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City Kuopio, Finland
League SM-liiga
Founded 1929 (1929)
Home arena Niiralan monttu (capacity 5,225)
General manager Jukka Pennanen
Head coach Pekka Virta
Captain Sami Kapanen


The KalPa is an ice hockey team in the SM-liiga. They play in Kuopio, Finland at the Niiralan monttu.


Team history

Established in 1929, the full name of the company that runs the representative team is KalPa Hockey Oy. The majority of the company is owned by NHL players Sami Kapanen and Kimmo Timonen. Kapanen is the majority owner, controlling 50.5% of the franchise. Timonen owns 8%.

During the 2004–05 NHL lockout Timonen, Kapanen, and fellow NHL player Adam Hall were playing for KalPa. After winning the Mestis championship, KalPa was returned to the SM-liiga for the 05–06 season, after being relegated 6 years earlier in 1999.

KalPa has won two medals: Silver in 1990–91 season and bronze in 2008–09 season.

Current team

Number Nationality Player Glovehand Contract Length Birthplace
30 Finland Ari Ahonen L 2010 Jyväskylä, Finland
60 Finland Mika Järvinen L 2010 Hattula, Finland
Number Nationality Player Left/Right Handed Contract Length Birthplace
2 Finland Timo Seppänen L 2010 Helsinki, Finland
4 Finland Janne Jalasvaara L 2010 Oulu, Finland
6 Finland Ville Hyvärinen L 2011 Kuopio, Finland
8 Finland Ville Varakas L 2010 Helsinki, Finland
20 Finland Pasi Hirvonen R 2011 (2012) Vantaa, Finland
26 Finland Mika Strömberg L 2010 Helsinki, Finland
38 Sweden Adam Andersson R 2013 Gävle, Sweden
40 Finland Mikko Kukkonen L 2010 Siilinjärvi, Finland
46 Finland Jussi Timonen L 2010 Kuopio, Finland
Number Nationality Player Left/Right Handed Position Contract Length Birthplace
9 United States Dan Charleston L W try-out Oak Forest, IL, USA
10 Finland Tommi Miettinen L C 2012 (2013) Kuopio, Finland
14 Finland Jaakko Rissanen L C 2010 Kuopio, Finland
15 Finland Joonas Riekkinen L C 2010 Varpaisjärvi, Finland
18 Finland Iiro Pakarinen R W 2010 Suonenjoki, Finland
19 Finland Tuomas Kiiskinen L W 2010 Kuopio, Finland
21 Finland Kalle Kerman L W 2011 (2012) Kuopio, Finland
24 Finland Sami Kapanen L W 2009 Vantaa, Finland
28 Finland Petteri Rasi L W 2011 Kuopio, Finland
35 Finland Teemu Hartikainen L W 2011 Kuopio, Finland
41 Finland Kalle Sahlstedt L C 2010 Rauma, Finland
42 Finland Tommi Jokinen L W 2010 Siilinjärvi, Finland
50 Finland Toni Hyvärinen R W 2011 Kuopio, Finland
51 Finland Jarkko Malinen L C 2011 Kuopio, Finland
61 Finland Timo Salo L W 2009 Naantali, Finland
71 Finland Tapio Laakso L C 2009 Rymättylä, Finland

Notable players


Retired numbers

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Kalpa could mean:

  • A word in Sanskrit, meaning "practicable, feasible, possible", and also "proper, fit, able", from a root kḷp "to be well ordered or regulated"
  • Kalpa (Vedanga) "proper practice", "ritual", one of the six disciplines of Vedanga in Hinduism
  • Kalpa (time unit) a Sanskrit word referring to a great length of time (Aeon) in Buddhist and Hindu cosmology
  • Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh, a town in Himachal Pradesh, India
  • KalPa, a Finnish ice hockey team

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