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Kaleb Schwade is an American infant whose experience with what is believed to be shaken baby syndrome has been widely publicized on MySpace.

The child's parents, Kristy and Joshua Schwade, claim they found their then five-month-old son lethargic when they picked him up from his caregiver on May 9, 2007.[1] They took him to Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida, where he was diagnosed with bilateral hemorrhaging and subdural hematoma.[2] On her Myspace page, Kristy Schwade reported that the injury, which blinded her son, had also given him bacterial meningitis and that she feared he might wind up in a vegetative state.[2] Last reported, the infant remained on heavy anti-seizure medication and was being tube-fed through his stomach.[3]

On May 14, 2007, home day care provider Rebecca Saunders, 35, was arrested on suspicion of aggravated child abuse. She pleaded not guilty to the charge.[3] Though she has given no statements, attorney Leon Jones, briefly appointed to represent her, indicated that the child was unwell when brought into Saunders' care.[2] The statement of Saunders' current attorneys implies that the defense may contend the injuries could have taken place prior to the child being placed with Saunders.[3]

Saunders was released on bail of $5,000.00 and was expected to go to trial in October 2007,[4] then in March 2009 Saunders was reported to be in the Hillsborough County Jail awaiting trial, charged with aggravated child abuse.[5]

In 2009, the parents sued the daycare company and Saunders over the injuries.[6]

Fundraising efforts for Kaleb Schwade's care include a benefit concert by Florida musician Rick Reynolds [7] and a volleyball tournament in Newton, Kansas.[8]

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