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The Kalyar is a prominent Sindhi tribe in Pakistan, found among both the Rajputs and Jats tribes.



According to their traditions, the tribe claims descent from a Bhatti Rajput nobleman, a Rana Rajwadhan. The Rana lived in Ghazni, and then moved to Delhi in India. After sometime, he moved to Bhatner. In the 13th Century, the Rana moved to Chamb Kalyar, in what is now the Lodhran District, in Punjab, Pakistan. The ruler of the area was a Raja Bhutta. The Raja wanted to marry the daughter of Rajwadhan, who refused. As a result a battle took place, and the Raja was slain. The tract was then divided by Rajwadhan, and his five sons, Kalyar, Uttera, Kanju, Noon and Hattar.

Kalyar initially settled in Chamb Kalyar in Multan(Now LODHRAN) District. His descendants then migrated to the Kirana Bar, and became graziers. The Bar was opened up for settlement in the 19th Century, and many Kalyar now reside in colony Chaks (villages built by the British Imperial authorities) in what is now Sargodha District.[1]


The Kalyar tribe is found mainly in the Kirana Bar region of Sargodha District.There so many villages i.e mouzzas & Chak # are in Sargodha District Chokera i.e(chak # 79)is Headquarter of Kalyar family. Kalyars are owner of mouzza's Tangowali , Saidoo aana Samooran wali Tehsil Sargodha of Sargodha. Chak # 104 elf, 123, 125 , 128, 147/148 (Lakhoana)151 , 174 NB is an important Kalyar settlement in Tesil Sillanwali of Sargodha District. Other important Kalyar. settlements are the villages of Kalyar In Jhang In Rodu Sultan,Mouzza Dera (New & old)Mouzza KALYAR (largest mouzza of district Sargodha)kot Gul,Kot Khuda Buksh, Feroze Makki, Salehabad, mouzza Mir Ahmed Sher Garh in Tehsil Shahpur of Sargodha city, and Jhok Kalyar in Faisalabad District. Kalyar are living in wazirabad also in village bhatti kay.The famous mouza of Kalyars is Chamb Kalyar In Distt Lodhran (Punjab)(Pakistan). Majority is of Kalyars In this mouza it is the origion if Kalyars . Samma Satta a Town of Bahawalpur Has also a majority of Kalyars .Channi Goth Of Teh Bahawlpur is also inhabitated by Kalyars

Famous persons

  • Late Haji Ghulam Shabbir Kalyar (I.G Sindh Prisons)
  • Dr Muhammad Toqeer kalyar
  • [Mian Ahmad Hassan Kalyar]]
  • Hagi Jalal Kalyar
  • Hagi Sarang Kalyar
  • Mulana Bashir Ahmad Kalyar
  • Muhammad Abu Baker Kalyar *[[1]]
  • Nasar kalyar
  • Mian Muhammad Khalid Kalyar, Member of the Punjab Assembly from PP-36 (Sarghoda-IX)
  • Allah Bakhsh Kalyar Deputy Auditor General Of Pakistan (IVR) From

(Mouza Kalyar Wala Rodu sultan Jhang )

  • Khan Muhammad Kalyar (late), Chairman Fruit Market Kot Lakhpat Lahore
  • Masood Nawaz Kalyar (PGD-HRM, M.COM PU) Jhang
  • Awais Nawaz Kalyar B.S (HONS) (Punjab University). Jhang
  • Major Liaqat Shaheen Kalyar (retd) (Tamgha-i-Imtiaz)
  • Akhtar Hussain Kalyar (civil judge)
  • Yar Muhammad Kalyar (Defence Forces,Sargodha)
  • Fida Hussain Kalyar, hero of the name of Chamb Kalyar (Lodhran)
  • Akbar Kalyar (NBP Abbot Abad , Bahawalpur
  • Professor Muhammad Asghar Kalyar Bahawalpur
  • Haji Nazir Ahmed Kalyar (Bahawalpur)
  • Doctor Muhammad Sajjad Kalyar (Bahawalpur)
  • Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal Kalyar (Civil Judge ,Lodhran)
  • Colonel Naeem Zafar Kalyar
  • Major Zeeshan Kalyar
  • [Asad-ur-Rehman kalyar][student/Bs electrical engineering]
  • Malik Muhammad Qasim Kalyar[MS.c Physics Punjab Unversity Gold Medalist]
  • Malik Aftab Qasim Kalyar[Electrical Engineer BZU, MS Electrical Greenwich uni UK]
  • Malik Muhammad Faheem Qasim Kalyar[Telecom Engineer FAST Isb]


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