mirror which carries Splendid's doppelganger, Splendont. Splendid tries to help a train of passengers from falling into a hole Spendont saves them. The two heroes become rivals, getting into a fight which takes them above an ocean, where they both use whales as weapons. Splendid's whale is much bigger, and sends Splendont flying away into space. Splendont crushes the town and Splendid with the moon. Splendid survives and calls his Super Squad to help. In a post credits scene the Super Squad tries to lift the moon that's crushing Splendid with a giant crowbar which breaks. November 18, 2008 Numerous Generic Tree Friends, Sperm Whale and Humpback Whale. Total Death Count: 5+


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