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Kazimierz Lux
1780 - 1846
Type: Officer, Pirate
Place of birth: Warsaw, Poland
Place of death: Warsaw, Poland
Allegiance: Duchy of Warsaw, Congress Poland
Years active: 1795-1805, 1820-1846
Rank: Captain
Base of Operations: Atlantic

Kazimierz Lux (1780–1846) was an officer of the Polish Legions and a pirate in the Caribbean Sea during the early 19th century.

Lux was born in Warsaw. Upon reaching the age of 15, he joined the Dąbrowski's Legions and fought during the Italian campaign. In 1803 on Napoleaon's order, his semibrigade, commanded by general Charles Leclerc, was sent to San Domingo to restore French rule over the island which rebelled in 1801.

After pacifying the rebellion, Lux started a career of piracy - shooting and boarding an American brig was one of his more spectacular successes; the vessel was later sold for 20 000 francs in Havana.

After returning to Europe, Lux served in the army of rhe Duchy of Warsaw. He took part in the Russian campaign; he served as an officer in the army of Congress Poland.

Lux died in Warsaw.



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