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Kakar (sometimes misspelled Kaker) is the name one of the largest Pashtun tribes, with members living in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kakar is the brother of Daavi.



According to the history of Afghanistan, the Kakar tribe established an empire in Afghanistan. The originator of the Kakar tribe is Dani, who was son of Gharghasht and grandson of Qais Abdur Rashid. Some Afghan clans related to the Kakar family include:



sarghari sub cast of kakar are living on their respectve areas in majority saliyan dist of kandahar, muslimbagh(hindubagh) dist of killasaifullah, kuchlak dist quetta. Ahmedkhel,Sulemankhel of navrak, Taraghzai or Taragharai,Sanzarkhel, and Santia (sub tribe of Abubakarzai Kakar)and sarghari are the biggest sub-tribes of the Kakar in Balochistan. of which Ahmedkhel is the biggest sub-tribe. Historians such as Abdul Hai Habibi and Bahdur Shah Zafar Kakakhel are confident that the Jadoon are also part of the Kakar tribe. Hanbhi which are included in Alizai Kakar. The Kakar also make the largest tribe of Pashtons. The Kibzai is also a sub tribe of Kakar living in Zhob and Loralai.

Kakar have descendants in western provinces of Pakistan but are mostly in Afghanistan and eastern well as in India.

Sher Shah Suri and Kakar

Sher Shah Suri or Sher Khan's real name was Farid Khan. His father's name was Hassan Khan and his grandfather's name was Ibrahim Khan Suri. Ibrahim was a middle-class and common man of Rowa (an independent land of Afghans which included the territories of Hasan Abdal, Kabul, Peshawar, Herat, Kandahar and Koh-e-Sulaiman), and belonged to the sub-tribe Barakzai of Kakar[citation needed]. Barakzai is a sub-tribe of Taraghzai, son of Kakar. According to Sir Olaf Caroe, author of the book The Pathans, Sher Shah was born in Sasaram in (Bihar) in 1479 CE, where his father was a landlord and a respected ally of the Mughal Empire. The real homeland of Sher Shah was likely located between Qaisi Ghar and Koh-e-Sulaiman, near the Kozhak range. Malazai is the sub tribe of kakar live in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Kalkar Najin, in his book Sher Shah and His Times, asserts that this place is between Chaman and Ghazni and that it is Sargergai Toba Kakar(Toba Kakar Ranges), Sargergai is center of Taraghzai area, where the Kakar tribe has been living for centuries. Sir Olaf claims that when Sher Shah was young, he hunted and killed a lion (likely a Bengal tiger) by his own sword—and since the lion is called "Sher" in the local languages, the people of the area began to call him "Sher Khan". Sher Shah's hunting of the lion using a sword is similar to the story of David.

Kakar (Afghan)

Kakar Afghan was one of the grandsons of Qais Abdur Rashid. Kakar's father's name was Dani son of Gharghasht, who was son of Qais in the Afghan appendix of tribes. According to Afghan and Muslim historians, Gharghasht was alive in 388 hijri (by the Islamic calendar). Kakar is also called in some parts of Afghanistan Kakar-khel. In Herat, Kakar is locally called Kak. Historically, the tribe has been called Kak-kor (family of Kak). The tomb of Kakar or Kak is in front of Herat central Jamia Masjid's gate. Afghan historians say that Kakar was first buried in Kohistan, which is in Ghor province of Afghanistan, but Herat's ruler Sultan Ghyasudin Tahglok brought the body to be re-buried in a mosque there in the city. Muhammad of Ghor was also Kakar and belongs to the sub-tribe named Taghluk or Taghruq. Dani had four more sons named Panai, Babai, Naghar and Davi. Kakar had 19 real sons and six adopted sons - 24 sons altogether. The names of Kakar's eighteen biological sons are as follows:

  1. Taraghzai (Taragharai)
  2. Jadram
  3. Taminai also famous in Aimak tribes of Ghor
  4. Kapip
  5. Serad or Sherdad
  6. Zalghozi
  7. Musazai or Musakhe
  8. Samkhel
  9. Darpikhel or Arpikhel
  10. Jalalkhel
  11. Mukranikhel
  12. Rankhkhel
  13. Abu Bakarzai or Sanatia
  1. rahat zai
  2. Sanzarkhel or Taghruq or Taghluq
  3. Khatankhel
  4. Yaqubzai
  5. Osean
  6. [[Younaskhel]

The adopted sons' names are:

  1. Pindar or Beadar
  2. Churmaikhel
  3. Lanbar
  4. Farmalai
  5. Kwaano and Taran

Some well-known subtribes of Kakar are Sanzarkhel,Samkhail,Sargrai, Barakzai, Parizon, Abdullahzai, Khoidadzia (khudiadadzai), Jogizai,Meerdadzai, Abubakar-zai and much more. In every province of Afghanistan, large numbers of Kakar are living.

Notable Kakar People

  1. Hebat Khan Kakar (writer of the 1st book on Afghan History Tarikh-i Khan Jahani wa Makhzan-i Afghani (Persian-Pashto), 1500-1600, by Khwaja Nimatullah Heravi and Hebat Khan Abubakarzai Kakar.
  2. Sher Shah Suri Emperor Of India.
  3. 'Khan Jahan Kakar' Genral in Mughal Army in the time of Shah Jahan 1628 - 1658
  4. 'Younis Khan Kakar',Head of Mir Wais Hotak Army in 1709,from Barakzai of Kakar sub branch of Kakar.
  5. Mulalah Pir Muhammad Kakar,famous poet and writer of Pashto language.
  6. Mehter nekka ',famous Islamic preacher from Mehterzai sub Tribe KAKAR of mazarshrefe lorekaraze ,
  7. 'Mullah Shmasuddin Kakar',a famous Pashto language poet from Kluchabad Kandahar.
  8. 'Mian Abdul Hakim Nana Saab',famous Islamic preacher from Shmozai sub Tribe,exiled from Kandahar by Shah Hussain Hotaki,Mian Saab tomb is in Duki.
  9. 'Abdul Salam Karzai',a famous Pashto language poet from Kandahar ,from Jogezai sub branch of Kakar tribe.
  10. 'Haji Khan Kakar',from ahmadkhel Sub Branch of Kakar,Army Chief of Afghanistan and Governor of Peshawar, Bamiyan,Kandahar in 1870s
  11. 'Abdul Ali Akhundzada',Famous Pashto language poet from Panezai sub tribe,educated in Kandahar,from Khanozai villege.
  12. Abdul Hai Habibi Legendary Writer.
  13. Khan Muhammad Sarwar Khan Kakar (late) Head of Kakar Tribe and Senator eight time elected Minister and Ex Speaker Of Balochistan Assembly.
  14. 'Molvi Abdul Samad Baryalai Kakar Shaheed',Famous Pashto language poet from Helmand,Abducted by U.S.S.R froces in 1980 after returning home from Hajj,High qulified Islamic scholar from Darul Uloom Deoband ,India.
  15. 'Mullah Dadullah Akhund ,'ملا دادالله آخوند ,Taliban's senior military commander Mortyrd by U.S forces in Helmand 2007
  16. Mullah Bor Jan Shaheed,Taliban Chief in 1995-96
  17. Mullah Fazal,Taliban Head in northern Afghanistan.Thesedays in U.S Jail Guantánamo Bay ,Cuba.
  18. Mullah Muhammad Rabbani,(Late) Prime Minister of Afghanistan.
  19. Mullah Bakht,brother of Mullah Dadullah Akhund and Taliban Opreational Commander,thesedays in Jail, arrested by Pakistan Army
  20. Genral Abdul Waheed Kakar,NI(M), SBt, afwc, fsc(c) (born 20 March 1937) was the Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army from 12 January 1993 to 12 January 1996.
  21. Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar(June 13, 1899 in Peshawar, NWFP, Pakistan – February 14, 1958 in Karachi) was a Muslim League stalwart, Pakistan movement activist and later Pakistani politician.
  22. Awais Ahmad Ghani Kakar Governor of Pashtunkhwa or N.W.F.P and Ex Governor of Balochistan.
  23. Genral Hashim Khan Kakar,Former Army Chief Of Afghanistan in 60,s
  24. Genral Bilal Kakar,(late),Genral in 90s Pakistan Army
  25. Shaheed Sher Jan Kakar,a freedom fighter against British Raj,then hang in Zhob.
  26. Sardar Sherak Kakar,From Abdulazai tribe,sub Branch of Kakar Head of insergency against British Raj In British Afghanistan British Balochistan.
  27. Sardar Shah Wazir Kakar,From Abdulazai Tribe,sub branch of Kakar,Legendary Pashtun Warlord
  28. Dr.Sadiq Fitrat Nashnas,Famous Pashto and Farsi singer,from Musazai Sub tribe of Kakar.

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Uthmankhail Second biggest tribe of sanzarkhail.


  • Article originally written by Ahmad Yar Khan Kakar of Barshor, Pishin, Pakistan, the original author of Kakar on Wikipedia. For more information see the current article history.
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in kakar tribe musazai should be involed

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KAKAR, a Pathan tribe on the Zhob valley frontier of Baluchistan. The Kakars inhabit the back of the Suliman mountains between Quetta and the Gomal river; they are a very ancient race, and it is probable that they were in possession of these slopes long before the advent of Afghan or Arab. They are divided into many distinct tribes who have no connexion beyond the common name of Kakar. Not only is there no chief of the Kakars, or general jirgah (or council) of the whole tribe, but in most cases there are no recognized heads of the different clans. In 1901 they numbered 105,444. During the second Afghan War the Kakars caused some annoyance on the British line of communications; and the Kakars inhabiting the Zhob valley were punished by the Zhob valley expedition of 1884.

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