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Kangalal Kaidhu Sei
Directed by Bharathiraja
Produced by K. Muralitharan
V. Swaminathan
Written by Bharathiraja
Starring Vaseegaran
Music by A. R. Rahman
Cinematography B. Kannan
Editing by K. Pazhanivel
Studio Lakshmi Movie Makers
Release date(s) 2004
Country  India
Language Tamil

Kangalal Kaidhu Sei is a 2004 Tamil language film, written and directed by Bharathiraja. It stars Vaseegaran in the protagonist's role and marks actress Priyamani's debut in the Tamil film industry. Music was scored by A. R. Rahman, which was the major highlight of this film. Kangalal Kaidhu Sei is considered a flop, since it didn't do well at the Box-office.



  • Vaseegaran...Vasee
  • Priyamani...Vidhya
  • Sanath Gunatillake
  • Aakash...Premkumar
  • G.K.
  • Ilavarasu
  • Kaanchana
  • Shanthi Kumar
  • Chitra Lakshmanan
  • Mayilsamy
  • Prem Nath
  • Panduga
  • Laxmi Ratan
  • Tanay Chheda ... Salam Rama


John Vaseegaran is a young man who ranks fifth position of millionaire in India and 30th in the International level. The plot opens in a graveyard where Vaseegran's parents' funeral takes place. Vaseegaran is not disturbed by the demise of his parents' as he had not been showered any affection by them instead concentrated only on making money. A lady of his community expresses her condolence to him and leaves. While getting into her car she finds her diamond ring is missing and screams, where the lost ring is in the pocket of Vaseegaran.

Vasee inherits the huge property of his parents and becomes the chairman of 32 companies at the age of twenties. Though rich he seeks true motherhood affection. He imagines his dreamgirl and names her as Cinderella. He is also a cleptomaniac. He consults his family doctor for solution. The doctor instructs him to get into love.

Vidhya a young girl once sees Vasee stealing a crystal from a shopping mall. She tries to report to mall authorities but not. A diamond exhibition is organised and one of the millionaires is exhibiting his special diamond which is worth 100 million. It is different from other diamonds which has 16 reflecting faces. This tempts Vasee. He visits the diamond exhibition. The special diamond is under the responsibility of Vidhya. She sees vaseegaran at the exhibition and becomes alerted. Despite special tight security Vaseegaran manages to steal the diamond and happily leave the place. Vidhya who is responsible for diamond is charged and was about to arrest. She pleas to cancel the arrest. She reminds of Vasee's presence and relates the old incident of crystal theft by him. She immediately understands Vasee is the thief and tells police. But cops are not to believe as he is wealthy man. But the owner of the diamond is ready to believe her words as he relates the diamond ring theft in the graveyard by him. With no evidence to charge for the theft by him, a drama is organised by Vidhya to get back the stolen diamond and fetch evidence. She enters Vasee's home as his personal secretary. Vasee wants her to be dressed with modern attire and she does so. He looks his imaginary dream girl Cinderella in Vidhya and starts develops a love for her. But Vidhya is not interested in him. Meanwhile Vidhya searches for diamond. She once spots it in a big fishtank. She attempis to get back while Vasee is away home and does it when he leaves the airport for a meeting. Vasee rushes back to home when suddenly Vidhya disappeared and also when he was informed by his family doctor at airport, that Vidhya along with a police officer who is also her fiancee met him for an inquiry about Vasee earlier. At home he could see the broken fish tank and understands about Vidhya took away the diamond. Vidhya was happy as she is relieved from charge but she is charged again for the theft.

The diamond taken from Vasee by Vidhya is not actually original one and she is remanded for theft. The owner of the diamond demands an illegal relation with her in return of discharge from case. She rushes to Vasee and pleas to giveback the diamond as it destroys her future and life. She also expresses that she cannot marry him and mother his children. The fiancee of Vidhya warns Vasee that soon he would be caught hand and would be jailed. Vasee bails her from police custody. He demands Vidhya to be his Cindrella for five days with him in Switzerland as a punishment for attacking psychologically with love as a weapon. He assures no physical contact but only love. Vidhya initially denies later on due to the pressure by her fiancee to save his IPS position she goes with Vaseegaran.

At the Swiss airport she dashes an officer who introduces himself a person to help her. Vasee takes her to his home, introduces her to all of his friends, teachers etc. She constantly imagines Vasee trying to misbehaving to her and annoyed. Vasee one day sees Vidhya talking to a stranger whom she dashed in the airport, from a distance. She once breaks a photograph jointly posed by her and Vasee. On seeing broken pieces Vasee screams at her that it is his family photo and she has no rights to break it. Meanwhile the officer dashed by Vidhya along with some officers who follow Vasee and Vidhya find him alone after third day. They see him speaking to himself at the top of the hill, at boating , at church etc. Fische by the absence of Vidhya they immediately rush to Vasee's home to rescue Vidhya. They could see only the dead bodies of Vasee and Vidhya both dressed in groom and bride costumes. Vasee actually killed Vidhya by slapping her on the day for she breaking the photograph. Unexpectedly, due to the attack she died by dashing into a heavy stone. Not willing to be jailed, Vasee kills himself with his most precious Golden gun as soon as cops arrive there to arrest him. The cops could see a letter which instructs to spend his property in the name of Cindrella trust to help poor and needy and a will of it.


  • Screenplay, Direction: Bharathiraja
  • Production: K. Muralitharan, V. Swaminathan
  • Story: S. Premnath
  • Cinematography: B. Kannan
  • Music: A. R. Rahman
  • Editing: K. Pazhanivel
  • Art direction: G. K.
  • Lyrics: Pa. Vijay, Kabilan, Thenmozhi
  • Visual effects: Zameer Hussain


The soundtrack has 5 tracks and an introductory speech by the film's director Bharathiraja. Lyrics were written by Paa Vijay, Thenmozhi and Kabilan. The soundtrack got high acclaim and immediate praise but could not become a great success as the film bombed miserabily in the box-office.

Kangalal Kaithu Sei
Soundtrack by A.R.Rahman
Recorded Panchathan Record Inn
A.M. Studios
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Length 27:35
Producer A.R. Rahman
A.R.Rahman chronology
Enakku 20 Unakku 18
Kangalal Kaithu Sei
Song Singer(s) Duration Lyrics
Azhagiya Cinderella Hariharan 4:58 Paa Vijay
Anarkali Karthik, Chitra Sivaraman, Kadhir, Murtuza 6:47 Paa Vijay
Aaha Thamizamma A. R. Reihana, Mathangi, Blaaze 5:21 Kabilan
Ennuyir Thozhi Unni Menon, Chinmayee 5:55 Paa Vijay
Theekuruvi Johnson, Harini, Mukesh 4:32 Thenmozhi

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