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Kash… Aap Hamare Hote
Directed by Ravindra Peepat
Produced by Nadira Babbar
Written by Atul Tiwari
Ravindra Peepat
Starring Juhi Babbar
Sonu Nigam
Music by Adesh Shrivastava
Cinematography Manmohan Singh
Editing by Akiv Ali
Release date(s) 14 February 2003
Country India
Language Hindi

Kash… Aap Hamare Hote (Translation: Wish... You Were Mine)is a 2003 Bollywood musical film .The film starred Juhi Babbar,and was directed by Ravindra Peepat.The original music is by Adesh Shrivastava.


Amrita (Juhi Babbar)is the adopted daughter of Yashwant Raj Mankotia (Om Puri). Amrita was actually the daughter of late Yashwant Raj's friend. Yashwant has a son, Randeep Raj Mankotia (Sharad S. Kapoor)who is in Canada. Yashwant plans to get Randeep and Amrita married. Randeep does not want to go to India to visit his father. To make Randeep come Yashwant pretends to have heart trouble. Randeep does not want to leave his business. He gets even more upset when he learns that he is going to marry Amrita. his father says if you don't accept the marriage all my property will go to Amrita. Randeep agrees to the marriage. After the marriage Randeep and Amrita travel to Canada. When Amrita Randeep go to Randeep's house Amrita meets Simone (Saadhika"), Randeep's business partner/spouse. Simone and Randeep humiliate Amrita and she runs away. Randeep gathers some men and order them to find Amrita and kill her. Amrita then hides in the garage of Jay Kumar (Sonu Nigam) who befriends her. Daljit (Dolly) Brar (Ravee Gupta) is the daughter of Jay's boss, and is jelous of the friendship between them so she fires Jay. Yashwant Raj misses Amrita so he goes to Canada to visit her. When Yashwant asks where Amrita is Randeep lies and says she has humiliated him by taking up alcohol. Yashwant doesn't realise that to get his daughter he has to kill a human being.

Juhi Babbar as Amrita. Daughter of Yashwant Raj's laate friend. Gets married to Randeep.

Sonu Nigam as Jay Kumar. He befriends


  • Juhi Babbar ... Amrita
  • Sonu Nigam ... Jay Kumar
  • Om Puri ... Yashwant Raj Mankotia
  • Sharad S. Kapoor... Randeep Raj Mankotia
  • Saadhika ... Simone
  • Raavee Gupta ... Daljit Brar (Dolly)
  • Raj Babbar ... Sardar Teja Singh Brar
  • Johnny Lever ... Native Indian Black face
  • Vivek Shaq... Jay's friend
  • Hanif Patni... Jay's friend
  • Riyaz Ahmed ... Jay's friend
  • Prashant Tate ... Jay's friend

Critical reception

Kash... Aap Hamare hote did not do well in the box office. Critics say, "The film starts off good but as the drama goes on, the story starts loosening its grip. Juhi Babbar's debut should have been a thriller."



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