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District 7 for the United States House of Representatives in the state of Kansas is a defunct congressional district.


Congress Congressman Term Party Residence
48th (18831885) * Republican
49th (18851887) Samuel Ritter Peters Republican
50th (18871889)
51st (18891891)
52nd (18911893) Jerry Simpson Populist
53rd (18931895)
54th (18951897) Chester Isaiah Long Republican
55th (18971899) Jerry Simpson Populist
56th (18991901) Chester Isaiah Long Republican
57th (19011903)
58th (19031905) Victor Murdock Republican
59th (19051907)
60th (19071909) Edmond Haggard Madison Republican
61st (19091911)
62nd (19111913)
63rd (19131915) George Neeley Democratic
64th (19151917) Jouett Shouse Democratic
65th (19171919)
66th (19191921) Jasper Napoleon Tincher Republican
67th (19211923)
68th (19231925)
69th (19251927)
70th (19271929) Clifford Ragsdale Hope Republican
71st (19291931)
72nd (19311933)
73rd (19331935)
74th (19351937)
75th (19371939)
76th (19391941)
77th (19411943)
*The 4th through 7th representatives for the state of Kansas added in the 48th Congress were members-at-large Lewis Hanback, Edmund Needham Morrill, Bishop Walden Perkins and Samuel Ritter Peters.



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