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Katie Nisa
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Katie Nisa is an actress, playwright, activist, poet, screenwriter, dancer and performance artist from Woodstock, New York. Best known for her work as writer and co-star of the indie movie Threat, Nisa also co-founded Kings Mob Productions with filmmaking partner Matt Pizzolo and is a member of ACME Comedy Theatre's Yankee Company (improv) and Charlie Company (sketch comedy). She has performed in numerous films, tv shows, and plays including Showtime's Weeds and Patrick Marber's Closer.

As artist and activist, Nisa devotes herself to projects that empower young women. During an interview about Threat for Gothic Beauty Magazine, Nisa outlined the activist elements that inspired her:

"I think this film really touches on this under-current that is bubbling within American culture," says co-writer Nisa, who also plays a feisty young lady named Kat who goes on a violent rampage after one-too-many acts of male chauvinism is directed at her. "Coming from a subcultural context it’s also true. I just think it’s always there for me when I walk to the car, no matter what city I’m in, there’s always that undercurrent of the possibility of violence. That is my everyday life and that is something that, as a girl growing up in this culture, I have been trained to accept. And I think making this movie was kind of exploring that blind acceptance that we all have of misogyny, sexism, the racist current going through our culture, and the general class intolerance also." [1]

Far from being an armchair revolutionary, Nisa feels a commitment to "assail the status quo."[2] In the same interview from Gothic Beauty, she addresses shocking her audiences:

"If you think about even my character when she is just fed up with what this world has been giving her and she lashes out against men harassing her in the street," says Nisa, "it’s like once people get a taste of it, they keep pushing it and pushing it until it gets to such an extreme that watching it should hopefully be disturbing. I think it’s interesting when people see a little girl fighting back. At first they’re like, 'Yeah!' and then as she keeps going they’re like, 'Oh! Wait a minute. Two seconds ago I was really cheering for this little girl and now I’m kind of freaked out.' How far is too far? What are we so desensitized to?" [3]

This multi-talented woman also bears the moniker of DJ Crafty, for her creative mixes at a well known Hollywood hang out.

Nisa most recently joined the cast of the "illustrated film" Godkiller alongside Lance Henriksen, Danielle Harris, Bill Moseley, AFI's Davey Havok, and Battlestar Galactica's Nicki Clyne. [1]

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