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Katherine DiMera
Lauren Koslow as Kate DiMera.
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Deborah Adair
Lauren Koslow
First appearance February 1993
Nickname(s) Kate
Gender Female
Occupation Socialite
  • Owner of Kate's Hearth & Home
  • Co-CEO of Mythic Communications
  • Executive for Basic Black
  • Waitress at the Hudson Street Diner
  • President of Titan Publishing
  • Editor-in-Chief of Bella magazine
  • Owner and Editor-in-Chief of The Salem Spectator
  • Prostitute
  • Waitress at the Road House Cafe
Title Mrs. DiMera
Residence DiMera Mansion, Salem

Katherine "Kate" Elizabeth DiMera (née Roberts previously Brown, Kiriakis, and Brady) is a fictional character on the soap opera Days of our Lives. Kate was portrayed by Deborah Adair from 1993 to 1995, and Lauren Koslow since January 25, 1996. Kate is known for being a primary villain.[1].




Before Salem

Before arriving in Salem, Kate was married to the abusive Curtis Brown.[1]. While married to Curtis, Kate had two children "Austin" and "Billie". Kate had an affair with Bill Horton and became pregnant by him.[1]. When Curtis found out about her affair and pregnancy, he beat her and took their children. He changed his name to Reed and told Kate the children were dead—in reality he had changed their names to Austin and Billie Reed.[1]. (The birth names of Kate's children have never been revealed.)

Needing to survive, and provide for her son Kate became Stefano DiMera's high-priced call girl. Stefano, in turn, took care of her and Lucas. Kate was eventually able to succeed on her own and became a powerful businesswoman, she is one of the few in Salem to have university education.

Arrival in Salem

Kate arrived in Salem with son Lucas Roberts in 1993, establishing a new and very successful life for herself and her son.[1]. She returned to Salem to set up and run Victor Kiriakis's new business Titan Publishing. Kate and Victor were married soon after. Soon, Kate discovered that the journal she had written while in therapy with Dr. Marlena Evans several decades ago had fallen into Jack Deveraux's hands. Jack submitted the journal to Titan Publishing where Kate took it and quickly locked it away. Still, her past came back to haunt her again when the presumed dead Curtis (her first husband) reappeared. He tried to blackmail her and then turned up dead—for real this time. Billie Reed, Curtis's daughter, was the prime suspect.

During Billie Reed's trial for murder, much came out about Curtis' links to Kate—their former marriage, and the fact that Billie and Austin were actually Kate's children. The fact that Curtis had been alive when Kate married Victor Kiriakis invalidated that union, and made Kate a target for Vivian Alamain who wanted Victor back.[1].

Vivian made certain that all of Salem knew that Lucas was Bill Horton's illegitimate son. Vivian had herself in vitro fertilized so that she, not Kate, would carry to term the baby Victor wanted. As if that wasn't enough, after Vivian drugged an airplane pilot's coffee, Kate's plane went down and she was presumed dead for about a year. During that time, Kate was actually on a fishing boat.[1].

After a year, Kate made a returned to Salem, arriving in time to see Victor and Vivian together in bed. Kate immediately became enmeshed in a love triangle and a power struggle at Titan with Vivian.[1]. When Vivian tried to get custody of the baby she had carried, her biological son, Philip Kiriakis, Victor suffered a stroke. He could no longer intervene between the two women. Victor's second stroke, and Vivian's arrest due to her being caught up in Stefano DiMera's schemes, put Kate in control. Eventually, she threw Vivian out.[1].

However, Kate's secrets weren't secure. Sami had uncovered blackmail material on Kate. Sami promised to stay silent for as long as Austin stayed with her. Kate was forced to help, while Sami kept her on a short leash, unable to do more than small favors for Austin and Carrie. Austin and Carrie married on the heels of the revelation that Will was really Lucas's son. Sami had been able to manipulate Kate by threatening to reveal that she was once a high-priced call girl and that she hired Franco Kelly to destroy Hope and Bo's relationship.

The truth finally came out about Franco, and, needless to say, created tension among many people in Salem. But there was still a secret Sami knew about Kate. And when Victor saw mysterious photos of his wife, he collapsed and was sent to a nursing home. Kate was furious with Sami and blamed her for Victor's condition. Loyal Kate visited Victor at the nursing home. Victor eventually recovered from his stroke and returned to Salem.

Kate then discovered that Franco was using Sami to get his green card, and threatened to expose him. Franco attempted to murder Kate, but Lucas shot and killed him on the day of his wedding to Sami. Sami walked in the Kiriakis living room, saw Franco dead on the floor, and fainted. Kate took the opportunity to exact personal justice on Sami and framed her for Franco's murder. Sami was sent to prison and ultimately ended up on death row. Throughout this time, Kate felt little sympathy for Sami. But Lucas, the real murderer, felt guilty. He didn't want Sami to be put to death for something she didn't do.

When Will's custody hearing was on the horizon, Kate paid Nicole Walker, an ex-porn star, five million dollars to marry Lucas. Nicole agreed and Lucas won custody of his son over Austin and Carrie. However, when it was time for Sami to be put to death, Kate convinced a dying Roberto to confess to shooting Franco, in exchange for her taking care of his family back in Italy, but not before Lucas confessed to the murder. After his confession Sami began to realize that Kate had framed her and sought the information she needed to prove it.

When the recently aged 25-year-old Nicolas Alamain came to town, he set his sights on Kate, at the request of his Aunt Vivian. Manipulation aside, he fell madly in love with her. When Victor came back to Titan and the mansion, he was hostile to his loyal fiance, pushing her into Nicholas's arms. The two had a torrid affair, but she was devoted to Victor. As a result, Nicholas left town, heartbroken.

After Victor found out about Nicholas and Kate's relationship, he was even more distant and reneged on his marriage proposal and insisted on separate bedrooms. Kate vowed to win back Victor's love. After Victor discovered a letter in which Nicholas mentioned that Kate wouldn't betray his love, he was somewhat forgiving. Unfortunately for Kate, Nicole set her sights on Victor's money.

Upon Victor and Kate returning from their trip to Italy, Nicole finally managed to seduce him. Later that same night he finally made love to Kate.

In order to get Victor's territory and Kate (with whom he had fallen in love with), Vincent tries to convince her to let him kill Victor. Kate reluctantly agrees after Victor tells her he would not marry her or support her in getting the tape so she and especially Lucas could escape a prison sentence. Kate then entered into a affair and sexual relationship with Italian Mob Boss Vincent Moroni, who at the time, had the tape of Kate telling Roberto to confess to the murder of Franco Kelly. During the affair, she tried to convince him to kill Victor. At one point, when Kate and Vincent were having sex, thanks to Sami, a teenaged Philip walked in on them. Right up to the moment victor is shot, Kate begs Victor to support her, so she wouldn't be forced to have him killed.

At the coronation of Princess Greta Von Amberg, Kate tried to stop the massacre that she had helped put in motion, but failed when she was drugged and wacked. Much to her horror and delight, Victor was shot and presumably killed. This meant Titan was now hers. Unfortunately, Angela Moroni was also killed and, per her dying wish, her father gave Roberto's confession tape to Sami. Using this tape, Sami regained custody of Will.

Kate returned to Salem the queen of Titan, but that did not last long. Victor returned, at first haunting her as a ghost, after Nicole drugged her. While drugged and not in the right state of mind, Kate attempted to kill Victor with a fire poker, then set her beloved mansion on fire. After Victor and Kate's mansion was burned, he came out of hiding and kicked Kate out of Titan and his life. Lucas was severely burned in the fire and was sent out of state for care, while Kate was forced to get a job at a diner and used Philip to get money out of his father so she could get back on her feet. Eventually, this ultimate survivor did get back on her feet and got a job at Titan's competition, John Black's new company Basic Black.

Not long after Kate started working there, Lucas came out of his coma and returned to Salem. His return helped soften the blow she felt after Austin's aborted wedding to Sami, when he felt compelled to leave Salem for good. Kate was glad Austin hadn't married Sami, but her problems were far from over. Nicole was determined to make Kate's life a living hell, stealing clients out from under her and ultimately getting a promise from Victor that both Kate and Sami would be destroyed. Ultimately, Kate was forced to team up with another enemy, Sami, to try to bring Nicole down. Then, Billie returned to Salem. Kate had mixed feelings about her daughter's return. First, Billie was working in the dangerous occupation of law enforcement and second, Kate feared Billie had returned to try to get Bo back. Billie convinced her mother otherwise.

Kate's life took a surprising turn when she began a relationship with Roman Brady. He certainly didn't seem her type, but he seemed to be exactly what Kate needed, even if Sami wasn't too happy about it. Their relationship took many turns as they grew closer and farther apart.

In a controversial scene, and early in the relationship with Roman, Andre DiMera, who was believed to be Tony at the time, took Kate out for an afternoon. They are seen rolling down the window and adjusting their clothes, to suggest they had sex. They are shown to do a sexy dance at the Penthouse Grill a few days later.

It was also during this time that Kate and Roman discovered that they were the parents of Rex and Cassie, the gemini twins that arrived in Salem a year earlier. Stefano's henchman, Dr. Rolf, had harvested Kate's eggs and Roman's sperm, creating the twins. Kate was afraid to tell Roman about her past; she didn't come out with it until she had been arrested as the Salem Stalker, ironically, for murdering her daughter, Cassie. She had to tell him what her argument with Abe had been about; to her surprise, he forgave her. Once she had been cleared of all charges, they started planning their wedding. They exchanged vows on New Year's Eve, only to have Roman struck by the Salem Stalker that very night.

Kate was understandably devastated by Roman's murder. She barely managed to hold herself together and was horrified when the identity of the Stalker was revealed. Marlena was responsible for Roman's murder and she said she had done it all out of love for him. Little did any of them know at the time that all the murder victims—and Marlena—were alive and living on an exact replica of Salem on a tropical island.

After Roman had been dead a few months, Kate began to toy with the idea of finding a new love. She and John Black were both lonely and convinced themselves and each other that their loved ones would want them to move on, with each other. They shared some passionate kisses and were ready to make love with Bo burst in on them with the news that Roman and Marlena were alive.

At first, Kate refused to believe this news. She agreed to have Roman's coffin exhumed. Everyone was shocked to discover both it and Abe's coffin empty. Then Celeste put in her two cents; she thought all the "dead" Salemites were still alive.

The only thing distracting Kate from this turn of events was Lucas's engagement to Sami. Kate was determined to do anything in her power to stop that wedding from taking place; she even brought Brandon Walker back to town to try to destroy Lucas and Sami's relationship. After a daring rescue, many of the "dead" Salemites returned to town. Unfortunately, her beloved Roman and her daughter Cassie were not among them. On the bright side, her daughter Billie had been discovered on the island and came to town, as well. Kate was eager for Billie to renew a relationship with Bo and pushed them subtly together. She continued to fight Sami and Lucas and, with the help of Eugenia, eventually succeeded. Thanks to Kate, Lucas found Sami and Brandon in bed together on the morning of the wedding. The wedding was off and Lucas hardly suspected a thing, although Sami did.

Another feather in Kate's cap was the wedding of Philip and Belle. She believed these two belonged together and did everything in her power to make it happen. When Philip shipped out with his Marine unit the day after the wedding, Kate soon discovered that Belle still had feelings for Shawn. She accused Belle of trying to kill Philip. When he was taken hostage, she was even angrier with Belle.

Meanwhile, Kate was also helping John over his addiction to painkillers. As she did, the two of them grew closer, making the assumption that Roman and Marlena were really dead this time. Little did they know, their loved ones were still being held hostage and were also growing closer. Both couples had sex. As Roman and Marlena finally headed back to Salem, John proposed to Kate and she accepted! After the acceptance, Roman and Marlena arrived at the Salem airport. Marlena was reunited with John and Roman told Kate the great news that both he and their daughter Cassie were both still alive.

The truth about Marlena and Roman's affair came out when John and Marlena and Roman and Kate were trying to renew their vows. Marlena fainted at the ceremony, and Roman announced she was pregnant. At first, John thought the baby was his. Later that night, everyone learned the truth. When Marlena was trying to stop a fight between the two men, she took a tumble down the stairs at her penthouse and lost the baby. When she learned that truth, she developed amnesia. Roman divorced Kate after hearing a tape in which she drugged and made it look like Sami had slept with Brandon, and Kate realized the two were a mismatched couple from the beginning.

As is her nature, Kate turned her attention to trying to make the lives of her children perfect. One of her most important goals was to, once again, keep Lucas from marrying Sami. This time, with a little help from Nicole and Andre DiMera (posing as Tony), she learned that Sami had been "Stan." In a dramatic move, she exposed this truth at the wedding. Unfortunately, Austin arrived at the wedding and tried to help Sami, much to Kate's chagrin.

Meanwhile, Kate also had two grandchildren to protect. She had to ensure that the truth about her son Philip's daughter Claire never came out (that Shawn was really her father) and she had to make sure Chelsea didn't go to jail for killing Zack Brady. She bribed Officer Eve Michaels for the videotaped evidence against Chelsea. Unfortunately, she never got the tape and when Eve was murdered, Kate became a suspect in yet another crime.

After Carrie chose Lucas, Austin decided to marry with Sami. Kate did everything in her power to keep those two apart, including trying to get Salem newcomer EJ Wells to seduce Sami. Kate was amazed (but delighted) when Sami did the leaving and refused to marry Austin.

After a summer of flirtation, Kate and the much-younger EJ became lovers. During the fall, they created the company Mythic Communications. While she believed she hired EJ to seduce Sami away from Lucas, EJ was actually the son of Stefano DiMera, and had been given the same orders for reasons yet unknown. During Sami and EJ's brief courtship, Sami discovered Kate and EJ were having sex when EJ left Kate's monogrammed bra on his couch. Lucas and Sami were not pleased with the news, a feeling echoed by Kate's former lover and fiancee John Black, who happened to get a sex video of them while doing surveillance. Many Salem residents, including Kate's friends John and Marlena, warned Kate to stay away from and break off the sexual relationship with the mysterious EJ Wells. As Christmas rolled around, it turned out that had EJ embezzled money from the company, thus, Lucas turned him in to the SEC. Upon EJ's return to Salem, he insisted he was not behind the many months of gloved hand crimes, pleading with Kate to continue to be his business partner and lover. She remained suspicious and angry, and appeared to have broken off the relationship once it turned out Sami was potentially pregnant with EJ's baby. Months went by and Kate had no access to her bank accounts or money, thanks to EJ's embezzlement. In order to get back at Kate and EJ - Sami's most recent enemies - Sami ruined Mythic Communications 'come back' press conference by replacing a promotional PR video with the sex tape John had accidentally taken of them from a few months back.

In a desperate move to keep her business afloat, Kate returned to her former pimp and EJ's father, Stefano DiMera for help. Though Stefano had been having health problems, and was even in a wheel chair, Kate seduced him in an unwritten exchange for money.

A few months later, Sami gave birth to twins - one Lucas's and one EJ's. Kate becomes more forgiving of Sami, especially after finding out that EJ coerced Sami into having sex to save her son's life while on the run for trying to kill Kate's ex-fiance John.

On the day of EJ's wedding, Kate tries to kill EJ on his forced wedding to Sami, which was happening to stop the Brady/DiMera feud. Lucas goes to Jail for actually shooting EJ, and Kate focuses a lot of attention on her granddaughter Chelsea. Kate and the real tony have a past together. Billie leaves for London.

Kate then entered into a business partnership with Tony DiMera, allowing him to market her new company, Kate's Harth and Home. She also had been diagnosed with omental torsion, and had an operation to correct it. Prior to her diagnosis, it was revealed that she and Daniel Jonas had had a brief sexual affair, before he became involved with her much-younger granddaughter, Chelsea. The two reconciled briefly, before Kate broke off the relationship. Now that she is in remission, Kate is ready to get revenge on her former love, Daniel and daughter in law, Chloe for betraying her son, Lucas Horton with their affair. Kate put poison on Chloe's food numerous times in order to kill her and eventually put Chloe into a coma and framed Daniel for the crime. Kate's feelings for Daniel remained conflicted - though she appeared to hate him for what he did to Lucas, she was evidently driven by her own frustrations and attraction to him, leading to a number of romantic fantasies by Kate.

Daniel was determined to prove Kate was the one who tried to kill Chloe. Although many people believed Daniel, there was too much evidence against him (Placed by Kate). Eventually Chloe woke up from her coma when Daniel convinced Melanie Layton and Nathan Horton to put a drug into Chloe's intravenous. When she woke up she confirmed that she and Daniel were in love and he would never hurt her. Daniel manipulated Kate in a hotel room into thinking he still wanted her, thus, getting a confession out of Kate in which she stated she took Chloe from him. Daniel revealed he had a pen shaped recorder, and that she would be going to prison for what she had done. In a quick-thinking and crazy move, Kate hit Daniel over the head with a rock, knocking him out. She destroyed the tape recorder, and gagged and tied Daniel to the bed, injecting him with a drug.

Now that Chloe has woken from her coma, Kate became a suspect in the poisoning. In desperation, she went to her former pimp, Stefano DiMera for help. He agreed to help her and clean up the mess she had made with Daniel and Chloe —if she married him. In a shocking move that turned away both her sons, Stefano successfully blackmailed Kate into marrying him at the end of September 2009. EJ warned Kate that if she tried to hurt Stefano, he would have to answer to her. Further, it was also noted in her marriage contract to Stefano that if anything should happen to him, Kate would take over the DiMera business and empire, not EJ.

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