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The Kashubian alphabet (Kaszëbsczi alfabét/Kaszëbsczé abecadło) is the script of the Kashubian language. It was created in 1879 by Florian Ceynowa and is partially based on the Polish alphabet. However, this alphabet was never adopted in the Kashubian region of Canada, because the Kashub immigrants arrived in the settlement of Wilno, Ontario 20 years before it was invented. Now Kashub Canadians can speak Kashubian and they have a dictionary of Julian Kulas - słowôrzk Kashub-English-Kashub. Kaszubsczi-Anielsczi-Kaszubsczi (2009). The Kashubian alphabet consists of 34 letters:

A, Ą, Ã, B, C, D, E, É, Ë, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, Ł, M, N, Ń, O, Ò, Ó, Ô, P, R, S, T, U, Ù, W, Y, Z, Ż



Upper case Lower case Kashubian name Pronunciation
A a [ɐ]
Ą ą "A with ogonek" [ɔ̃]
à ã a z blewiązką "A with tilde" [ã]

[ɛ̃] (Puck and northern Wejherowo county)

B b [b]
C c [ts]
D d [d]
E e [ɛ]
É é "E with acute" [e])

[ej] in some dialects

[i]/[ɨ] (area between Puck and Kartuzy)

Ë ë szwa "E with diaeresis" [ə]
F f [f]
G g [g]
H h [x]
I i [ɪ-i]
J j [j]
K k [k]
L l [l]
Ł ł "L with stroke" [w]
M m [m]
N n [n]
Ń ń "N with acute" [ɲ]
O o [ɔ]
Ò ò labializacja "O with grave" [wɛ] (cf. Spanish ue)
Ó ó "O with acute" [o]

[u] (southern dialects)

Ô ô o z dakã "O with circumflex" [ɞ]

[ɛ] (western dialects)

[ɔ] (Wejherowo county)

[o]/[u] (southern dialects)

P p [p]
R r [r]
S s [s]
T t [t]
U u [ʊ-u]
Ù ù "U with grave" [wu]
W w [v]
Y y [ɪ-i]
Z z [z]
Ż ż "Z with dot above" [ʒ]

Consonants Combination

Upper case Lower case Kashubian name Pronunciation
Ch ch [x]
Cz cz [tʃ]
Dz dz [dz]
Rz rz [ʒ]
Sz sz [ʃ]

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