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Karsilamas (Turkish: karşılama, Greek:Καρσιλαμάς) is a Greek folk dance found in the region of Macedonia. The term "karsilamas" comes from the Turkish word "karsilama" meaning "face to face greeting" and is often used as a slang word designating the pickpocket's method of knocking against someone to steal his wallet. The Greek name of the dance is Antikristos Makedonikos, meaning "face to face dance from Macedonia."

The dance was popular around Constantinople (now İstanbul, Turkey) during Byzantine times. Originally a warlike dance, the Turks adopted it when they conquered the area.

Karsilamas is a couple dance that is still danced in what was the former Byzantine empire, from Persia to Serbia, and in the Macedonia and Thrace regions of Northern Greece.

Today it is a raucous, bordering on the erotic, couple dance between men and women where the dancers face one another. Hands are held in the upright position about eye level, fingers snapped to the beat of the music, hips swaying.

The meter is 9/8, and the basic move is danced in four small steps with durations 2,2,2,3 respectively. The style and mood (bouncy, smooth, lively, etc.) vary depending on the region.

Rumeli Karşılaması, Trakya Karşılaması, Merzifon Karşılaması, Edirne Karşılaması, Gümülcine Karşılaması, Taraklı Karşılaması, Bilecik Karşılaması, Old Karsilamas (Παληός Καρσιλαμάς), Pigi Karsilama(Πιγκί), Ayşe Karsilama (İskender boğazı)(Αϊσέ)(Η Αγάπη Είναι Καρφίτσα)(, Aptalikos Karsilamas (Απτάλικος),. Asia Minor Karsilamas (Melinos karsilamas), Mastika.

Mastika is also the title of a Karşılama in Turkish Roma music. Popular in some Balkan regions.


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From a female version of the lyrics: "If you collect all the stars in sky and throw them on my lap, in return I'll give you nine kids to have. // A-a-a, Mastika, mastika... // If you paint my body all in honey, I'll let you love me from my head to my toes... // A-a-a, Mastika, mastika..."

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