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Kathleen Hall Jamieson (born 1946) is an American Professor of Communication and the director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. The Annenberg Public Policy Center runs FactCheck, a nonprofit devoted to examining the factual accuracy of US political campaign advertisements.

The author of over 90 academic articles and 15 books, Jamieson is considered one of the country's leading experts on political advertising and campaigns. She has been frequently interviewed on National Public Radio's Morning Edition and Weekend Edition Sunday.


  • Echo Chamber: Rush Limbaugh and the Conservative Media Establishment, coauthored with Joseph Cappella, (Oxford University Press, 2008)
  • unSpun: Finding Facts in a World of Disinformation (Random House, 2007)
  • Capturing Campaign Dynamics 2000 & 2004: The National Annenberg Election Survey (University of Pennsylvania, 2006)
  • The 2000 Presidential Election and the Foundations Of Party Politics (Cambridge, 2004)
  • Capturing Campaign Dynamics: The National Annenberg Election Survey: Design, Method and Data (Oxford, 2003)
  • The Press Effect: Politicians, Journalists and the Stories that Shape the Political World (Oxford, 2003)
  • Everything You Think You Know About Politics...and Why You're Wrong (Basic Books, 2000)
  • Spiral of Cynicism: Press and Public Good (Oxford, 1997)
  • Beyond the Double Bind: Women and Leadership (Oxford, 1995)
  • Dirty Politics: Deception, Distraction and Democracy (Oxford, 1992)
  • Deeds Done in Words: Presidential Rhetoric and The Genres of Governance (University of Chicago, 1990)
  • Eloquence in an Electronic Age (Oxford, 1988)
  • Presidential Debates: The Challenge of Creating an Informed Electorate (Oxford, 1988)
  • Packaging the Presidency (Oxford, 1984)
  • The Interplay of Influence: Media and Their Publics in News, Advertising and Politics (Wadsworth, 1983)
  • Debating Crime Control (Marquette Publishing, 1967)

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