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Karyogamy is the fusion of pronuclei of two cells, as part of syngamy, fertilization, or true bacterial conjugation.

It is one of the two major modes of reproduction in fungi. In fungi that lack sexual cycles, it is an important source of genetic variation through the formation of somatic diploids.

The term comes for the Greek karuo- (from karuon) meaning nut and -gamos meaning marriage.

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KARYOGAMY (Gr. Kfipvov, nut or kernel, thus "nucleus," and yfiµos, marriage), in biology: (1) the fusion of nuclei to form a single nucleus in syngamic processes (see Reproduction); (2) the process of pairing in Infusoria, in which two migratory nuclei are interchanged and fuse with two stationary nuclei, while the cytoplasmic bodies of the two mates are in intimate temporary union.

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