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Kaj Allen is head of the Kaj Allen Studios, and industrial design studio based in London. They specialize in turing every day objects into exciting and fun objects to both own and use.

Kaj Allen designs first appeared on the market in the form of Salt and Pepper shakers that were marketed by Vilaage and the first designs were of a mechanical apperance where the pepper would be ground through a system of mechanical gears, a floursent light would appear and the pepper would be ground at the press of a button. The Salt shaker also had button that lit up when salt was being dispensed. They were on sale exclusive places such as Harrods and retailed at 300 pounds and were a huge success.

Kaj Allen then turned his attention to interior lighting and designed a range of interior lights and lamps, that were not only modern but striking in there design and the way in which the shades were designed they were able to project the light in a unique fashion that set the mood for each room. Carson Cresley was known to be a fan of these lights and did use them extensively in his series "Queer Eye For the straight guy", and in a recent interview at his home, many Kaj Allen lights were seen.

In 2005 Kaj Allen was approched by Honda UK to assist in the exterior design of the new upcoming models. Kaj Allen was given the basis for the design of the up coming Civic and began work, first by changing the design of the rear door handles to the top of the rear door and inset within. The front door handles were "rocket ship" shaped and the rear exhausts were triangular shaped, as were the front fog lights, this gave the car a sharper look, something previous generations of this model had lacked and as a result of this the car was a huge success.

Today Kaj Allen is still working with Honda on future models that are coming on to the market, they are also contracted to Veppia designing their new range of Urban Scooters which are due to come on the market in 2011

Personal Life

Kaj Allen was born in Denmark to Micheal and Chrisine Allen, his father was Danish, but mother was Australian, born in the town of Weribee, and at the age of 5 they moved to England to the town of Bexley in Kent, where he attended Grammer School. After graduation Kaj then left for New York to study at the Wiseman School of industrial design, graduating top of his class. He then moved back to London and began his industrial design buisness "Kaj Allen Studios".

Kaj Allen had a brief relationship with Peaches Geldof, but it only lasted a short time. Kaj was also remoured to be linked with Princess Beatrice, and were seen together at a Swiss ski resort, but it was later revealed that they were just "good friends". Kaj is currently single, but was rumoured to be involved with a member of the Australian Olympic Karate team which he met during his visit to the Bejing Olympic Games.



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