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A Kabardin family in the early 1900s.
Total population
600,000 - 1,000,000 (est)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Russia ( primarily in Kabardino-Balkaria), Turkey, Georgia

Kabardian, Russian


Russian Orthodox In Russia and Georgia
Sunni Islam In Turkey

Related ethnic groups

Adyghe, other "Circassian" peoples

Kabarda or Kabard are terms referring to a people of the northern Caucasus more commonly known by the plural term Kabardin (or Kebertei as they term themselves). Originally they (with the Besleney tribe) comprised the semi-nomadic eastern branch of what was once the Adyghe tribal fellowship. The Kabardin still consider themselves as a tribe of Adyghe. They speak Kabardian, a North West Caucasian language that represents the easternmost extension of the Circassian language group.

They number around 520,000 in Russia[2] (as of 2002), living mainly in Kabardino-Balkaria. Significant populations of Kabardin are found in Turkey and Georgia.[1] There are also communities in the USA and the Middle East. Kabard villages in Turkey are concentrated on Uzunyayla plateau of Kayseri Province.

Most Kabardin are Sunni Muslims. However, Kabardin speakers living in Mozdoksky District in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania are Orthodox Christians.[citation needed]



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