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Position of Kaivopuisto within Helsinki
Subdivisions of Helsinki
Subdivision number 09
District Southern
Area 0.45 km²
Population data
 - Population 491 (2004)
 - Pop. density 1,091 /km²
Postal codes 00140
Subdivision regions none
Neighbouring subdivisions Ullanlinna

Kaivopuisto (Swedish: Brunnsparken), or in spoken language, Kaivari, is one of the oldest and best known parks in central Helsinki, Finland, and also a neighbourhood of about 500 inhabitants where the park is located.

Kaivopuisto residences from the sea

Kaivopuisto offers several hectares of parks, both on flat ground, and on cliffs. The park also includes traces of stone fortifications built in the 18th century. Every summer, thousands of Helsinkians come to Kaivopuisto to sunbathe, to have picnics, or to hold sport. The largest hill in the park is a favoured slope for tobogganing during the winter.

Kaivopuisto also includes Kaivohuone, a famous restaurant and nightclub dating from the 1830s, and the Ursa Observatory.

People having a Vappu picnic in Kaivopuisto.

The height of Kaivopuisto's popularity is on Vappu day (1 May), immediately after the preceding Walpurgis Night celebrations in the city centre. On Vappu, Kaivopuisto is packed with tens of thousands of Helsinkians, who come to have a picnic with their friends and families. Fanciful costumes, loud music, and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is the routine for a Vappu picnic. It is customary for all attendants who have graduated from the Finnish matriculation exam to wear their student caps at the picnic. A yellowed student cap is taken as a sign of prestige.

Since the mid-1970s, it has been common to hold a few concerts in the park during the summer, with classical music, but more often pop and rock music, and usually featuring Finnish artists.

To the south, Kaivopuisto borders the Gulf of Finland. To the north is a residential area containing the official private residences of several ambassadors of foreign countries to Finland, including USA, Estonia, Spain, France, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.

The Kaivopuisto park during a summer concert in 2005
The Kaivopuisto park in early winter

Coordinates: 60°09′25″N 24°57′25″E / 60.15694°N 24.95694°E / 60.15694; 24.95694



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