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This article is about the film. For the mountain, see Kangchenjunga.
Directed by Satyajit Ray
Written by Satyajit Ray
Starring Chhabi Biswas,
Karuna Bannerjee,
Anil Chatterjee,
Anubha Gupta,
Arun Mukherjee,
Alaknanda Roy,
Nilima Roy Chowdhuri,
Pahadi Sanyal,
Subrata Sensharma,
Indrani Singh
Distributed by Edward Harrison
Release date(s) 1962
Running time 102 min
Language Bengali

Kanchenjungha (Bengali: কাঞ্চনজঙ্ঘা Kanchonjônggha) is a 1962 film by Bengali film director Satyajit Ray. It was Ray's first original screenplay and his first colour film.

The film is about an upper class Bengali family on vacation in Darjeeling,a popular hill station and resort, near Kanchenjunga. Shot in real time, the film examines the evolving relationships between the various characters. With dialogue shifting between English and Bengali among an ensemble cast, the film was a departure for Ray.

Narrative structure

The narrative structure of the film resembles that of later hyperlink films. According to Ray, it "was a good ten to fifteen years ahead of its time." He described the film's narrative structure as follows:[1]

Our audience likes a central character, or a couple of central characters with whom they can identify, and a story with a straight narrative line. Kanchenjungha told the story of several groups of characters and it went back and forth. You know, between group one, group two, group three, group four, then back to group one, group two, and so on. It's a very musical form


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