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Karl Spiesberger (Spießberger), also formerly known as Frater Eratus or Fra Eratus (his mystico-magical name whilst a member of and involvement with the Fraternitas Saturni ('Brotherhood of Saturn')), is a German mystic, occultist and Germanic revivalist. He is most well known for his revivalism and usage of the Sidereal Pendulum for divination and dowsing and Armanen Runes.



Spiesberger is well known as the single most important person to revive Germanic mysticism after the second world war, including the Armanen Runes and the Pendulum.

Due to the National Socialist suppression and imprisonment of "non-authorised" or "non-officially sanctioned" occulitic/runic Germanic mystics and revivalists and their respective organisations during the Third Reich (see Nazi mysticism) there is an air of "guilt by association" in the minds of uninformed spectators of the mystico-magical and Nazism. This view has spawned "hate laws" in certain countries against the use of runes and certain ancient and sacral symbols. And, in the years immediately after the Second World War, and to some extent continuing to the present day, the runes were so closely associated with the Nazis that the use and discussion of them in academic as well as esoteric circles was hampered by adverse public opinion. Those of the old rune magicians and occultists who had survived the war in Germany, slowly began to make their way back to their work, and new voices were also heard. The best known of these new voices was Spiesberger.


His written work stems from that order's understanding of the runes and Guido von List as Spiesberger was a proponent of the Armanen Runes. Spiesberger's works were always cast in the 18 rune Futharkh (the Armanen Runes) as originally envisioned by Guido von List and magically developed by Siegfried Adolf Kummer.

Spiesberger survived World War II and published his groundbreaking rune-magic synthesis in 1955, Runenmagie (Rune Magic).

After the war he also wrote Der erfolgreiche Pendel-Praktiker [1] published in 1963. Although still far more readily available in its original German text, it is now also available in its 1989 English translation entitled Reveal the Power of the Pendulum[2].

In his book about pendulum dowsing, he refers to the Odic force.

Like most authors on esoteric or magical subjects, he presents a mixture of the old with some original innovations of his own. To some extent the innovations may have been drawn from the eclectic teachings of the Fraternitas Saturni. What Spiesberger essentially tried to do was remove the "racist" aspects of the Armanic and Marbyan rune work and place the whole system in a pansophical, or eclectic, context.

To Guido von List, Friedrich Bernhard Marby, Siegfried Adolf Kummer and Rudolf John Gorsleben, the runes represent the key to esoteric understanding. To Spiesberger, they were just one more tool to be used by any individual magician.


  • "Try everything out without bias or preconceived ideas, and hold on to whatever works best." - Karl Spiesberger, 'Der erfolgreiche Pendel-Praktiker.'

Written works

Karl Spiesberger has written many works.[3]

  • "Runenmagie" (Rune Magic) - 1955
  • Runenexerzitien fur Jedermann (Rune Exercises for Everyone) - 1958
  • Reveal the Power of the Pendulum: Secrets of the Sidereal Pendulum, A Complete Survey of Pendulum Dowsing, ISBN 0572014198 (Der erfolgreiche Pendel-Praktiker) - 1962 [1]
  • Secrets of the New Age: 4 Complete Books - Jan 12, 1989
  • Praktische Telepathie - 1966
  • Das Mantra Buch - 1977
  • Das Problem der Tierseele im Lichte psychologischer ...
  • Der Traum in tiefenpsychologischer und okkulter Bedeutung
  • Die Aura Des Menschen: Wie die Aura sichtbar gemacht werden kann und was ihre Farben bedeuten - 1987
  • Elementargeister Naturgeister Märchengestalten oder...
  • Magische Einweihung esoterische Lebensformung in Theorie ...
  • Magische Praxis Magisch mystische Schulung in Theorie und ...
  • Magneten des Glückes Magie und Amulette Talismane und ...
  • Naturgeister Wie Seher sie schauen wie Magier sie rufen ...
  • Phänomen Tier in Forschung Volksglaube Magie und Esoterik ...
  • Runenmagie Handbuch der Runenkunde, 1968, R. Schikowski-Verlag, Berlin
  • Runenpraxis der Eingeweihten Runenexerzitien
  • Telepathie Die Macht des Überbewußten, ISBN 3877020712 - 1982
  • Unsichtbare Helferkräfte - 1960


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