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Kappa Mikey
Kappa Mikey.jpg
Main Characters
Genre Adventure
Created by Larry Schwarz
Directed by Sergei Aniskov
Starring Michael Sinterniklaas
Stephen Moverly
Annice Moriarty
Sean Schemmel
Gary Mack
Jesse Adams
Evelyn Lantto
Dan Green
Wayne Grayson
Bella Hudson
Opening theme "Hey x2, Look x2" by Beat Crusaders
Composer(s) John Angier
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (List of episodes)
Producer(s) Larry Schwarz
Sergei Aniskov
Sean Lahey
Christopher Fauci
Michael Gold
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Animation Collective
Original channel Nicktoons Network & Nickelodeon
Original run February 25, 2006 (2006-02-25) – September 20, 2008 (2008-09-20)
Status Ended
Followed by Dancing Sushi
Related shows Speed Racer: The Next Generation
Three Delivery
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Kappa Mikey lili y mitzuqui me a la maman an American animated sitcom geared toward families and is created by Larry Schwarz. 4Kids Entertainment is the worldwide licensing, marketing and official promotional agent. The show is Nicktoons Network's first original half-hour series, bought during the same period of other Animation Collective shows like Three Delivery, as well as Edgar and Ellen and The Secret Show. It premiered on February 25, 2006, and Nickelodeon aired several reruns and premieres as a promotional movement from August 20, 2006 to January, 2007. It is MTV's first global acquisition. The entire show is currently available on iTunes.

Kappa Mikey is marketed as "the first anime to be produced entirely in the United States", according to press releases from MTV, Nicktoons Network, and various other sources, as the term anime in English is generally reserved for animation originally produced for the Japanese market. It uses Japanese animation and culture as inspiration for its concept, rather than being "true" anime. As a matter of fact, the series is a homage/parody of the Japanese anime genre.

On February 16, 2008, during their "Music Week", Nicktoons Network aired their first original television movie: an hour-long Kappa Mikey musical entitled "Kappa Karaoke". Officially, the episode's title is The Karaoke Episode[1].

The last three episodes have aired after the show was stuck on a hiatus. These episodes were aired in September 2008, and declared the season (series) finale after September 20.



The show's title is a variation on the word kappamaki, a type of sushi. It is suggested that it was the inspiration for naming the title character Mikey, and uses the prefix kappa. Like Mikey, who is a 'fish out of water' in Japan, the kappa creature itself is a water demon who can live on land. The kappas first appeared on this show in the episode Mikey, Kappa, on August 5th, where the origin of the title was explained. Mikey also shares his name with the actor who supplies his voice.


The series centers around Mikey Simon, a 19-year-old actor who just graduated from high school and is from Cleveland, Ohio. He embarks to Japan after winning a scratch-off card contest to star in the country's formerly popular anime series, LilyMu. In doing this, he rockets the show back to the top of the ratings, and becomes Japan's biggest anime star.

Segments of LilyMu are seen at the beginning and end of each episode, but the show focuses primarily on the actors' and producers' lives off-set and Mikey's adjustments to the new world he has entered (similar in concept to The Famous Jett Jackson). The humor comes from the fact that because Mikey is an American, he actually stands out visually from the other cast members, similar to the mix of styles in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. While most characters on the show are drawn in an anime-inspired style (thin outlines, big, detailed eyes, small mouths, and all ten fingers), Mikey (and all other American characters) is drawn in a retro-inspired American cartoon manner (thicker outlines, single black dot pupil eyes, a larger mouth, and only eight fingers). The humor is delivered in a rapid pace, and also consists of light satire, incongruity, slapstick, character quirks, and a fair amount of gross-out humor.


Kappa Mikey is different from other cartoons produced at the turn of the century, in that the property was owned by the studio instead of an agency, the animation was not out-sourced, and the episodes were written by a full-time staff. After producing Internet-based projects and television spots, this was Animation Collective's first ever television series, and was produced in New York City starting from the summer of 2005[2]. Production for the two seasons wrapped in September of 2007.

Schwarz conceived the premise in 2000, when he was running Rumpus toys, a toy design company, in New York City, but they folded before any storyboarding could commence. They resurfaced years later as Animation Collective, and produced an early test pilot for a pitch to MTV Networks, where the character designs and backgrounds resembled more like those found in Perfect Hair Forever and the humor was also more adult. Much of the current cast was voicing their characters even this early in production. When the deal didn't go through, Nickelodeon eventually picked up the project, and the show was tweaked heavily in order to be aimed at a younger audience.

Voice talents were usually local, and for the most part, the show was recorded at Manhattan-based NYAV Post, which Michael Sinterniklaas owns. Larry Schwarz, along with the other executive producers, oversaw all phases of production, but only had writing credits on the pilot episode, Mikey Impossible, and A Christmas Mikey. All the episodes were directed by Sergei Aniskov. The instrumental score was composed by John Angier, who also wrote the lyrics to The Recycling Song, Ori and Yori's hits, Living With Mikey, How Did We Get Here?, and the songs in The Karaoke Episode.

It was animated in Adobe Flash, with some moments of CGI rendered in Maya. To further emphasize the contrast in animation styles, one group of animators was assigned to the anime characters, and another group was in charge of Mikey and the other American characters. The vehicles on LilyMu and around Tokyo, as well as the weapons, the Gonard balloon, Pirate King's ship, the Karaoke Genie Machine, etc..., were created in Maya and exported into Flash using the Toon Filter. The backgrounds were modeled in Maya, and texture, details, and clouds were added in Photoshop. Some of the backgrounds were inspired by actual locations in Tokyo.

The show's anime-style characters perform with large comedic overuses of face faults, such as a face and/or body turning into an exaggerated general appearance, or becoming much smaller. This allowed animators to have more control over how a character looks and acts than on many other Flash shows, and they didn't always have to be on-model. The show uses clichés common to anime, including the sweat drop, lines over the eyes or no eyes at all, big heads, flaming eyes, bodies becoming smaller (or super deformed). Sometimes Mikey will try to do these things, which was one of the show's running gags, but cannot due to being drawn in an American style.


Character Voice actor
Mikey Simon Michael Sinterniklaas
Gonard Sean Schemmel
Guano Gary Mack
Lily Annice Moriarty
Mitsuki Evelyn Lanto
Ozu Stephen Moverly
Yes Man Jesse Adams

These characters are modeled on cartoon stereotypes, to varying extents. The show also features secondary characters and extras, mostly in crowd scenes, whose designs are directly inspired by famous anime characters, but who are different enough to avoid copyright infringements. Sometimes this is done to spoof the films and television programs intentionally, such as the character Masaka Masako, whose appearance spoofs Yubaba (or her twin, Zeneba) from the film Spirited Away, or Takashi Katashi, who shares a similar appearance and name with Kakashi Hatake from the anime Naruto (the person standing next to him could be a character that's supposed to resemble Sakura Haruno, also from Naruto, note the clothing). On another episode there is an anime version of Ami and Yumi from the TV series, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi (which was running on Cartoon Network at the time). Also in the final scene of the episode entitled 'Reality Bites' there is a person in the crowd that looks like a persocom from the anime Chobits. Other times, it is done to continue the show's original concept, without any intention behind it.

List of episodes

Seasons Episodes First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 1 26 February 25, 2006 April 28, 2007
Season 2 26 June 9, 2007 September 20, 2008

Home media

A Kappa Mikey DVD was released on September 18, 2007 under Starz Home Entertainment. It includes the episodes Lost in Transportation, Easy Come, Easy Gonard, and The Man Who Would Be Mikey, all from the first season, as well as bonus material, including a music video of 'I'm Alright' from Battle of the Bands, wallpaper, an interactive game parodying Hollywood Squares, and a How-To-Draw-Mikey tutorial.

In 2008, the Animation Collective site advertised a 2nd DVD that was scheduled be released sometime later that year. However, that announcement has been erased, leaving the exact release date to be unknown. It would've included Season One in its entirety, with DVD extras, and would've been considered more of an "official" volume than the last one. No further announcement has been made as the status of this DVD. It is presumingly cancelled as of 2009.

The Karaoke Episode songs

These are the songs that were sang by the characters from Nicktoons Network's first original TV movie, The Karaoke Episode. They were all written by John Angier.

Number Title Sung By
1 It's In Your Heart Mikey, Gonard, Guano, Lily, Mitsuki
2 I Feel Super Mikey
3 My Life Is Rulin' [AKA Looking Back at Days Gone By] Mikey, Gonard, Guano, Lily, Mitsuki
4 When Life Gives You Lunch Meat [AKA Sandwich-eees] Gonard
5 I Pull the Strings Ozu
6 Power Ballad Beat the Hero Ozu, Guano
7 Nothing Rhymes With Purple Guano
8 Hail Mighty Diva [AKA Popstar Power] Lily
9 Our Paths (Will They Cross? Will It Matter?) Mitsuki
10 Do the Bounce [AKA Follow the Bouncing Ball] Mikey, Gonard, Guano, Lily, Mitsuki
11 It's In Your Heart (Reprise) Mikey, Gonard, Guano, Lily, Mitsuki, Ozu (at end)


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Kappa Mikey (2005 - ) is a parody of Japanese anime, featuring a guy named Mikey who travels to Japan to star in an anime, where he discovers his new co-stars are all basically walking anime clichés.


Season 1

The Switch

  • Yes-Man: "Housewarming present!"

Ozu: "A window."

  • Gonard: "Okay, the chain should be much stronger now."

Guano: "You made it stronger?"
Gonard (to himself): "Idiot!"

  • (Mikey calls home)

Mikey's Mom: "Hi, you've reached the Simon residence. If your message is for Ms. Simon, press 1."
Mikey's Dad: "And if it's for me, Mr. Simon, press 2."
Mikey's Mom: "And if you're our only child in Japan and your calling cause you're all alone in a big empty room and you miss the comforting sound of another human voice, stay on the line as we read from a list of words chosen at random from the dictionary."
Mikey's Dad: "Vernacular"
Mikey's Mom: "Flibbertigibbet"
Mikey's Dad: "Mortgage"
Mikey's Mom: "Pedal"
Mikey's Dad: "Disenfranchise"
(Mikey hangs up)

  • Mikey: "Guess it's just you and me tonight mirror."

Mirror: "Speak for yourself, I have plans."

  • Guano: "Ready?"

Gonard: "I've been ready since the day we first cuffed ourselves together."
Guano: "You mean today?"
(Gonard nods) Guano: "Okay..."

  • Lily: "What is that smell?"

Mitsuki: "Uh, it might be coming from that pile of old pizza boxes. Or that guy."

  • Lily: "Ozu, Mikey is like the messiest, most inconsiderate human being ever!"

Yes-Man: "He is a star that shines too bright!"
Mikey: "She's the inconsiderate one. She's always nagging me like "Mike-ay, don't eat meals in the shower," "Mikey, don't feed the plants people food.""
Lily: "He's the worst roommate!"
Mikey: "She's the worst roommate!"
Mitsuki: "I just keep that diary as a joke."
(Crickets chirp)

  • (Gonard handcuffs Guano)

Gonard: "Ha! Gotcha! Now you have to finish the show and you're not going anywhere until you do."
Guano: "Where's the key Gonard? Gonard? Where's the key?"
Gonard: "These things come with keys..."

  • Mikey: "Look. I wanted to show you guys what a great roommate I can be. So I made you this quilt. Each piece represents a different special memory we've shared. Lily, this is from when I broke your grandma's vase. Mitsuki, this is from when I cut up some of your clothes to make a quilt."

Mitsuki: "And this part?"
Mikey: "That's just some pages I took out of your diary. Uh hey, who's this Mickey guy you're always writing about?"
Mitsuki: (tearing up) "You really shouldn't go through people's things Mikey."

  • Mikey: "And I took out the garbage."

Lily: "That wasn't garbage! It was Mitsuki's doll collection."
Mitsuki: (tearing up) "It's okay. I wanted to throw those dolls out. It's why I collect them."

  • Guano: "There. Two barrels of cement says this tower isn't going anywhere."

Yoshi: "Ozu says move the box tower 5 feet to the left."

  • Ozu: "Very well, Mikey Simon will live in LilyMu Towers."

Yes-Man: "The impossible is possible with Ozu!"
Mikey: "Booyah!"

  • Mikey: "There's only one thing I want, but it's too much. Even you couldn't get it for me."

Ozu: "What is this mysterious thing you speak of?"
Yes-Man: "A dragon! That is my guess."

  • Ozu: "You don't like the things I give you?"

Yes-Man: "Things buy happiness!"

  • Ozu: "Here, we have something else for you."

(Ozu hands Mikey a stick thing)
Mikey: "What is it?"
Ozu: "We don't know. We found it on the street."
Yes-Man: "Garbage!"

  • Mikey: "What am I suppose to do with a machine that changes bricks into rocks?"

Lily: "This is so unfair. Ozu always gives you everything."
Mikey: "What? No he doesn't."
Ozu: "Hey Mikey! Look what I am giving you now, Lily's stereo! Oh good, Lily is here. She can show you how to use it."

  • Lily: "I can't believe it. Ozu gave him that new Edo designer face cream. What could he possibly use it for?"

Mikey (covered in cream): "Hey, check out my cream shirt."

  • Lily: "Have you seen Mikey?"

Mitsuki (talking to a mop): "Not since Ozu stole my contacts and gave them to Mikey."

  • Ozu: "There hasn't been a free room in LilyMu Towers for years."

Yes-Man: "Centuries!"
Ozu: "Even the prime minister wants a room there."
Yes-Man: "And he has a sword!"

  • Gonard: "We should get going. The LilyMu Towers waterslide opens in a few minutes."

Mikey: "You guys have waterslides?"
Gonard: "Yeah, but only on every other floor. We use to have daily pizza parties too, but someone kept sitting on the pizza. Later Mikey." (Stands up and walks away. A slice of pizza can be seen on his pants for a brief moment.)

Mikey: "Hey, maybe I should move into LilyMu Towers."
Mitsuki: "Move into LilyMu Towers?"
Mikey: "Yeah. We could hang out everyday."
Mitsuki: "Everyday?"
Mikey: "Yeah. We'll practically be roomates."
Mitsuki: "We'll practically be married!"
Mikey: "Huh?"

Mitsuki: "Hey Mikey. Those boxes really compliment your eyes."
Mikey: "What'd you say?"
Mitsuki: (rewinds) "Hey Mikey. So you're moving soon?"

Gonard: I live with my mom.

(Begin flashback. Gonard's skateboarding in his room while wearing a kimono-like dress)

Woman: Gonard? Have you seen my Sunday dress?

Gonard: No, Mom!

(End Flashback)

Mikey Impossible

  • Guano: You didn't destroy Ozu's bonzai tree with a samurai sword did you?
  • Gonard: He'll send you back to America.
  • Guano: He'll cancel the show.

Ozu: Hello Mikey. I just wanted to tell you how much I love my beloved bonsai tree. I love it more than any human. Even you.

Mikey: That's great. Hold on, I have another call. (is connected to the other call)

Yes Man: Bonsai good! Humans bad!

Ship of Fools

Mikey : When i will get the game i will be like (does game stuff , and then suddenly he bumps into a fake mikey) Mikey : Sorry Bout That !

Fake Mikey : No Worries My Man !

(each mikey walks away and look to each other , and the fake mikey goes to mitsuki and lily and guano)

Mitsuki : There you are mikey !

Fake Mikey : oh ? Oh yeah Here i am ! Mikey Simon

Lily : Why are you wearing sunglasses ?

Fake Mikey : Because Your Beauty is Blinding (lily likes what he said , and mitsuki gets a bit angry)

Fake Mikey : Say , how bout some ice cream ? i know this jord next door .. if you're intrested ?

Mitsuki : You dont want the new video game ?

Fake Mikey : Video games are for kids !

  • lily and mitsuki shocked*

Fake Mikey : Now who want ice creams shaped in clowns ?

Guano : I do ! *raises hand*

Fake Mikey : Not This Time Pal , And Shine your shoes Kid , You Look A Mess *Walks Away*

Guano : I .. dont even have shoes

Saving Face

Socky: Stay socky!

Gonard: Relax Mikey, it's just a dimple.
Guano: Gonard, it's a pimple.
Gonard:.....You monster!!!

  • Lily's Mirror(to Lily): You're looking beautiful today...Gonard.

Lost in Transportation

Bief:You ain't going nowhere.

(This is said on occasion by the Chums)

Chums: Chum it up! Ssssssss...

Ozu: Have you talked to Mitsuki yet?

Lily: No, but Gonard has an idea.

Gonard: (to the children) One day, you may grow up to be supeheroes. Isn't that right, Mikey?

"Mikey": (is actually a cat forced into a Kappa Mikey outfit, growls, and starts to maime Gonard)

The Fugi-Kid

Prosecutor: Ozu, do you think Mikey stole the coat?

Ozu: If Mikey says he didn't take the coat, I believe him.

Prosecutor: But didn't Mikey destroy your precious 500 year old bansai tree, then lie about it?

Ozu:Yes! [voice building with anger]

Prosecutor:And did he buy a pirated video game when you told him not to?

Ozu:Yes! [saying very angerly]

Prosecutor: And didn't he reveal Lilymu's secrets to the press?

Ozu:Yes! [saying with fury]

Prosecutor:Let the records show that Ozu is surrounded by flame [Yes-man douses Ozu with an extinguisher]

Ozu:You were right. I was wrong about Mikey Simon.

Mikey: But Ozu! [whining]

Ozu: I am disappointed in you [saying with sadness]

  • Judge: Mr. Simon, In light of this terrible crime and the fact that you BROKE MY GAVEL. I sentence you to life in prison.

Mikey Likes It (Garbage)

Gonard (while under a fallen tower of ice): I think I broke one of my livers.

Lily: You only have one liver.

Gonard: Well, how many do I need to live?

Lily: One.

Gonard:...I'm in trouble.

Mikey (sees a pile of rotting garbage): Ew. Good luck recycling that.

(Garbage goes through a machine and comes out as a bouquet of roses)

Mikey: So that's where those come from!

Lily: I can't date Gonard, he's... (looks to see Gonard blowing his nose with the table cloth) ...Gonard!

Gonard: Yeah, I can't date Gonard! He's way out of my league!

Guano:(Refering to Lily) What makes you think she would choose you?

Gonard:(Talking while eating spaghetti) Because I am a gentleman!

Man: Excuse me, that's my food.

Gonard: (Still with mouth full) AND IT IS DELICIOUS!

(Gonard walks into the Finest Restaurant in Tokyo carrying a small bouquet of roses. A lady walks up to him)

Woman #1: (sympathetically) I am so sorry.

(Gonard is confused)

Woman #2: Just because she's famous, she shouldn't treat you that way.

(Gonard's more confused. A man then comes up with tears in his eyes. He hugs Gonard tightly and cries)

Crying man: We'll always have the memories!

Gonard: Why is everyone confusing me with some loser who got dumped by a celebrity girlfriend?

Lily: Look, Gonard. Ozu wants us to bring more publicity to the show.

Gonard: Okay. (puts on a blonde beehive-style wig) Anything for the show.

Mikey: If I dropped this vase, you'de want me to replace it, right? Well, think of this vase as your irreplacable memories. (drops it on the ground and breaks)

Mitsuki: (tearing up) I made that vase when I was four.

Mikey: And I'll replace that, too!

Ozu: I don't think this is a good idea.

Lily: Relax, they do this all the time...

(Flashbacks of Gonard and Guano's previous duels are shown, such as hitting each other with paddles while in Colonial costume, banjo play-offs in Old Western clothing, and breakdance-offs in hip-hop clothes)

Gonard: Ready?

Guano: (puts on a pirate hat) Ready.

(They start pelting each other with water balloons)

Gonard: I thought we were friends! I thought we were brothers! I thought we were FROTHERS!

Kappa Mikey Pilot

Judge: Next!


Gonard (shoes on his hands): Look! I have laced gloves! Hey, where'd my shoes go?

Ozu: This is for you.

(Mikey opens the box and sees a pack of Kappa Mikey trading cards)

Mikey: Cards?...Mikey Simon cards!

Ozu: Let's just keep this between you and me.


Easy Come, Easy Gonard

  • Guano: I'm not a doll!
  • Mr. Tatami: That's what all are toys are programmed to say.
  • Guano toys: I'm not a doll! I'm not a doll! I'm not a doll! (repeatedly)


  • Mikey: It's true, I did it.
  • Yes-Man: I haven't eaten in weeks!
Mikey: Anyway, After the game I picked up Gonard. We ran into a little trouble on the way to Ozu's but it was nothing we couldn't handle. 
Mikey(In flash back): Those Aliens have been tailing us since Montoya Blvd. 
Gonard(In flash back): I'm on it! {Fires lazer)
Mikey(In flash back):wooooo ha ha ha!
Gonard: (Hand on heart) True Story.

Lily Meow

  • Ozu: What should we do with the cat?
  • Mikey: Fire him!
  • Lily: Deport him!
  • Cat Burgler: I suggest a stir fry.

Cat Burglar: You know the expression, 'There's only one way to skin a cat'? Actually, there's only one way, with this. (Pulls out a bizarre looking machine with a hook, knife, sickel, and another blade all spinning simultaneously)

Big Trouble in Little Tokyo

  • Gonard: Rurr Rurr!
  • Ozu: Very Good!

(Beast Gonard grabs Ozu)

  • Ozu: Very Bad!

The Good, the Bad, and the Mikey

Mikey: W'ever

Guano: Mikey, you have to do what the script says!

Mikey: Script is just a prison, made of words.

Ozu(later):You must go back to being the old Mikey and be a good example for kids.

Mikey: W'ever.

Ozu: You have to do what I say! I'm your boss!

Mikey: Boss is just a prison, made of skin.

Ozu: That dosen't make any sense!

Mikey: Well, not to a fossil like you.

Big Brozu

Brozu (to Lily): Your daddy must be a doctor, cuz you are the sickest girl I ever saw.

Brozu (to Mikey): I thought we waz tight!

Mikey: We were tight, but I gotta do this bro. . . for my homezees, and for Ozu!

Battle of the Bands

Yes Man: There's no going back now!

Robot: I know, I know...

Reality Bites

Ozu: That was the worst thing I have ever seen!

Guano: It was just getting to the good part...?

Lily (reading the script): "I am going to fight you"? "We are fighting now"? "Thank you for fighting me in the face"?

Gonard: If that's not sophisticated enough, then call me unsophisticated (begins to pick his nose and ears simultaneously)

Gonard (going through a photo album): This is me wrestling aligators. Oh, and this is me playing ping-pong on the moon. And this is when I invented penecillan at the prom.

Mikey: These are all just you holding sandwiches.

Gonard: Jealous?

Guano: Can I say something? I think Lily's a big fake! With her fake being nice for the camera, and her fake pancakes, and her fake eyebrows!

Lily: This whole show is fake! This isn;t even my real room! It's a set!

Guano: Lily's so full of herself! Plus, she's kind of has a mustache. Lily: This isn't the confesstion room!

La Cage Aux Mikey

Lily: Well, if you really are Mikey's parents, then you must know a lot about him.

Guano: When's Mikey's birthday?

Gonard: What's Mikey's name?

Mitsuki: (mimical gestures while an accordian plays in the background)

With Fans Like These...

Gonard: Sorry I'm late; I had to get beat up by some nerds. Ready?
Lily: Yeah. Remember, you're good cop, I'm bad cop.
Gonard: Got it. So, Guano, how would you like a punch in the gut?
Lily: [Through teeth] Gonard! Good cop!
Gonard: I mean, how would you like a kiss...in the gut?
[Guano looks confused.]
Lily: [Shouting] You're gonna do our subliminal messages or else!
Guano: [Angry] Or else what?
Gonard: [Holding a small harp] Or else I'm gonna sing you the sweetest love song you ever heard!
[Singing] Guano! Sweet Guano!
[Guano looks horrified.]
Gonard: Fuzzy little guy I love so much,
Jewel in the chest,
So fun to touch!
Guano, sweet Guano...
Guano: Uh...
Gonard: Guano, sweet Guano! Corazón bo bo bo...

The Man Who Would be Mikey

  • Man: Hey, my newspaper!

Ozu: Hey, my Yes Man!

Uh Oh Guano

Guano: (to a cactus) Chester! Would you please be quiet?!

("Chester" says nothing)

Guano: Don't back-sass me!

The Phantom of the Soundstage

Like Ozu, Like Son

Gonard: M...O...G!

LaFemme Mitsuki

The Order of the Oni

Guano: Ozu is world's strongest man!

A Christmas Mikey

  • Mikey: Gonard! You're not evil!

Gonard: Thanks, I've been using a new deoderant.

  • Ozu: Eat the stocking...EAT IT! ( shoves christmas stocking in Yes-man's mouth)

Mikey, Dr. Takashi Katashi and the Worm

  • Mikey and Dr. Takashi: Aaaaaaaaaaaah!

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