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Kasper Drużbicki or Gaspar Druzbicki (b. at Sierady in Poland, 1589; entered the Society of Jesus, 20 August 1609; d. at Poznań, 2 April 1662) was a Polish Jesuit and ascetic writer.



After some years of teaching, he became master of novices, and subsequently rector of colleges of Kalisz, Ostrog, and Poznań. He was twice provincial and was in the seventh and tenth general congregations of the order.


Almost all his works are posthumous and have been drawn from his Opera Ascetica. Among them are a brief defense of the Society against a writer in the Cracow Academy (1632); books of meditations on the Life and Passion of Christ, some in Polish, some in Latin; "The Tribunal of Conscience", translated in Latin for the "Quarterly Series" edited by the English Jesuits (London, 1885); "Provisiones Secetutis" (Ingolstadt, 1732).

There are also

  • "Considerations for Every Sunday and Feast of the Year" (Kalisz, 1679);
  • "The Sacred Heart, the Goal of Hearts" (Angers, 1885), translated for the English "Messenger", probably by Father Dignam (1890);
  • "Exercises for Novices" (Prague, 1890);
  • "The Religious Vows" (Posen, 1690), translated into Spanish and found in the Library of Guadalajara, Mexico;
  • "Solid Jesuit Virtue", (Prague, 1696); "Lapis Lydius" (Mainz, 1875), translated into French by the Redemptorist Father Ratti (Paris, 1886) and into German by the Benedictine Gütrabber (Salzberg, 1740).

A complete list of Druzbicki's works occupies twelve columns in Sommervogel.


  • De Backer, Bibl. de la c. de J., I, 1659-64, III, 2149;
  • Sommervogel, Bibl. de la c. de J., III. 212

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