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Location of Kaniyapuram
in Kerala and India
Coordinates 8°35′15″N 76°51′24″E / 8.5875°N 76.85667°E / 8.5875; 76.85667
Country  India
State Kerala
District(s) Thiruvananthapuram
Population 41,250
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)


About the Place

Kaniyapuram (Malayalam: കണിയാപുരം) is a small town, in the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram city, around 14 km from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala in India. The main centre of Kaniyapuram area is located in NH-47 in between Kazhakkoottam and Pallippuram CRPF Base. The Kaniyapuram locality (Kaniyapuram pradesam) is a vast area and expands to; Andoorkonam in the East, Parvathy Puthanar in the West, Vetturoad in the South and Pallippuram (CRPF Base) in the North. The Kaniyapuram town belongs to the Andoorkonam Panchayat, although Andoorkonam still remains an obscure village 3 kilometres to the east.

Nestled between hillocks, bakwaters, canals/streams/ponds, Kaniyapuram is enriched with coconut groves, paddy fields and extensive green lands. Recent rapid urbanisation is soiling this scenic hamlet, ruining the paddy fields, water bodies and the entire environment.

The National Highway (NH47) passes through Kaniyapuram junction dividing the town into two. The main feature of Kaniyapuram are the Bus Stand in the National Highway and Railway Station, which are situated very close to each other. There is no other place in between Trivandrum and Quilon towns with this feature. The KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation) bus depot has about 40 buses, originating and terminating from/in Kaniyapuram. Unfortunately, only a few trains stop at the Kaniyapuram Railway station though contiuous efforts are being done to establish stops for some express trains.

Proximity to major government establishments, business places, educational institutions such as Technopark, Power Grid, CRPF Base, KINFRA Park, LNCPE, University Campus, Marian Engineering College, St. Xavier's College, Teacher's Education College and numerous schools etc. has also put Kaniyapuram on the state maps. At present Kaniyapuram area is one of the the most developing areas around Trivandrum city. Kaniyapuram foresees further development through the envisaged Technocity project in the vicinity.


  • Kaniyapuram is 14 KM towards north from Trivandrum city.
  • Trivandrum International Airport, KSRTC Bus Depot Trivandrum and Trivandrum Central Railway Station are just around 14 KMs from Kaniyapuram with easy road and railroad connections.
  • National Highway 47 is crisscrossed by a number of rural roads.
  • From Vetturoad one road towards east lead to Saink School-Kattayikkonam-Chanthavila, connecting to Pothencode and MC Road..
  • Another road from Vetturoad toward west connects to Chittattumukku-St.Andrews-Puthenthopu-Menamkulam-Station Kadavu etc.
  • One road from Kaniyapuram centre towards west connects to Murukkumpuzha-Chirayinkil, Kadavil, Channankara-Perumathura, Padinjattumukku-Puthenthope etc.
  • Another road from Pallippuram towards east lead to Andoorkonam, Pothencode etc.
  • Several panchayath roads connect every nook-and-corner of Kaniyapuram locality.


The authors/editors of this feature have not come across any documentary evidence of history about Kaniyapuram apart from a few references here and there. We plead to the Kaniyapurans who have the knowledge of Kaniyapuram history to come forward and share the knowledge with us.

During personal discussions with yours truly and two prominent personalities of Kaniyapuram, Late Alikunju Sastry, ex-MLA and Late Advocate Izzuddin; they had stated that the name "Kaniyapuram" might have been derived from "Kaniyan Puram - the place of Kaniyans - astrologists" or "Kaniyar Puram - the place of Kanyars - the proponents of Kanyar Kali, a temple art form" or "Ganika Puram (the place of Ganikas - the courtesans"). Unfortunately, yours truly has no and not able to find documentary evidence to establish these theories.

The Lebbas are amongst the very prominent clan of Kaniyapuram. According to documented history, the Lebbas migrated from Tamil Nadu in the early 1650s to Kerala. It is believed that they have established in Kaniyapuram as early as 1650s and established themselves as traders in Kaniyapuram. They were successful merchants and operated almost all the business in Kaniyapuram until recent times.


The Lebbas' main contribution to the Kaniyapuram society is the establishment of The Muslim High School, Kaniyapuram. The school was founded by late S Ahmed Kunju Lebba in 1947. The school had played a major role in the educational and social development of the area. Students from far away places such as Chirayinkil, Perumathura, Kazhakkoottam, Pothencode etc. have attended MHS in the yesteryears.

Although the name of the school is Muslim High School, the school stands as an embodiment of secularity of Kaniyapuram area which can be proved from the fact that the well known headmasters of the schools were, Kuttikrishnan Nair, Unnikrishnan Nair, Bhaskaran Nair, Velayudhan Nair etc.

It is stated in "Insight" the Bimonthly Journal of Ambedkar Study Circle, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi, that during the early 1900s Dalit Movement, "Walk to Freedom" led by the famous Dalit reformist, Ayyankali, the youngsters got out on the Kaniyapuram streets to win their basic rights; and the Kaniyapuram Dalit farmers did participate in an agrarian strike by not showing up in the paddy fields (1907). http://insightjnu.blogspot.com/2005/09/our-icon-ayyankali.html

Being surrounded by coconut groves and backwaters, coir and associated industries were aplenty in the yesteryears and considered as the main occupation of Kaniyapuram residents. However, this industry is currently on doldrums and struggling for survival. The authorities have to take bolder steps to bring back the glory of this traditional industry.

Until three decades, water transport was the main mean of goods transportation from Kaniyapuram. Coconuts and coir products were transported to Kollam and Alappuzha from Kaniyapuram,, through Parvathiputhanaar http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parvathi_Puthannaar and Kadinam Lake in large covered wooden boats (kettuvallam) and were loaded from the jetties located at Kadavil, Anakkapilla and Channankara.

The water transportation through Parvathiputhanar which played a crucial role in the lives of many traders in Kaniyapuram came into disuse after the advent of railways and the National Highways. In 2002 the state Government undertook a dredging and widening project to revitalise the canal to attract tourists.

The main street connecting the National Highway, Railway station and Kadavil was lined with busy shops owned and operated almost entirely by Muslim merchants and mainly of the Lebba clan. Most prominent of the merchants were Ahmed Kunju Lebba, Rasheed Lebba, Ismailpillai Lebba, Kamal Lebba, Pookunju Lebba, Valiyakadayil Mohamed kunju Lebba, Alikunju Lebba, Ibrahim Kunju Lebba, Vahid lebba,Saifudeen Lebba,Jamal Lebba, Karim Lebba, Nisar Lebba(S.A Bros), Kadavath Abdulaziz Lebba (Religious scholar, Trader & Exporter), Mohammed Sali Lebba, Mohammed Kassim Lebba, Alikunju Lebba, Noohu Kannu Kaippally Lebba, Sherief Lebba Myvalliyil, Salamiya Hajiyar etc.

Religious Scholars / Spiritual Leaders:

Late Balagurumani Masthan (Ahmed Musliyar), famous religious scholar and Sufi (who possessed eternal delight) was the grandfather of Kadavath Abdulaziz Lebba. The Renaissance Leader of Kerala, Swami Sri Narayanaguru very often used to visit Balagurumani Masthan in Kadavath house to take religious advices and to learn Quranic scriptures. Masthan Musliyar(Khadirubappu) was also a famous religious scholar who hail from the same family. They are buried in their private property near Kaniyapuram Juma Masjid exactly in Thakkavumukku (Masthan Nagar). There was an old Masjid (Thakkavu) and a Madrassa where many students used to learn Quran and Hadees, even from far away places like Kottar, Kulachal and Malabar. People used to visit Balagurumasthan and his son-in-law Merasahib Lebba in Kadavath to clear doubts in Quran and Fiqh. The Kadavath Abdulaziz Lebba married the grand daughter of the famous Veliyamkodu Omar Qazi.

The wellknown Sufi, Kaniyapuram Abdulrazakh Masthan, hailing from the same family is the nephew of Kadavath Merasahib Labba. Late Abdul Razak Masthan known as Kaniyapuram Thangal throughout Kerala was a religious scholar who performed many miracles (kharamath). He was buried (May his Soul Rest in Peace) in a place called Mudical near Perumbavoor in Aluva. Quite unfortunately some of his family members constructed a false makhbara in Kaniyapuram in the premises of his daughter's house, and misled many people to pay tribute and perform rituals in that place, which is deadly against the teachings of Islam.

Prominent Personalities

Kaniyapuram has given birth to a number of luminaries. The foremost among them is none other than late Kaniyapuram Ramachandran, the renowned orator, playwright, politician and press editor. The name “Kaniyapuram” is spread across Kerala by this great personality. As a politician he had been in CPI. He was elected as an MLA in the Kerala Legislative Assembly from Nedumangad constituency. He had worked as an editor of Janayugam Daily, the official newspaper of CPI. He had scripted several popular dramas for KPAC including the controversial “Bhagavan Kalumarunnu”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janayugam_Daily. His brother, Kaniyapuram Unnikrishnan Nair was also a well known playwright, and was the Headmaster of Muslim High School, Kaniyapuram. His another brother Bhaskaran Nair had also served as Head Master in the same school. His niece, Indira teacher was a professor in St Xavier's College, Thumba.

Kaniyapuram boasts of three ex-MLAs. Late M. Alikunju Shasthry, late Hakimji and Late Lakshmanan Vaidyar, belonging to PSP, Muslim League and Congress respectively. All of them had played significant roles in the social structure of Kaniyapuram area during their heydays.

The present MLA of Kazhakoottam constituency, M A Vahid also hails from Kaniyapuram. A long serving Congress man, M A Vahid is elected as MLA consecutively two times from the Kazhakkoottam constituency.

The former Andoorkonam Panchayath Presidents Asinaru Pillai Asan, M A Vahid, Krishnan Kutti etc. also hail from Kaniyapuram.

Vettukattuvilayil M Pookunju(Ex.KSEB employee and the Son-in-law of Late Kadavath Abdul Aziz Lebba) - He had worked for local development by playing a main role in constructing the prominent Kambikkakam Road which stretches above one KM connecting Vayalilkada to Kadavathu-Paruthi thodu road, which helps more than thousands to easy access to the main local roads resulting a vast development in that area.

Other Prominent Personalities around the area include, but not limited to:


  • Late M Alikunju Shastry, Ex-MLA
  • Late Hakimji, Ex-MLA
  • Late Lakshmanan Vaidyar, Ex-MLA
  • Late Mohamed Ebrahim (ALAYI,Ex Panchayath Member(17 YEARS) -CongressI )
  • Late Comrade Kidar Mohammed(Politician of Marxist Communist Party)
  • Late Advocate Izzuddin(The nephew of Late Kadavath Abdul Aziz Lebba)
  • Late Asinarupillai, Chettiyamvilakom, Former President, Andoorkonam Panchayath
  • Late Asinarupillai Asan, Former President, Andoorkonam Panchayath
  • M A Vahid, Sitting MLA, Kazhakkoottam Constituency
  • Krishnan Kutty, Foremer President, Andoorkonam Panchayath
  • Abdul Jaleel, Former President, Andoorkonam Pachayath
  • Nadeera Faisal - President, Andoorkonam Panchayath, Congress
  • F J Tennyson – President, Kadinamkulam Panchayath, Congress
  • Dr. Nooman – CPM, President, Kadinamkulam Service Society Bank,
  • M A Latheef – "Prathikaranavedhi" State President & Trivandrum DCC Treasurer
  • S A Vahid
  • Ali Shiyas
  • Beegum Nafisa
  • Channankara M P Kunju
  • Advocate S A Haleem
  • Late Kadavil Vahid

Prominent Personalities working abroad, but not limited to: Politics

  • K.H.M Asharaf (President, KMCC Sharjah)
  • P.Nasar Masthanmukku (General Secretary SYS Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia, Secretary Kerala Sunni Jama'ath Council, K.S.A. & Quadisiyya Organizer)
  • Sajan Kaniyapuram (Treasurer, Navayugham Samskarikavedhi, Dammam, K.S.A.)

Government Officials

Ex (Retired/Late)

  • Habeeb Mohamed, I.A.S, Vice Chancellor, University of Kerala
  • Late Mohammed Ibrahim, Deputy Commissioner, Taxes Department
  • Salim, Local Fund Audit
  • Adv. Abdul Hakkim, Dy. Secretary Law Dpt.Kerala (Uppu Veedu)
  • Adv. Ziyavudeen, Dy. Director,PRD Kerala (Uppu Veedu)
  • Sadanarajan, Sales Tax Officer
  • Late Chandran (Kunnil Chandran), Sales Tax Officer

On Service

  • Firos Khan - Assistant Director, Public Relations Department of Kerala
  • Najeeb Noohu, D.Y.S.P, Kerala Police
  • Mohammed Shafi, D.Y.S.P, Kerala Police
  • Pookunju Niyas, Circle Inspector, Kerala Police (The grandson of Late Kadavath Abdul Aziz Lebba)
  • S A Halim, PRO, Handtex
  • M R Abdul Salam, Commercial Taxes Officer (Uppu Veedu)
  • M F Abdul Jawad, Panchayath Secretary (Uppu Veedu)
  • R Rajendran Nair, Under Secretary, Government Secretariat, Trivandrum
  • Sherif, Under Secretary, Government Secretariat, Trivandrum
  • Najeeb Fasiluddin - Pilot


  • Dr. Sherif, PhD - Agricultural College, Vellayani, Trivandrum.
  • Dr. Sulfikar, PhD - TKM Institute of Management, Kollam.
  • P Thahira Hashim, H.S.A., Govt. Education Dept. Kerala.(The grand-daughter of Late Kadavath Abdul Aziz Labba)
  • J Sakkeena Shoukath, Principal, Govt. Higher Secondary School (Uppu Veedu)


  • Rajeev Nair, Stallions Systems, Ernakulam (www.stallionindia.com)
  • Gopal, IBC, Distributor of HCL - Trivandrum
  • Mohamed Ali Naha, IOC Dealer, Kazhakkoottam-Kovalam Bye Pass Road, Trivandrum
  • Naseer, IOC Dealer, Kazhakkoottam, Trivandrum
  • Vakkom Hassan, IOC Dealer
  • Kadayara Nasar, Kadayara Homes, Trivandrum (kadayarahomes.com)
  • Nishad Mohammed Nizar, AIRTEL Distributor (PERUMATHURA)
  • Shamnath.N,Manorama online realestate and developers Pvt.Ltd.(www.manoramarealestate.com)

Printers & Publishers

  • Green Flash Magazine, Published & owned by Late Hakimji Ex-MLA
  • Jayaramam Magazine, Published & owned by Late M Alikunju Shastry Ex-MLA
  • World Revew Magazine, Published & owned by S.A.Salim Labba,H.B.Banglow,Kaniyapuram, P.Nasar Masthanmukku - Gulf Correspondent
  • Akshara Kala, Published & owned by Kaniyapuram Sainuddin, Kaniyapuram

Literature / Arts

  • Late Kaniyapuram Ramachandran
  • Late Kaniyapuram Unnikrishnan Nair
  • Kaniyapuram Sainuddin
  • Srikanth, Poet
  • M S Nasim, Playback Singer and TV Artist
  • Gasnafar, Singer and TV Artist


  • Shajahan, Kaniyapuram
  • Suresh Kumar, Kaniyapuram
  • Althaf, Kaniyapuram
  • K.H.M.Muneer, Kaniyapuram
  • A.R.Hashir, Kaniyapuram
  • A.Shameer Kuzhiyil, Kaniyapuram
  • Ashraf, Kaniyapuram
  • Nizam, Kaniyapuram

Prominent NRIs Employed Abroad, but not limited to..

  • A. Gasanfar, Stallion Systems, Sharjah, U.A.E.
  • Pookunju Thalhath-Insubit-Casali(Italy)spa,Dubai.(The Granson of Late Kadavth Abdul Aziz Lebba)
  • E. Nizar Lebba, Al Nasr Sports Club, Dubai.
  • Hashim Lebba, GASCO-Asab, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
  • Mohamed Shafi, NDC, Abu Dhabi, U A E.
  • Shyju, ADCO-Asab, Abu Dhabi, U A E.
  • Nisar, NPCC, Abu Dhabi, U A E.
  • Abdul Rasheed, NPCC, Abu Dhabi, U A E.
  • Ashraf Ali, UAE Armed Force, Abu Dhabi, U A E.
  • Hashim MF, Aramex Int'l,Abu Dhabi,UAE
  • Mohamed Rafi,RealEstate Department (Wasl) Dubai,U A E.
  • Sijas Saifudeen Lebba -Carrefour


  • Trading.
  • Coir production.
  • Agriculture (Coconut farming, paddy farming)
  • Having abundant academically qualified personnel, a predominant number of population occupy various positions in government and private organizations, including high ranking bureaucrats, pilots, scientists, doctors, engineers, academicians, teachers etc.
  • A good number of populations are NRIs, mainly occupied in Middle East Countries. The migration to Middle East from early 1970s became a boon to the society. The decline of coir industry was evident during 70s and 80s, creating unemployment. However, these NRIs brought wealth to Kaniyapuram area and created a starta of neo affluents. Obviously, the overall social structure has been changed due to this.


Kaniyapuram is well known for its secular minded people. The population comprise of Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

Many sanctum-sanctorum of Hindus, Muslims and Christians exist in Kaniyapuram locality.

  • Thonnal Devi Temple (Pallippuram), Channankara Devi Temple (Channankara), Malamelparambil Temple Malamelparambu), Elayil Kovil - Palkara Bhagavathi Kshetram (Menamkulam), Kandal Devi Kshetram, Chamundeswari Kshetram, Sri Dharmashasta Kshetram, Muthumariamman Kovil etc. are the major temples around the area.
  • Pazhaya Palli in NH or Pariyarathinkara Juma Masjid is the first Masjid in the kaniyapuram area. It is known to be built about 400 years ago and the Ashan marakkar Waliullahi is buried in the premises of this Masjid. Puthiya Palli in NH, Kaniyapuram Muslim Juma Masjid (Pallinada), Kumuli Muslim Juma Masjid (Sinapore mukku), Karichara Muslim Juma Masjid (Karichara), Ashan Marakkar Appacha Thekkath, Kaniyapuram Railway Kabaradi etc. are the major mosques/Durgahs around the area.
  • The St. Ignatius Church located in Puthenthope. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puthenthope - is the major church around the area. The other churches around the area are: CSI Churches in Karichara and Anakkapillai (Puthuval - Puthenthope).


  • Muslim High School (Boys), Kaniyapuram.
  • Muslim High School (Girls), Kaniyapuram.
  • Muslim Higher Secondary School, Kaniyapuram
  • MHS English Medium School, Kaniyapuram
  • Jyothi Nilayam Higher Secondary School, St. Andrews
  • Al Uthuman Higher Secondary School, Vetturoad
  • Model Public School, Pallippuram
  • Central School, CRPF, Pallippuram
  • Sainik School, Vetturoad
  • St. Vincents H S School., Kaniyapuram
  • Moulana Asad Higher Secondary School (MES), Channankara
  • Government Upper Primary School (UPS), Kaniyapuram
  • Government Upper Primary English Medium School, Kaniyapuram
  • Government Lower Primary School, Alummoodu, Kaniyapuram
  • Government Lower Primary School, Ottuvilakam, Kaniyapuram

Colleges / Instituitions

  • St. Xaviers College, Thumba
  • Marian Engineering College, Menamkulam
  • Kerala University College of Teachers Education, Govt UPS Campus, Kaniyapuram
  • St. Jacob’s Training College, Menamkulam
  • Theera Jyothi Teachers Training Institute, St. Vincent HS Campus, Padinjattumukku

Islamic Instituitions

  • Quadisiyya Hifzul Qur-an College, Malamelparamb, Kaniyapurm

This instituition is an annex of the Quadisiyya Islamic Complex under the Samastha Kerala Jamyathul Ulama. Quadisiyya Hifzul Qur-an College is run under the supervision of Mr. Hydros Musliyar (Member of State Samastha Kerala Jamyathul Ulama), Mr.P.A. Muhammad Kunju Saqafi,M.A., M.Phil (Former S.S.F.State President), Mr. Kavotumukk Saleem Sahib Mr.Pulivilakath Abdulkareem and Mr. Ashraf Sahib (Zamzam)etc...

  • Nibras-ul Islam Madrasa, Palli Nada, Kaniyapuram.
  • Vadiul Uloom Arabic College, Vadayilmukku, Kaniyapuram

This institutions is run by Mr. Nazeer Khan Faizie (Chairman)

  • Makhdoomiyya Madrassa(Sunni Educational Board), Kunninakam, Kaniyapuram

This institution is run by Mr. Kollam Muhammad Kunju Musliyar, Mr.Muhammadkunju Labba, Mr. Andoorkonam Thanghal, Mr.S.A. Salimlabba Myvalliyil and Mr. Najeeb Labba etc..


  • Kaniyapuram Hospital, Kaniyapuram
  • Shifa Hospital, Kaniyapuram
  • A R Hospital, Kaniyapuram
  • Government Primary Health Center, Puthenthope
  • Sudarshini Medicals, Kaniyapuram
  • Health Centre, Kaniyapuram
  • Dr. Fasil's Dental Clinic, Kaniyapuram
  • Dr. Afsal Salim's Dental Clinic, Kaniyapuram
  • Geetanjali Ayurveda Madom, Padinjattumukku, Kaniyapuram
  • Farhan Charitable Trust Hospital, Chittattumukku
  • SIMANS Hospital, Vadayil Mukku, Kaniyapuram
  • E K Dental Clinic, Pallimukku, Kaniyapuram

Diagnostics Centres

  • Healing Touch Diagnostics
  • Diagnostics Centre

Medical Stores

  • Apsara Medicals
  • Kichu Medicals
  • A R Medicals

Doctors Around the Area

  • Dr. Salim, Surgeon, Medical College, Trivandrum
  • Dr. Abdul Rasheed, Medical College, Trivandrum
  • Dr. Shanavas (Ortho), Medical College, Trivandrum
  • Dr. Nisar (ENT), Medical College, Trivandrum
  • Dr. Anvar (Ortho), Kaniyapuram
  • Dr. Jiju A Nooman (Ortho), Medical College, Trivandrum
  • Dr. P Sajeera Sajeedh, Asst.Surgeon, Health Services (The Grand-daughter of Late Kadavath Abdul Aziz Lebba)
  • Dr. Saji A Basheer (Emergency Specialist), KIMS, Trivandrum
  • Dr. Sofiya Saji, Kaniyapuram
  • Dr. Abdul Shukkoor (Paediatrics)
  • Dr. Anvar Abbas (Paediatrics)
  • Dr. Afthab, Govt. Ayurveda Hospital, Attinkuzhi, Trivandrum
  • Dr. Haris, Homeopathy Consultant, Kaniyapuram
  • Dr. Jayalal, Homeopathy Consultant, Kaniyapuram
  • Dr. Noushad (Homeopathy), Kaniyapuram
  • Dr. Shafeek (Homeopathy), Kaniyapuram
  • Dr. Mina Shafeek (Homeopathy), Kaniyapuram
  • Dr. Gopika Ramanan, Padinjattumukku, Kaniyapuram
  • Dr. Fasal, Dentist
  • Dr. Mujeeb Fasal, Dentist
  • Dr. Afsal Salim, Dentist
  • Dr. Afin Salim (General Medicine)
  • Dr. Faisal Salim
  • Dr. Tanooja
  • Dr. Riyas (Paediatrics)


  • State Bank of Travancore, N H Road, Alummoodu Jn., Kaniyapuram
  • Central Bank of India, Near Railway Station, Kaniyapuram
  • Thiruvananthapuram District Co-operative Bank, Padinjattumukku
  • Andoorkonam Co-operative Bank
  • Kadinamkulam Service Society Bank, Chittattumukku

Government Establishments

  • KSRTC Bus Station, Kaniyapuram
  • Railway Station, Kaniyapuram
  • Kerala State Electricity Board, Kaniyapuram
  • BSNL, Kaniyapuram
  • Assistant Educational Officers Office, Kaniyapuram
  • Andoorkanam Panchayath Office, Kaniyapuram
  • Agricultual Office, Kaniyapuram
  • Pallippuram Village Office, Pallippuram
  • Kadinamkulam Panchayath Office, Kadinamkulam
  • Post Office, Kaniyapuram
  • Post Office, Chittattumukku
  • Hndustan Latex, Packing Centre, Kaniyapuram
  • Power Grid, Pallippuram
  • CRPF Base, Pallippuram

Major Business Places

  • Indroyal Furniture
  • Capito Furniture
  • Malaysian Jewellers
  • Binoy Marbles
  • A V Marbles
  • S M Stores
  • Rajadhani Jewellers
  • Supplyco Supermarket
  • Kalyan Textiles
  • Delma Opticals
  • Desert Travels
  • Mitsubishhi Motors

Clubs / Associations

  • Friends Badminton Club, Kaniyapuram: The Friends Badminton Club functions near Railway station, Kaniyapuram. Led by badminton enthusiasts of the area, the club motivates residents to take up this game to enhance physical fitness and wellbeing of middle aged and younths. The club organises annual open badminton tournament which attracts a good number of players from different places. The tournament brings festive mood to the area.

The 2009 tournament was conducted during 4, 5 and 6th December 2009. State, District and local level teams from Trivadrum and Kollam districts participated in the tournament. 38 matches of 36 teams were conducted. Most of the matches were fiercely fought. Pardeep and Yesudas defeated Kannan and Partner of Varkala in the final to lift the championship. The winners were presented with Alikunju Sastry Memorial Ever Rolling Trophy and Rs. 3,001 cash prize, sponsored by Firos and Gasnafar, sons of late Alikunju Sastry Ex-MLA. The runners up were presented with Life Style Kaniyapuram sponsored ever rolling trophy and cash prize of Rs. 2,001. The third place was won by Parippally led by Santhosh and they fetched cash prize of Rs. 1001 and an ever rolling trophy sponsored by Royal Saloon Kazhakkoottam. The best player award was given to Dileep of Kollam. He fetched a Pierre Lannier watch worth Rs. 7,000 sponsored by Mr. Mohamed Ali Naha, Managing Director of Sherin Marbles, IOC Retailer and the Patron of Friends Badminton Club.

The tournament was inaugurated by the Vice President of Andoorkonam Pachayath. The prizes were distributed by Firos, Noushad, Naha and Shyju. The President of the club, Ali Shiyas had thanked all the participated teams, club members and the sports enthusiasts of the locality who witnessed a great badminton tournament.

  • Rotary Club, Kazhakkoottam (a number of Rotarians of this club are from Kaniyapuram)
  • The Master Arts & Sports Club, Masthanmukku, Kaniyapuram.
  • Wisemen’s Club, Kaniyapuram
  • Muslim Service Society (MSS), Kaniyapuram - Initiated by Desert Travels Karim , the MSS Kaniyapuram unit is led by prominent personalities from various spheres. A good number of Kaniyapuram residents are members of this association. The unit functions individually and in co-ordination with MSS Trivandrum unit. The major contributions to the society include but not limited to: Monthly monetary aid distributions to cancer patients undergoing treatment in Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum; Annual charity distribution to downtrodden by providing job oriented and regular income generating, tools/equipments/aids, etc.
  • Residents Associations
  • Karichara Residence Association - This is the Residence association of people of Karichara, which is near Kaniyapuram.
  • Pallippuram Residence Association - The association works under the guidance of a number of retired government officials. The noteworthy programmes are: annual award distribution to students for their academic achievements, such as the highest scorers in public examinations; charity works by collecting and distributing alms to the poor and sick people in the community.
  • V.K.K.M Kaniyapuram -- The leader in sports clubs of Kaniyapuram. Various sports personalities in and around Kaniyapuram, Mangalapuram, Kazhakkuttom, Kadinamkulam associate with this first ever club in the area. The prestigeous football team had added glory and fame to Kaniyapuram winning major football tournaments. The main attraction is the weekly matches with famous teams of Trivandrum, Kollam and Malappuram held at Muslim H.S. ground.


  • Noorul Islam Grandasala, Kaniyapuram
  • YMHA Library, Padinjattumukku, Kaniyapuram


  • Kadinamkulam Lake
  • Kakkathuruthu, a small isle in Kadinamkulam Lake
  • Puthenthope Beach


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