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This article lists characters of Star Trek in their various canonical incarnations. This includes fictional major characters and fictional minor characters created for Star Trek, fictional characters not originally created for Star Trek, and real-life persons appearing in a fictional manner, such as holodeck recreations.


Characters from all series, listed alphabetically



Abbreviation Title Media
TOS Star Trek The Original Series TV
TAS Star Trek The Animated Series TV
TNG Star Trek The Next Generation TV
DS9 Star Trek Deep Space Nine TV
VOY Star Trek Voyager TV
ENT Star Trek Enterprise TV
TMP Star Trek The Motion Picture Movie
WOK Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Movie
SFS Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Movie
TVH Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Movie
TFF Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Movie
TUC Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Movie
GEN Star Trek Generations Movie
FCT Star Trek First Contact Movie
INS Star Trek Insurrection Movie
NEM Star Trek Nemesis Movie

Bajoran characters are listed by family name, which is stated first. Joined Trills are listed by the name of the symbiont, which replaces the family name.


Character Actor Episodes
Richard Galen (Memory Alpha article) Norman Lloyd The Chase (TNG)
Human male; renowned anthropologist and role model for Picard
Galloway (Memory Alpha article) David L. Ross Miri; recurring thereafter
Appears in eight Star Trek episodes and in archival footage used for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's "Trials and Tribble-ations". Ross was given on-screen credit for the final episode, "Turnabout Intruder". Galloway first appears in the first-season episode "Miri" as part of the landing party's security detail.
Elim Garak (Memory Alpha article) Andrew Robinson Past Prologue (DS9)
recurring thereafter
Cardassian male; a "plain and simple tailor", in reality a former top operative of the Obsidian Order
Garth of Izar (Memory Alpha article) Steve Ihnat Whom Gods Destroy (TOS)
Human male; hero of the Battle of Axanar and role model for Captain James T. Kirk
Forra Gegen (Memory Alpha article) Henry Woronicz Distant Origin (VOY)
Voth male; scientist who believes his Delta Quadrant race are descendants of Earth dinosaurs
Frola Gegen (Memory Alpha article) Nina Minton Distant Origin (VOY)
Voth female; daughter of scientist Forra Gegen
Tekeny Ghemor (Memory Alpha article) Lawrence Pressman Second Skin (DS9)
Ties of Blood and Water (DS9)
Cardassian male; father of a Cardassian young woman who went undercover as a Bajoran. As a young man, Ghemor played a role in the Kiessa massacre. After an attempt to pass Kira Nerys as his long lost daughter fails, Ghemor grew close to Kira and considers her the closest thing to family
Sonya Gomez (Memory Alpha article) Lycia Naff Q Who? (TNG)
Human female; Starfleet ensign serving on the Enterprise-D
Gorkon (Memory Alpha article) David Warner TUC
Chancellor of the Klingon Empire assassinated in Star Trek VI
Gowron (Memory Alpha article) Robert O'Reilly Reunion (TNG)
recurring thereafter
The House of Quark (DS9)
recurring thereafter
Klingon male; chancellor of the Klingon Empire
Gralik (Memory Alpha article) John Cothran, Jr. The Shipment (ENT)
Xindi arboreal. Chief technician of a facility that manufactured kemocite, power source for Xindi weapon against Earth. Changed his allegiance and helped Captain Archer's mission.
Amanda Grayson (Memory Alpha article) Jane Wyatt
Majel Barrett
Cynthia Blaise
Winona Ryder
Journey to Babel (TOS)
Yesteryear (TAS)
Star Trek (XI)
Spock's human mother, married to Sarek.[1] In one timeline, she dies between the events in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Sarek".[1] As depicted in the 2009 Star Trek movie, she dies when Vulcan is destroyed. Grayson was first portrayed by Jane Wyatt, who appears in both "Journey to Babel" and The Voyage Home. Majel Barrett provided the voice of Amanda in the Star Trek animated series. Cynthia Blaise played her in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. In the 2009 Star Trek, the role of Amanda Grayson was played by Winona Ryder.[2]
Grilka (Memory Alpha article) Mary Kay Adams The House of Quark
Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places (DS9)
Klingon female; briefly married to Quark after he was implicated in the murder of her previous husband, Kozak


Character Actor Episodes
Hacom (Memory Alpha article) Morgan Farley Return of the Archons (TOS)
Native of Beta III. Hacom was loyal to the computer Landru that rigidly governed the planet's society
Hadley (Memory Alpha article) William Blackburn Return of the Archons (TOS)
Hadley is first seen in the first-season episode "The Naked Time" and appears in 62 original series episodes, plus archive footage used in Deep Space Nine's "Trials and Tribble-ations". Hadley regularly relieved Pavel Chekov or Hikaru Sulu. Blackburn appeared more than any other extra.
Hanar (Memory Alpha article) Stewart Moss By Any Other Name (TOS)
A being from Kelva, of the Andromeda Galaxy, transformed into a pale, human male. A band of Kelvans seized the U.S.S. Enterprise. Unfamiliar with human feelings, an injection of formazine stimulant drove Hanar to distraction
Annika Hansen (Memory Alpha article) Katelin Petersen Scorpion,
The Raven,
Dark Frontier,
The Voyager Conspiracy (VOY)
Daughter of Magnus and Erin Hansen, assimilated with her parents by the Borg in 2356. She is better known by her Borg designation, Seven of Nine.
Erin Hansen (Memory Alpha article) Nikki Tyler
Laura Stepp
The Raven,
Dark Frontier,
The Voyager Conspiracy (VOY)
Wife of Magnus Hansen, mother of Annika Hansen. Studied the Borg up close. Assimilated by the Borg in 2356 when they boarded the USS Raven
Magnus Hansen (Memory Alpha article) David Anthony Marshall
Kirk Baily
The Raven,
Dark Frontier,
The Voyager Conspiracy (VOY)
Husband of Erin Hansen, father of Annika Hansen. Studied the Borg up close. Assimilated by the Borg in 2356 when they boarded the USS Raven
Lieutenant Harold (Memory Alpha article) Tom Troupe Arena (TOS)
Starfleet officer. Sole survivor of the Gorn massacre on Cestus III
John Harriman (Memory Alpha article) Alan Ruck Generations
Captain of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-B) on its maiden voyage in 2293.
Lieutenant Hawk (Memory Alpha article) Neal McDonough FCT
Helmsman on the USS Enterprise-E. While on a mission outside the ship, Hawk was assimilated by the Borg and subsequently killed by Worf. Tie-in novels (such as the Next Generation Section 31 novel, "Rogue") refer to his homosexuality and introduce his family.
Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking Descent (TNG)
Holodeck character. The only instance in Star Trek where a person has played themself.
Dixon Hill (Memory Alpha article) Patrick Stewart The Big Goodbye (TNG)
Recurring thereafter
Meta-fictional detective played by Jean-Luc Picard on the holodeck. The character is roughly based on fictional detective Sam Spade.
Homn (Memory Alpha article) Carel Struycken Haven (TNG)
recurring thereafter
Valet to Lwaxana Troi, mother of Deanna Troi.
Hugh (Memory Alpha article) Jonathan Del Arco I, Borg (TNG)
Descent, Part II (TNG)
Borg drone rescued by Beverly Crusher from a crashed ship in the Argolis Cluster, originally known as 'Third of Five'. Defected from Lore and assisted the Enterprise crew when he proclaimed himself their leader.


Character Actor Episodes
Ilia (Memory Alpha article) Persis Khambatta TMP
Joined Willard Decker to merge with V'ger
Ishka (Memory Alpha article) Andrea Martin
Cecily Adams
Family Business (DS9)
recurring thereafter
Mother of Quark and Rom, who call her "Moogie". An unorthodox female, she flouted Ferengi law by wearing clothes and earning profit. Later married Grand Nagus Zek and influenced his reforms.


Character Actor Episodes
Mark Jameson (Memory Alpha article) Clayton Rohner Too Short a Season (TNG)
Renowned Federation mediator who tried an unorthodox age-reversal treatment
Kathryn Janeway (Memory Alpha article) Kate Mulgrew VOY
Captain of the USS Voyager. She became the first Federation captain to successfully traverse the Delta Quadrant.
Jannar (Memory Alpha article) Rick Worthy The Xindi (ENT)
recurring thereafter
Arboreal scientist and representative on the Xindi Council
Edward Jellico (Memory Alpha article) Ronny Cox Chain of Command (TNG)
Captain of the Enterprise-D while Jean-Luc Picard was engaged in an undercover mission on Celtris III, a Cardassian planet. Recurring character in New Frontier and other novels as Admiral Jellico
Jeffrey (Memory Alpha article) Glenn Harris Real Life (VOY)
The Doctor's son in his holographic family program
Ma'Bor Jetrel (Memory Alpha article) James Sloyan Jetrel (VOY)
Haakonian male repented for engineering weapon that killed millions of Talaxians
Jeyal (Memory Alpha article) Michael Ansara The Muse (DS9)
Tavnian, briefly Lwaxana Troi's husband and father of one of her children
Jono (Memory Alpha article) Chad Allen Suddenly Human (TNG)
Human born Jeremiah Rossa, adopted by Talarian Captain Endar in accordance with Talarian customs


Character Actor Episodes
Kahless (Memory Alpha article) Robert Herron (Memory Alpha article)

Kevin Conway (Memory Alpha article)

The Savage Curtain (TOS), Rightful Heir (TNG)
Legendary Klingon warrior and first emperor of the Klingon Empire; a clone created in 2369 was made ceremonial emperor by Gowron
Kamala (Memory Alpha article) Famke Janssen The Perfect Mate (TNG)
An empathic metamorph from Krios Prime. Since her birth, she was intended to be Valtese Chancellor Alrik's Kriosian peace bride in an effort to reunite the two planets
Kang (Memory Alpha article) Michael Ansara Day of the Dove (TOS), Blood Oath (DS9), Flashback (VOY)
Legendary Klingon commander whose exploits ensured him a place in the Hall of Heroes, as told in G'Trok's poem 'The Fall of Kang', an epic so important it is required reading at Starfleet Academy. The late Dahar Master once faced James Kirk in 2269 but joined him to defeat their true enemy, an energy lifeform living off their shared hatred when trapped aboard a starship as undying fodder. He had also squared off against Capt. Sulu's Excelsior during the tensions of the Khitomer Conference in 2293. Kang had already met Curzon Dax by then on the Klingon Korvat colony, when Dax intentionally angered Kang to foster a bond a calculated risk as he walked out during a long diatribe by the shocked Klingon. The Trill envoy became such a trusted family friend that Kang's firstborn, his son, was made his godson and named Dax in his honor. The boy, of course, was among those later killed in revenge by the marauding Albino and fostered a blood oath of revenge in turn among Kor, Koloth and Dax that was finally carried out in 2370 and led to Kang's death as he struck the death blow on his enemy. He also had defeated T'nag and his army with only colleagues Kor and Koloth, according to Kor's tale in 2372, and later feasted on the leader's heart. Kang and the Albino eventually killed each other in battle.
Walker Keel (Memory Alpha article) Conspiracy (TNG)
Starfleet Commander who warned Picard about alien invasion
Edith Keeler (Memory Alpha article) Joan Collins City on the Edge of Forever (TOS)
In 1930, during the first part of Earth's 20th Century, Keeler was a social worker who died in a street accident. Centuries later, during a survey of the Guardian of Forever by the U.S.S. Enterprise, the ship's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Leonard McCoy, during a temporary bout of mental illness brought on by an accidental injection of cordrazine, escaped into Earth's past. While there, he saved Keeler from dying, which sparked a chain of events throughout the timeline, essentially changing history. In the altered timeline, Keeler, a passionate believer in peace, spearheaded a movement which delayed the entry of the United States into World War II, thus paving the way for an Axis victory. Ultimately, Starfleet, the Federation and the U.S.S. Enterprise were no longer in existence, but the proximity to the Guardian of Forever by the landing party allowed Captain James T. Kirk and First Officer Spock to follow McCoy into the past. Kirk and Spock were able to prevent McCoy from saving Keeler's life, thus restoring the timeline. These events were particularly trying for Kirk, as he had fallen in love with Keeler
Keevan (Memory Alpha article) Rocks and Shoals (DS9), The Magnificent Ferengi (DS9)
A Vorta field commander who sacrificed his Jem'Hadar troops to save his own life. He was later killed by inept Ferengi as they tried to trade him back to the Dominion for Quark's mother
K'Ehleyr (Memory Alpha article) Suzie Plakson The Emissary (TNG), Reunion (TNG)
Worf's wife and Alexander Rozhenko's mother. Killed by Duras.
Captain Keogh (Memory Alpha article) The Jem'Hadar (DS9)
Commander of the ill-fated USS Odyssey
Kessick (Memory Alpha article) Richard Lineback The Xindi (ENT)
Xindi Primate, slave in a Trellium-D mine
Lenara Khan (Memory Alpha article) Susanna Thompson Rejoined (DS9)
Trill woman hosting the Khan symbiont, who in a former life was married to Dax
Harry Kim (Memory Alpha article) Garrett Wang VOY
The operations officer aboard the USS Voyager during the seven years in the Delta Quadrant.
Kira Meru (Memory Alpha article) Leslie Hope Wrongs Darker than Death or Night (DS9)
Mother of Kira Nerys, was a comfort woman for Gul Dukat for seven years
Kira Nerys (Memory Alpha article) Nana Visitor DS9
Bajoran militia officer assigned as Benjamin Sisko's second in command on Deep Space Nine
George Kirk (Memory Alpha article) Chris Hemsworth Star Trek (2009)
James T. Kirk's father
George Samuel Kirk (Memory Alpha article) William Shatner "Operation: Annihilate!"
James T. Kirk's brother
James T. Kirk (Memory Alpha article) William Shatner
Chris Pine
Captain of the USS Enterprise, major character in the original Star Trek and eight Star Trek movies
Winona Kirk (Memory Alpha article) Jennifer Morrison Star Trek (2009)
James T. Kirk's mother
K'Kath (Memory Alpha article) Real Life (VOY)
Klingon friend of Jeffrey in the holographic family program modified by Torres
Klag (Memory Alpha article) Brian Thompson A Matter of Honor (TNG)
Second officer of the Klingon bird-of-prey Pagh
K'mpec (Memory Alpha article) Charles Cooper Sins of the Father (TNG), Reunion (TNG)
Klingon chancellor who oversaw Worf's discommendation. Poisoned by Duras and succeeded by Gowron
K'mtar (Memory Alpha article) James Sloyan Firstborn (TNG)
The adult Alexander Rozhenko from a possible future
Kodos (Memory Alpha article) The Conscience of the King (TOS)
Governor of Tarsus IV, who engaged in a large-scale eugenics programme to counter impending threat of starvation to the colony, later assumed the role of an actor leading a traveling Shakespeare company
Kol (Memory Alpha article) The Price (TNG), False Profits (VOY)
One of two Ferengi stranded in the Delta Quadrant after attempting to secure the Barzan wormhole for themselves. Crash-landing on the Takaran homeworld, they insinuated themselves to be the Holy Sages prophesied by the Takaran "Song of the Sages" in order to exploit the Takarans for profit
Kolopak (Memory Alpha article) VOY
Father of Chakotay
Koloth (Memory Alpha article) William Campbell (Memory Alpha article) The Trouble with Tribbles (TOS); More Tribbles, More Troubles (TAS); Blood Oath (DS9)
Klingon captain who faced Kirk over tribbles; later, an ally of Dax
Sirma Kolrami (Memory Alpha article) Peak Performance (TNG)
War strategy consultant for war games between the Enterprise-D and the Hathaway
Anastasia Komononov (Memory Alpha article) Our Man Bashir (DS9)
A Russian spy in Bashir's secret agent program. Due to a transporter malfunction, Komononov's physical parameters were temporarily modelled on Kira
Kor (Memory Alpha article) John Colicos Errand of Mercy (TOS); The Time Trap (TAS); Blood Oath, The Sword of Kahless, Once More Unto the Breach (DS9)
The first Klingon to appear in Star Trek, as an antagonist to Kirk. John Colicos reprised the role in three Deep Space Nine episodes, as an ally and friend of Dax. James Doohan voiced the character in an animated episode.
Korenna (Memory Alpha article) Remember (VOY)
Enaran woman in a star-crossed romance with a primitive regressive. She eventually passed on the memories of the genocide of the regressives to B'Elanna Torres.
Koss (Memory Alpha article) Michael Reilly Burke Breaking the Ice (ENT) recurring thereafter
Vulcan architect. T'Pol deferred her long-arranged marriage to Koss in order to continue her assignment aboard Enterprise NX-01. They finally wed three years later, but Koss dissolved the marriage.
Kozak (Memory Alpha article) DS9
Klingon who accidentally died at Quark's bar. The financial assets of his House were being siphoned off by the Duras family by using Ferengi-like tactics
Kurn (Memory Alpha article) Tony Todd TNG, DS9
Brother of Worf
Kyle (Memory Alpha article) John Winston TOS, WOK
Kyle first appears in the first-season episode "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" and appears in eleven Star Trek episodes, seven animated episodes, and in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Kyle commonly appeared at the transporter controls. He was also seen as a helmsman and in "Who Mourns for Adonais?" is a science specialist


Character Actor Episodes
Silva La Forge (Memory Alpha article) Madge Sinclair Imaginary Friend, Interface (TNG)
Mother of Geordi La Forge
Lal (Memory Alpha article) Hallie Todd The Offspring (TNG)
Daughter of Data
Natima Lang (Memory Alpha article) Profit and Loss (DS9)
Cardassian radical, the love of Quark's life
Larg (Memory Alpha article) Real Life (VOY)
Klingon friend of Jeffrey in the holographic family program modified by Torres
Sam Lavelle (Memory Alpha article) Lower Decks (TNG)
Junior officer aboard the Enterprise-D
Leeta (Memory Alpha article) Chase Masterson Explorers (DS9) recurring thereafter
Bajoran woman employed as a Dabo girl in Quark's bar on DS9. She married Rom after a brief romance with Julian Bashir
Robin Lefler (Memory Alpha article) Ashley Judd Darmok (TNG), The Game (TNG)
Ensign (engineering section) and friend of Wesley Crusher. Major character in Star Trek: New Frontier spinoff novels and in fan film project Star Trek: Hidden Frontier
Leslie (Memory Alpha article) Eddie Paskey 56 Episodes of the original series
Leslie first appears in the Star Trek pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and appears in 56of the original series episodes. Leslie is commonly seen at the bridge engineering station.
Janice Lester (Memory Alpha article) Sandra Smith Turnabout Intruder (TOS)
Former lover of Kirk, temporarily swapped bodies with him
Li Nalas (Memory Alpha article) The Homecoming
Bajoran resistance fighter who became a hero of mythological proportions after unwittingly killing a Cardassian
Linnis (Memory Alpha article) Jessica Collins Before and After (VOY)
Daughter of Tom Paris and Kes, mother of Andrew, in an alternate timeline.
Nick Locarno (Memory Alpha article) Robert Duncan McNeill The First Duty (TNG)
Classmate of Wesley Crusher's at Starfleet Academy. Some fans believe he is the same person as Tom Paris
Locutus (Memory Alpha article) Patrick Stewart The Best of Both Worlds (TNG), Emissary (DS9), FCT
Drone within the Borg Collective made using the body of Captain Picard
Lore (Memory Alpha article) Brent Spiner Datalore, Brothers and Descent (TNG)
"Evil brother" of Data
Lori Ciana (Memory Alpha article) TOS
Flag officer in Starfleet. She was briefly married to fellow admiral James T. Kirk. While on a trip to the Enterprise to visit him, she was killed in a transporter accident
Colonel Lovok (Memory Alpha article) The Die is Cast (DS9)
Romulan Tal Shiar officer replaced by a changeling in order to lead the Romulans into a Jem'hadar ambush
Philippa Louvois (Memory Alpha article) Amanda McBroom The Measure of a Man (TNG)
Starfleet Judge Advocate General
Lumba (Memory Alpha article) Armin Shimerman Profit and Lace (DS9)
Quark's alias while a temporary Ferengi female
Lursa (Memory Alpha article) Barbara March Redemption (TNG) recurring thereafter; GEN
One of the sisters of Duras
Lutan (Memory Alpha article) Code of Honor (TNG)
Planetary ruler who became enamored of Tasha Yar


Character Actor Episodes
Keiran MacDuff (Memory Alpha article) Conundrum (TNG)
Satarran operative who infiltrated the Enterprise-D after a mass amnesia incident
Mallora (Memory Alpha article) Tucker Smallwood The Xindi (ENT) recurring thereafter
Black Primate representative on the Xindi Council, friend of Degra; became an ally to the humans
Maltz (Memory Alpha article) John Larroquette Star Trek III
Klingon officer captured by James Kirk
Marayna (Memory Alpha article) Alter Ego (VOY)
Operator of a station inside an inversion nebula. When Voyager passed by, she created a human version of herself in Neelix's holographic resort program
Kila Marr (Memory Alpha article) Silicon Avatar (TNG)
Xenologist dedicated to the study of the Crystalline Entity. After the entity destroyed all life on the Omicron Theta science colony, including her son, in 2338 she became obsessed. When the Enterprise-D encountered the entity in the episode Silicon Avatar in the year 2368 she shattered it with high intensity energy waves.
Carol Marcus (Memory Alpha article) Bibi Besch TOS
Inventor of the Genesis Device, mother of Kirk's only known son
David Marcus (Memory Alpha article) Merritt Butrick, also seen as T'Jon in the episode, 'Symbiosis' - (TNG/first season) TOS
Son of James T. Kirk and Carol Marcus. Worked on developing the Genesis Device. Killed by Klingons on the Genesis Planet.
Mardah (Memory Alpha article) Jill Sayre DS9
Bajoran Dabo girl dated by Jake Sisko, mentioned in various episodes.
Aamin Marritza (Memory Alpha article) Duet (DS9)
Impersonated Gul Darhe'el to atone for Cardassian war crimes
Angela Martine (Memory Alpha article) Barbara Baldavin "Balance of Terror", "Shore Leave", "Turnabout Intruder"
Martine first appears in "Balance of Terror" as a fire control specialist. Her wedding to Lieutenant Robert Tomlinson is postponed when the Enterprise receives a distress call from outposts being attacked by Romulans. The character later appears in "Shore Leave" as part of the landing party, and again in the series final episode, "Turnabout Intruder".
Martis (Memory Alpha article) Rachel Harris VOY
Mother of Kes, wife of Benaren.
Martok (Memory Alpha article) TNG, DS9
Klingon general; recurring character in Deep Space Nine
Martus Mazur (Memory Alpha article) Rivals (DS9)
El-Aurian who promoted gambling device that turned out to have strange effects on quantum probability
Dr. M'Benga (Memory Alpha article) Booker Bradshaw TOS
M'Benga, a doctor aboard the USS Enterprise, first appears in "A Private Little War" and again in "That Which Survives". The character interned on Vulcan, and is skilled at treating Vulcans.
Marla McGivers (Memory Alpha article) Madlyn Rhue Space Seed TOS
Cohabitated with Khan Noonien Singh
Ki Mendrossen (Memory Alpha article) Sarek (TNG)
Assistant to Ambassador Sarek for the Legaran negotiations
Minuet (Memory Alpha article) Carolyn McCormick 11001001 (TNG)
Riker's holodeck fantasy woman, created by the Bynars and reproduced by Barash
Miri (Memory Alpha article) Kim Darby Miri (TOS)
Human encountered by Kirk's Enterprise, apparently a young girl, but actually a survivor from an ancient virus
Gary Mitchell (Memory Alpha article) Gary Lockwood Where No Man Has Gone Before (TOS); Of Gods and Men
Ship's navigator who receives enhanced ESP powers from a magnetic storm as the Enterprise attempts to leave the galaxy
Mogh (Memory Alpha article) TNG
Father of Worf and his brother, Kurn. Accused by Duras of betraying the Klingon colony on Khitomer to the Romulans, when in fact the betrayal was committed by Duras' father. Worf nevertheless accepted discommendation for his father's crime to prevent a scandal.
Moogie (Memory Alpha article) DS9
Quark and Rom's name for their mother, Ishka
Morn (Memory Alpha article) DS9
Regular at Quark's bar, but never talks
James Moriarty (Memory Alpha article) Elementary, Dear Data; Ship in a Bottle (TNG)
Character created by Arthur Conan Doyle, becomes sentient in the holodeck
Crell Moset (Memory Alpha article) Nothing Human (VOY)
Cardassian doctor, cured the Fostossa virus by experimenting on Bajorans. When B'Elanna Torres was invaded by a cytoplasmic lifeform, the Voyager EMH was assisted by a holographic reproduction of Dr. Moset, and the procedure was a success. But because Maquis crewmembers objected to Dr. Moset, the EMH decided to delete the program.
Mot (Memory Alpha article) Shelly Desai, Ken Thorley Ensign Ro, Schisms (TNG)
Talkative Bolian, barber on the USS Enterprise-D. Mentioned in other episodes; Captain Picard pretended to be him in Starship Mine.
M'Pella (Memory Alpha article) Cathy Debuono DS9
Dabo girl seen working in Quark's bar in many episodes
Harry Mudd (Memory Alpha article) Roger C. Carmel Mudd's Women,
I, Mudd
A confidence trickster and the only non-crew character to be featured in more than one episode of the original series. According to editorial comments in the early DC Comics run of Star Trek: The Next Generation, an episode of TNG was to feature Mudd, awakening from cryogenic suspension to find himself aboard the Enterprise-D. After Roger C. Carmel's death, the episode was heavily rewritten and eventually became "The Neutral Zone", with the character of Mudd being replaced by 20th-century businessman Ralph Offenhouse (played by Peter Mark Richman).


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