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Kefka Palazzo
FF6 Kefkaart.png
Final Fantasy VI artwork of Kefka by Yoshitaka Amano
Series Final Fantasy
First game Final Fantasy VI
Designed by Yoshitaka Amano
Voiced by Shigeru Chiba
Dave Wittenberg

Kefka Palazzo (ケフカ·パラッツォ Kefuka Parattso ?, Cefca Palazzo in Japanese materials)[1] is a character in the Final Fantasy series of video games. Designed by Yoshitaka Amano, he is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VI and later appears in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, redesigned by Tetsuya Nomura, as one of the game's villains. He is voiced in Dissidia by Shigeru Chiba in the Japanese release, and by Dave Wittenberg in the English Release.


Conception and design

Kefka's appearance was designed by Yoshitaka Amano. Initially the development team had only the character's artwork and an outline of his role in the game to work with. However, writer Yoshinori Kitase felt that one early scene with the character was "boring", and Kitase ad-libbed dialogue into the scene with one of his accompanying soldier's dusting off his boots, intended to suggest that "may be a screw or two missing from this character’s head". Kitase in an interview cited this as a key element in the character's development, setting the groundwork for the character's personality.[2]

In Dissidia, Kefka's nihilistic ideology is built up in a new light during Kefka's deathscene where Terra believed that he was really a man who found no meaning of life other than utter destruction.[3]


Final Fantasy VI

Before the start of the game, Kefka serves as Emperor Gestahl's Court Mage and was the first "volunteer" for an experimental Magitek infusion, under the supervision of Cid. The process was still flawed, and although Kefka gained the ability to wield magic, it warped his mind and made him into the nihilistic psychopath he is during the course of the game.[4] Kefka forces a Slave Crown upon Terra and uses her to lead an attack on Narshe to claim the frozen Esper there. When she escapes Imperial control, he pursues Terra to the kingdom of Figaro, setting the castle ablaze as she, Locke and King Edgar flee.

During a siege on the kingdom of Doma, Kefka grows impatient with General Leo and poisons Doma's drinking water, resulting in mass casualties and a swift victory for the Empire. Citing the poisoning of Doma, Gestahl eventually has Kefka imprisoned, but a plot twist later reveals this to be a ploy to gain the Returners' trust. Kefka later goes to Thamasa to kill the Espers congregated there.[5] When General Leo tries to intervene, Kefka kills him. Using the power of the Espers, Kefka helps Gestahl raise the Floating Continent holding the Warring Triad, statues that were once the three gods of magic. When the party confront Kefka and Gestahl on the continent, Gestahl freezes them (except Celes), ordering her to kill her friends to show her loyalty to the Empire, but she in turn stabs Kefka instead. Enraged, Kefka knocks her aside and orders the statues to strike down Gestahl, unceremoniously booting him off the Floating Continent to his death. He then moves the Statues from their delicate balance, unleashing enough raw magical energy to reshape the face of the planet and bringing about the second act of the game.[6] Imbued with the power of the statues, Kefka becomes the god of the ruined world he created, using the statues to forge a massive tower of random debris to serve as his headquarters. Kefka smites the millions who refuse to worship him with his "Light of Judgment", a beam of incinerating light capable of cutting fissures into the planet's surface.

At the game's conclusion, confronted by the protagonists, Kefka finally reveals his nihilistic motivations, explaining that all life is meaningless, and that the lives of mortal humans are purposeless. Thus, he proclaims that his new goal is to eradicate everything.[7] The party reject his claims, citing examples of meaning in their personal lives, causing Kefka to go berserk.[8] He turns his Light of Judgment on the World of Ruin one last time as the party attacks him, and reveals himself as a tower of flesh and effigies of himself the top of which is Kefka impaled whilst sitting in a throne who then assumes a robed "god"-form with six wings. He is ultimately dispatched, the world shifts back as it once was, and the power of magic vanishes.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Kefka in Dissidia, artwork by Tetsuya Nomura

Kefka is the villain representing Final Fantasy VI in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, reflecting his mannerisms from the game. During Destiny Odyssey, Kefka allies himself with the Cloud of Darkness to bring Terra to their side because of her Esper powers, hoping to use the girl for his own scheme to destroy everything. However, when Terra refuses to aid him and learned to control her powers, Kefka attempts to kill her and ends up being defeated with Terra gaining her crystal. During Shade Impulse, after mocking the heroes as they almost faded, Kefka breaks his ties to the other villians and starts his own scheme to become the ruler of the ruined world before being ultimately dispatched for good.

He also makes a cameo appearance in Itadaki Street Portable.


In 2006, Kefka was made into a toy in the Final Fantasy Master Creatures line. The figure is 6" tall from the bottom of the base, representing his final form from the game's conclusion.

Critical reception

G4's Filter named Kefka one of the top ten villains of all time as selected by viewers, placing number eight on the list.[9] In a "Reader's Choice" edition of GameSpot's "Top Ten Video Game Villains", Kefka placed first, stating "Kefka topped many of your lists, as the villain who gave Sephiroth a run for his money in the status department. You love and hate Kefka, but you surely think he's about as vile and evil as evil gets."[10] In a similar article the boss battle against Kefka was voted by readers as one of the ten best in video games; GameSpot's staff noted "Kefka is one of the two bosses that won through the write-in ballot, meaning he wasn't on our main list of nominees. That means he's a serious favorite."[11] GameDaily listed Kefka as one of the top 25 craziest video game villains of all time, citing his cackle and egotism amongst other things for his insanity.[12]

Nintendo Power named Kefka the best villain to appear on Nintendo consoles in 1994, ranking higher than Donkey Kong Country's King K. Rool and Marvel Comics' Carnage.[13] named him third in their "Top 25 Japanese RPG Characters" article, stating "Insane, nihilistic, and cruel, Kefka isn't a reserved mystery like other Final Fantasy villains - rather, he's in-your-face at all times, doing dirty deeds just to say he did them." He also was ranked 3rd place in the "Our Favorite Villans," section of their "250 Reasons to Love Nintendo," article. He was described as "An insane, remorseless clown with godlike powers who wants to destroy everyone and everything (and comes frighteningly close to achieving his goal), Kefka is downright evil." [14] IGN ranked him sixth on their list of the "Top 25" Final Fantasy characters of all time, noting that several factors, such as his dialogue and appearance, contributed to his memorability as a character;[15] in a "Reader's Choice" edition of the article he placed eighth, with similar comments.[16] GamePro ranked him 33rd on the top 47 most diabolical video game villains of all time, citing both his "genocide" and his enslavement of Terra.[17] GamesRadar ranked him the most "outrageous camp bad guys", stating that when compared to Kefka, Final Fantasy VII antagonist Sephiroth seems as interesting as a dead accountant painted brown. They also compared him to Batman antagonist The Joker, praising him for both his villainous ambition and his laugh.[18]

Konami video game developer Tomm Hulett described Kefka as a pure villain, stating "Unlike most Japanese stories, Kefka did not have shades of gray. He didn't have a tragic past that turned him into a sadistic clown that you felt sorry for him over. He didn't have some greater purpose that he lost sight of. Yet, at the same time, he wasn't "evil for evil's sake." There was something twisted and nasty inside him that MADE him that way... and you could feel it... but you also knew there wasn't any good in there."[19] In a review of Final Fantasy VI Advance, IGN stated "it's the game's maniacal nihilist Kefka that really stands out. The most evil and destructive villain in the entire Final Fantasy franchise, Kefka's brutality and ruthlessness is unmatched and he has to be seen to be believed."[20] CNet in their own review described him as "the unrivaled star of the show...he's the kind of villain that you will love to hate", comparing him to Jack Nicholson's portrayal of The Joker and calling his laugh one of the greatest sound effects in any video game.[21]

An editor on Gamespy declared that Kefka, quite possibly, is the greatest video game villain of all time.[22]

In Game Informer's Building the Ultimate RPG article of one issue, they picked Kefka over Sephiroth as the primary antagonist.


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Final Fantasy VI is a videogame made by Squaresoft. The following are taken from the original English translation by Ted Woolsey and from the GBA release.


Terra Branford

  • It's not the net worth of one's life that's important. It is the day to day concerns, the personal victories, and the celebration of life... and love!
  • (to Sabin after learning he is Edgar's brother): When I first saw you I thought you were another of Vargas' bears
  • I haven't the foggiest!
  • Thank you Locke! Thank you Edgar! [the men start swooning, hiding behind the menu] Stop swooning!
  • Ewwww! Something's stuck to my leg!
  • But... I want to know what love is, now!
  • Come with me. I'll lead you out with my last ounce of strength.
  • People seem to only want power. Do they truly want to be like me?
  • ...Father?
  • ...It's strange, isn't it? The Empire used me, controlled my very thoughts...and now here I am, cooperating with the same people.
  • If a human and an esper can love one another... Do you think a human and I could love each other?

Locke Cole

  • ... ...!? This better not have anything to do with that Magitek-riding, Imperial witch!!!
    • to Arvis, when asked to help a mysterious girl
  • I won't leave you until your memory returns!! By the way, this secret entrance might be useful some day. Don't forget about it!
    • to Terra in a mine shaft, after she admits she cannot remember anything
  • I PREFER the term treasure hunting!
    • When he is asked about his stealing of things.
  • I think that guy is missing a few buttons...
    • about Kefka
  • Terra...wait for me. I'll be back. And please, don't let a lecherous young king, who shall remain nameless, near you!
  • Hey! Call me a treasure hunter, or I'll rip your lungs out!
  • It's a little tight, but the price was right.
    • after stealing a merchant's clothes
  • They're a little large, but he didn't charge!
    • after stealing a soldier's clothes
  • Gotta get to Narshe on the fly!
  • Bloody Kefka, we are your worst enemy!
    • during the battle for the Esper
    • to Celes in the dressing room
  • Were you always that pretty?
    • to Celes in the dressing room
  • That ribbon suits you well.
    • to Celes in the dressing room
  • Not a word of this to anyone, O Shrouded One...
    • to Shadow, after getting seasick
  • I think I'm gonna...
    • while seasick
  • Hey, squidball! Don't you ever learn?
    • To Ultros
  • Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment with Kefka!
  • I'll never let go. I promise.
    • to Celes in the ending, saving her from falling
  • You almost ate it trying to get that silly trinket!
    • to Celes in the ending, referring to his bandana
  • The rest of you wait here. I smell a rat...
    • on Emperor Gestahl's proposal
  • Even if it was only a little, I doubted you. But we can still be friends...
    • to Celes in Albrook

Edgar Roni Figaro

  • First of all, your beauty has captivated me! Second... I'm dying to know if I'm your type... I guess your ...abilities... would be a distant third.
    • explaining to Terra why he is helping her
  • Guess my technique's a bit rusty...
    • to himself when Terra does not immediately fall for him
  • You see, there are more girls here than grains of sand out there. I can't keep track of 'em all!
    • when asked if harboring a runaway girl from the Empire
  • He'd kill even his own best friend for the right price!
    • To party regarding Shadow in a cafe
  • How old are you? (Relm answers "10") Here's hoping you'll be around in eight years
  • Look, don't you have a family? Just shut up and take it.
    • speaking to a Figaro Castle merchant who refuses to take money from the King
  • If something were to happen to me, all the world's women would grieve!
    • When spoken to on the airship in the World of Ruin
  • If it's heads, you win..... We'll choose whatever path we want, without any regrets....
    • to Sabin before flipping a two-headed coin to determine the successor of Figaro
  • Yeah. I got to know the gal who brought us tea. After a while she just blurted out the whole plan!
  • Watch your mouth! There's ladies present! I was a perfect gentleman!

Sabin Rene Figaro

  • Think a "bear" like me could help you out in your quest?
  • ...That's General Leo.. He could be my friend if he weren't my enemy.
  • I'm getting sick of this! Thou art such a pain in the...! Confound it all! I'm starting to talk like you!
  • Kid's got quite a lip!
  • No. Mr. Thou is THAT one. Over THERE!
    • Talking to Gau and refering to Cyan
  • Uh... Why's everyone singing?
    • at the Opera House
  • Big brother, I didn't abandon the kingdom. Now I know why I have these stupid muscles!
  • You think a minor thing like the end of the world was gonna do me in?
  • So, you finally hit pay dirt, eh?
  • Can we really trust the Empire? I have an awful feeling about this...
    • after the Imperial banquet
  • Gau, how many times do I have to tell you, stop eating with your fingers?

Celes Chere

  • You're awfully short for a soldier.
    • to Locke when he comes to rescue her disguised as a soldier; a reference to the first (Episode IV) Star Wars film
  • I'm a former GENERAL, not some opera floozy!
  • Oh my hero, my beloved, shall we still be made to part, though promises of perennial love yet sing here in my heart? I'm the darkness, you're the starlight, shining brightly from afar... Through hours of despair I offer this prayer to you, my evening star. Must my final vows exchanged be with him and not with you? Were you only here to quiet my fear... O speak! Guide me anew. I'm thankful, my beloved, for your tenderness and grace. I see in your eyes, so gentle and wise, all doubts and fears erased. Though the hours take no notice of what fate might have in store, Our love, come what may, will never age a day, I'll wait forevermore!
    • singing Aria di Mezzo Carattere at the Opera House (from the Final Fantasy VI Advance game script)
  • Even Locke is gone...
    • Before her attempted suicide
  • Power only breeds war... I wish I'd never been born.
  • Oh that's really smart Kefka. Disturb their delicate balance and they'll go haywire!
  • I feel I have a lot to live for.
  • You want to live in this world the way it is? No? Then do something about it!
  • I’ve never met anyone else who’d flirt with a “lady” he was trying to shake off his tail…


  • Leave us. The dog eats strangers...
  • The reaper is always one step behind me...
  • I'm working for the Empire, but don't worry, I'm not going to garrote you!
  • I can't help you. You must look within for answers.
  • In this world are many like me who've killed their emotions. Don't forget that.
  • My allegience is to the Empire. I have no right to fight with you.
  • Interceptor!!!!!
  • Baram! I'm going to stop running. I'm going to begin all over again...

Setzer Gabbiani

  • My life is a chip in your pile. Ante up!
    • upon agreeing to follow the group
  • A two-headed coin..? How low can you get? I love it!
  • I can't be attached to anything... otherwise I couldn't be a gambler.
  • Why not? Nothing to lose but my life... and I got that for free!
  • Daryl, I'm starting to sound like you.
  • Nonsense! I'll win the Falcon from you when I beat you in a race around the world!
  • We're gonna get us another one.... another airship, that is!
  • Urgh! For the time being, I don't own the skies!
  • I'm just a gambler... I just want to be left alone... This world is too chaotic for me. What's worse, I've lost my wings...
    • During the World of Ruin, long after the Blackjack is demolished

Cyan Garamonde

  • Thou art so... odd.
  • I HATE Machines!
  • Thou (repeated quote)
  • Elaine! Owain!
  • We can't have ye two prancing 'round all day!
  • You licentious howler!
  • You just have to show technology who's boss!
  • Dear Lola, I am writing to beg for your forgiveness. I am guilty of perpetuating a terrible lie. I have only now realized the error of my ways. I hope I can correct a great wrong. Your boyfriend, who you thought was in Mobliz, passed away some time ago. I have been writing in his stead. We humans tend to allow the past to destroy our lives. I implore you not to let this happen. It is time to look forward, to rediscover love, and embrace the beauty of life. You have so much life left to live.... Cyan
    • letter to Lola in the World of Ruin
  • The world before the fall, Lovely is the light of dawn, Noble is the heart of man...
  • I encountered Sir Gau in Maranda. He said he “Get Strong, Smash Kefka”
  • I will no longer live in the past. We must all look toward the future now.
  • These are…they’re…um sort of a…minor diversion of mine…
  • Oh! Must thou embarrass me so?
  • …Dost thou truly think so?
  • Thou art…alive!?
  • I shall go with thee! We must not abandon this world to Kefka!
  • But…however did thou find me? W-wait! T-tell me thou did not read my letters…!
  • What an intriguing apparatus!
  • I love thee…I love thee more than anything


  • Mr. Thou! Mr. Thou!
    • finding Cyan's speech amusing
  • You... angry... me?
    • after Cyan turns away because of Gau's over-questioning
  • Uwaoooo~!
  • I'm Gau! I your friend...FRIEND! I join you again!
    • whenever he rejoins the party after performing his <Leap> skill, despite the fact that the party knows who he is
  • Gau find short cut
    • During the ending sequence
  • Pretty Song!
    • in the Opera House
  • ...ooh...Gau...high place...not good...don't like...
  • Smells like parents' house here. Why so familiar?
    • after the Imperial Banquet
  • Shiny, shiny! Gau like!
  • Fa-ther alive…Gau H-appy


  • This should be fun. When do we leave?
  • I am GOGO, master of the simulacrum... My miming skills will astonish you.
  • ...


  • Kupo!
  • Kupoppo!
  • Kupopupo!
  • Kupo...po!
  • An old dude named Ramuh taught me your language, kupo! He kept showing up in my dreams and telling me to help you, kupo! So... I'm gonna help you, kupo!
  • The hair! Watch the hair! I'm not a stuffed animal, kupo!
    • To Edgar when he is rescued by a crane.
  • Thankupo!
  • Kupohoho!
  • I'm your boss, kupo! You're gonna join us, kupo!
    • To Umaro
  • Help me! Kupo!!!
    • To Edgar during the ending sequence when he is about to fall into a pit.

Relm Arrowny

  • What a cute doggy!
  • Fuddy duddy.
  • Waaaaaaahhhh! I'm gonna paint your portrait!
  • Say, sweetie, would you pose for a portrait?
  • Who is this puffed up aerobics instructor, anyway?
    • about Sabin
  • You! You old fool! You're still standing?!
  • Grandpa! Who are these people? Can they use magic, too?
  • And what a terrible actor you are!
    • to Gungho
  • It's too hot out here, grandpa!
    • during a silence between Locke and Celes in Thamasa

Strago Magus

  • Whatcha want with me? Espers? Espers, hmm.. haven't heard that word in a long while...
  • Flames, BEGONE!
  • I have a special little granddaughter!
  • All of you have that sparkle in your eyes…Well, this old man’s not giving up, either!
  • So full of energy! I must be the only one getting old…
  • So there I was , creeping through those caves that seemed to go on forever…I finally reached the deepest, darkest cavern and there he is, right in front of me. I stared the ugly brute straight in the eye, raised my staff, and let him have it. Bam! Thwack! Pow! Right in the kisser! Oh, I wish you could’ve been there to see me…
  • So I guess our town's little secret is out now...
  • All right, make some room for me.
  • NOT...A...THING

Kefka Palazzo

  • Phooey! Stupid Emperor Gesthal's orders! Edgar, you pinhead! Why do you have to live in the middle of a stinking desert?!? These recon jobs are the pits! ...AHEM! There's SAND on my boots!
  • Oh, Edgar... You know you only stand to lose from trying to hide her from us! Hee-hee-hee... I truly hope nothing happens to your precious Figaro!
  • Fire! Fire! Heh-heh-heh!
  • Oh? Then...enjoy the barbecue! Hee-hee-hee!
  • Son of a Submariner! You'll pay for this!
  • Once Leo's gone, I can turn this water into a flowing river of posion! Anyone who touches it'll be pushing up daisies! Hee-hee...
  • (About the prisoners of the castle his men are to posioned) Who cares? They're the ones who were stupid enough to get caught by the enemy!
  • "Wait," he says... Do I look like a waiter?
  • Hee-hee... Nothing beats the sweet music of hundreds of voices screaming in unison! Uwee-hee-hee!
  • I'm a god! I'm all-powerful! Uwee-hee-hee... I'll collect more Espers I'll extract their magic... And then... ... ... I'll revive the Warring Triad! I've already drained all your powers! You're useless to me now! You too! Take a hike!
  • Gah! How dare they put me in a place like this! ...Hmph! I just can't believe it! What a bore.
    • while imprisoned
  • Why do you think Oppose rhymes with Dispose?
  • Oh wanna fight me?! This is just dreadful!
  • How 'bout a little Magitek mayhem?
  • I don't care for the appearance of this pitiful little hamlet... So burn it!!
  • I'd say you're all charged up, boys and girls...or whatever... Say, remind me to show you my Magicite collection someday! You might see a few familiar faces!!! Now for a little Magicite hocus-pocus...!
  • Ooh! They're warm to the touch! What treasures!
  • You really are a slow one. And always, always...ALWAYS such a little goody two-shoes!!!
    • to General Leo before killing him
  • Ouch! B-blood... Blood! Blood!!! You vicious brat! Argh... Grrr...! You know, you really are a stupid... Vicious... Arrogant, whiny, pampered, backstabbing, worthless... LITTLE BRAT!!!
    • to Celes after she stabs him on the Floating Continent
  • Run! Run! Or you'll be well done!
  • Oh dear... Well, I guess I was a bit hasty in calling you a useless old man before... NOW you're useless!
    • after killing Emperor Gestahl
  • I've acquired the ultimate power! Observe...Such magnificent power! You're all nothing more than fleas compared to me now! Embrace your destruction... It is the fate of all things.
  • Why do people insist on creating things that will inevitably be destroyed? Why do people cling to life, knowing that they must someday die? ...Knowing that none of it will have meant anything once they do?
  • Why do you build, knowing destruction is inevitable? Why do you yearn to live, knowing all things must die? (Alternate version of the previous line which appears in the Anthology FMV)
  • And did you all find your "somethings" in this broken world that just won't die?
  • Bleh! You people make me sick! You sound like lines from a self-help book! If that's how it's going to be... I'll snuff them all out! Every last one of your sickening, happy little reasons for living!
  • Hee-hee-hee! But what fun is destruction if no "precious" lives are lost?
  • Life... Dreams... Hope... Where do they come from? And where do they go...? Such meaningless things... I'll destroy them all!
  • The end draws near...
    • Just before using his "Goner" attack for the first time.


  • What a delicious morsel! I wanna get my tentacles around her...! (about to attack Terra)
  • Uwee hee hee... Game over!
  • Yaaaouch! Seafood soup! (after being burned)
  • Seafood soup is NOT on the menu! (an alternate version to the above line in FFVI Advance)
  • Muscle heads? Hate 'em! (referring to Sabin)
  • Uh, well, Mom always said I was a slow learner... but I eat FAST!!
  • Oh, all right, Uncle Ulty REALLY wants you to paint his portrait!
  • Silence Knave! You are in the presence of octopus royalty! A lowborn thug like you could never defeat me!
  • I have more lives than I do arms!
  • Well, whadduya want I should do?
  • I'm nothing more than a stupid octopus! (After seeing his portrait)
  • Look at me! I'm a receptionist! G'fa, ha, ha! (in the Colosseum in the World of Ruin)
  • Imp! Pal! Buddy! (about to use his "Imp Song" spell)
  • I owe you one, so I'm gonna jam up your opera! (in a letter at the Opera House)
  • Mwa ha ha! Let's see if Maria can shrug THIS off!
  • Long time no see! You've changed! Did ya miss me?
  • I ain't no garden-variety octopus!
  • Don't tease the octopus, kids!
  • N'ghaaa! This is heavier than I thought! It'll take me 5 minutes to drop it! (referring to the four-ton weight in the opera scene)
  • I know what you're thinking... "Man, that was cheap"! So sorry, so sorry...

(after casting two spells at once in the Esper Mines)


  • Albrook resident: How can you make a GP in a world like this?
  • Banon: Once, when people were pure and innocent, there was a box they were told never to open. But one man went and opened it anyway. He unleashed all the evils of the world: envy... greed... pride... violence... control... All that was left in the box was a single ray of light: Hope. We now confront those evils... And you are that last ray of light, our only hope...
  • Cid: Wow! All of a sudden I have a granddaughter!
  • Chadarnook: G'fu, fu, fu...Who're these numbskulls? No one...NO going to remove me from this fine new painting!!
    • before attacking the party in Owzer's Mansion
  • Dadaluma: Good day, fine sirs, how may I be of service? I hate fighting so I better let you pass!
    • attacks party
  • Duncan: The Earth yawned open to take me, but I scrambled to safety!
  • Figaro Guard: Kefka's "One shy of a six pack!"
  • Figaro Guard (FFVI Advance): I hear that some fanatical members of the Cult of Kefka insist on spelling Kefka's name with Cs instead of Ks. That just seems silly to me. Kefka's Kefka. He's still the same villain, no matter how you spell his name.

(FFVI fan translation features the villain's name as Cefca.)

  • General Leo: Shut up, Kefka. I oughta....
    • last words
  • Gestahl: I'm simply going to put you to sleep using the very power you unleashed! What's so funny? Well then, it's only suitable that you fall asleep laughing!
    • To Kefka on the Floating Continent
  • Imperial soldier: Returner Scum!
  • Imperial soldier: Hey, you! You're Returners!
  • Imperial soldier: Scram, you blockhead.
  • Imperial soldier: I'm not buying anything!
  • Imperial soldier: Three cheers for the Empire!
  • Imperial soldier: I oppose peace!
  • Kaiser Dragon: Humans and their unsatiable greed... Your lust for power always leads to a lust of blood... This place is a sanctuary for wayward souls... What business have you filthy creatures here? You slaughter my bretheren, and befoul their rest with the profanity of your continued existence... You should not have come here. In the name of all dragonkind, I shall grant you the death you so desire. I am the dealer of destruction... I am the font from which fear springs... I am Kaiser... And your time is at an end.
    • Kaiser Dragon is encountered in an extra dungeon which only exists in the Gameboy Advance release of the game
  • Mayor of Thamasa: Magic is forbidden!
  • Mayor of Thamasa: Welcome! Magic? What is this Magic?
  • Miranda Citizen: A knight came here recently... He was amazing! But his heart was full of chaos... When he can cope with the pain, he'll be the mightiest warrior alive.
  • Mobliz kid: I wanna see Katrin's baby!
  • Narshe guards: Mashine-riding self-important swine! Take this!
  • Narshe resident: Narshe is a neutral city.! We want no war here, but that %#$@& Empire won't listen!
  • Narshe resident: Magic? Pshaw, what nonsense!
  • Old man: Doomgaze? I'd rather take an acid bath than fight that thing!
  • Rachel: I have to go now... ...I'll always love you... You must now cast off the anguish you've been harboring inside for so long.. Today I set your heart free. You must learn to love yourself again, and regain your self respect. ...... Phoenix! Be reborn again!! And give your power... to Locke!!
    • last words to Locke, after she is resurrected by the Phoenix and dies again
  • South Figaro Resident: We may be thieves, but at least we have goals in life!
  • South Figaro Kid: Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! I'm Magitek Armor!
  • South Figaro Resident: If the "Light of Judgement" burns down our town 100 times, we'll rebuild it 200 times! Wait, does that even make sense?
  • Thief in Zozo: Zozo? Never heard of it.
  • Thief in Zozo: Great people, here!
  • Ultima Buster: I am the one known as Ultima... Forged an eternity ago and left here... Forgotten in the mists of time... Long have I pondered what I should do... Long, long have I pondered... But now it seems I have an answer...
  • Ultima Weapon: My name is Ultima... I am power both ancient and unrivaled... I do not bleed, for I am but strength given form... Feeble creatures of flesh, your time is nigh!
  • Ziegfried: Aha! The ox bellows! Allow me to introduce my blade!
  • Ziegfried: Ha, ha, ha. Give up?


Arvis: Took you long enough! Busy with all that robbing and plundering, I presume?
Locke: I prefer the term "treasure hunting"!
Arvis: Ha! Semantic nonsense!
Locke: There's a huge difference! Anyway, is there something you need me to do?
Arvis: There is indeed. ...I met the girl.
Locke: ...!? You don't mean...?
Arvis: The city guard is pursuing her as we speak. This city has the strength to stand up to the Empire, but it won't use it. The people are just too stubbornly independent to join an underground resistance group like the Returners. I tried to explain that the Empire was controlling the girl, but they wouldn't even listen...
Locke: All right... So, you want me to get her out of Narshe?
Arvis: That would be the idea. Make your way to Figaro for the time being...

Cyan: This is the Phantom Train. It carries the departed to the other side.
Sabin: Wait! I don't want to go THERE!

[dining aboard the Phantom Train...]
Sabin: [pounding the table] Food! Food! Bring me everything you've got!
[Sabin is served by the ghost of a waiter]
Cyan: It this train's food tr-truly safe to eat?
Sabin: What are you worried about? Can't wage war on an empty stomach!
Cyan: ... Do what thou wilt, sir. I'm sure there is no stopping
Sabin: Whew! I'm stuffed! Shall we get moving?

Gau: Gau's treasure...shiny, shiny! Shiny, shiny, shiny!!!
Sabin: ...Can anything be THAT shiny?

Terra: When Locke and I escaped he fiddled with something right around here.
Edgar: Knowing him there's probably some hidden switch around here.

[aboard the Blackjack]
Locke: I can't believe this clunky old thing can fly... You sure it'll stay in the air?
Setzer: When things fall, they fall... Life's a game of chance. You play your cards, and Fate plays hers...

Relm: What's wrong, lover boy?
Edgar: ...How old are you?
Relm: Ten... Why? Weirdo. I'm going on ahead, okay?
Edgar: Not even a lady yet... Here's hoping you're still around in eight years, kid.

Ultros: Looks like I lose again! But today I brought along a buddy of mine! Mr. Typhon! Come on down!
[Typhon appears]
Typhon: Fungahhh!
Ultros: He's not so great with words, but his strength'll blow you away! Heh-heh...I'd try not to make him mad... He gets hungry when he's irritated.

Edgar: Several years and the little shrimp's grown into a whopping lobster!
Sabin: And you're a king crab!

Locke: Edgar, what's the matter? You look positively spooked!
Edgar: Dddddddid you see what I just saw?
Locke: Yeah, this kid seems loaded for bear.
Edgar: She's amazing! That was Magic! M-A-G-I-C!
Locke: M M M M M M M M M M M M M MAGIC?!
Both: Pswswpswswpswswpsw.

Strago: Go to your room!
Relm: I will not! What a fussy old man!

Strago: Alright, if you insist.
Relm: That's better!

[On the Blackjack, after the banquet]
Cid: Wow, what a ship!
Setzer: That landing really messed up the engine. It'll take a while to fix...
Cid: I'll help. No machine can stump me!
Setzer: Don't touch anything!
Cid: Go kill time in the casino! I can speed this crate up!
[In the Japanese version, Cid claims that he can speed the ship up by removing the casino, which is what angered Setzer]
Setzer: ...... You little...!! Get outta my sight!
Cid: But I could really make this thing hum...!
[Cid leaves]
Terra: You love this ship, more than anything, huh?
Setzer: Actually, when I was young there was something I was mad about...
Terra: ...huh?
Setzer: In my youth I dreamed of having the world's fastest airship.
Terra: You mean......
Setzer: At that time there was a young girl who piloted the Falcon, the fastest vessel ever made. Sometimes we were the worst of rivals...but other times we were the best of friends. We always egged each other on to go faster and higher. When she disappeared along with her ship...I felt like I lost my spirit.
Setzer: ...Poor Daryl...

Strago: Relm! Is that you, my dear? You're alive!
Relm: Idiot! Of course I'm alive!
Strago: Oh, I'm so happy...
Relm: Did you think I was gonna check out before you, old man?
Strago: You're as foul mouthed as ever, bless your heart!

Leo: Having trouble sleeping? I hear your emotions have returned...
Terra: ...It's strange, isn't it? The Empire used me, controlled my very thoughts...and now here I am, cooperating with the same people.
Leo: People are people. Not everyone in the Empire is like Kefka.
Terra: So...what about you?
Leo: I knew that you were half esper and being made to suffer through horrible experiments... Yet I did nothing. I'm no better than Kefka.
Terra: If a human and an esper can love one another... Do you think a human and I could love each other?
Leo: Of course!
Terra: But... I don't even know what it feels like to love someone.
Leo: You're still young. ...Someday you'll know. I'm sure of it.


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Kefka Palazzo

Yes. He really does look like that.

Game Series Final Fantasy series
1st Appearance Final Fantasy 6
Alter Ego:
Japanese Name: Cefca
Affiliation: Empire
Occupation: Mage Knight
Position: Court Mage
Rank: General
Species Human
Gender: Male
Blood Type:
Fighting Style:
Special Skill(s):
Creator(s): Yoshitaka Amano
Voice Actor(s):

Kefka Palazzo is the main villain from Final Fantasy 6. One of the more insane Final Fantasy villains, Kefka also has the distinction of having actually succeeded in ruining and ruling the world for a full year. As such, he can be considered one of the few truly successful villains of the series. He is also stark, raving mad. "Palazzo" means "palace" in italian.


In the story of Final Fantasy 6, beings called Espers provided much of the world's magic. The Gestahl Empire, lead by, of course, Emperor Gestahl, wishes to procure the use of Magic by their soldiers for military purposes.

As such, various experiments are performed to give humans magical powers. One of these experiments is to infuse a human being with magic directly, thus hopefully allowing them to cast spells. Kefka, a general in the Empire's army, is the first test subject for this process. While successful, the experiment takes a huge toll on him psychologically, and drives him completely insane. Thus, he became a nihilistic, clownish psycho, prone to fits of laughter.

(As a side note, these experiments eventually resulted in Celes, who was infused with magic while still a baby. She was a success, without the psychological damage Kefka suffered.)

Still a useful member of the army, Kefka kept his General rank, and aided the Empire during its takeover of the world. Over time, Kefka gained a reputation as a murderous bastard, needlessly killing innocents and treating his troops like an expendable, unending, screaming resource. A reputation which, in this case, is absolutely correct. Kefka's psychosis led him to hold human life as worthless, and he enjoyed squandering it.

This was probably much kinkier in Japan.
The true beginning of the end came when a girl named Terra was placed into Kefka's care; fitting her with a Slave Crown to control her will, he sent her out for testing in Magitek Armor. Terra destroyed three Imperial soldiers also in Magitek Armor, her magic apparently boosting its power output significantly. Kefka relished in the girl's power, laughing insanely as flames burned around them.

An indeterminate but presumably short time later, a frozen Esper was unearthed in Narshe (Final Fantasy VI). The Empire, seeking to capture said Esper, dispatched Terra and two soldiers to secure the creature. Kefka watched as the group, piloting Magitek Armor, set off towards the snowy town.

The group failed; the Esper appeared to wipe the escort soldiers, Vicks (aka Biggs) and Wedge from existence, and knocked Terra out. Terra was saved by a man named Arvis, and began a quest that would lead to the downfall of civilization. But, that's neither here nor there.

Presumably, the Empire was unsure of what happened to the group in the end, as all soldiers that were sent after Terra were killed by Locke and a group of Moogles. Possibly, more troops were sent to Narshe later, but as a Returners town, the citizens moved the Esper to protect it.
The laugh. The immortal laugh.
At this time, Kefka was sent to check the desert castle of the Kingdom of Figaro for Terra. While there, he met with King Edgar Roni Figaro, making idle threats about dangers to the kingdom should Edgar be aiding the Returners.

Or not so idle. During that night, Kefka and his troops began burning the castle, laughing at Edgar and his troops. Edgar, however, being the resourceful king he was, ordered the submergable Castle Figaro to bury itself beneath the sand, and transport itself away. Edgar escaped on a Chocobo, accompanied by Locke and Terra (who it happened had arrived only a short while before Kefka), leaving Kefka coughing up sand as Castle Figaro sank. Being that he was quite angry, Kefka sicced his Magitek troops on the gang, though somehow they failed to defeat three people on Chocobos. This could basically be chalked up to Stormtrooper Syndrome.

After this, Kefka was absent from the main story for a short time. It seemed that he was recalled from the search for Terra, and instead was sent to the battlefields of Doma. Once there, Kefka showed his usual lack of caring about troops, insulting and brushing off those who happened across him. Sabin and Shadow, two of the protagonists, watched as Kefka strutted his stuff, so to speak. A short time later, the current commander of the Doma Castle assault, General Leo, was recalled to the Imperial Capital of Vector. After a short confrontation with Kefka, both commanders displaying their differing points of view towards humans lives (Leo being more or less Kefka's polar opposite), Leo left to do his duty.

This is a man who enjoys his work.
Almost instantly, Kefka ordered that the water supply of Doma Castle be poisoned, killing all inside. Even when told his own troops were prisoners there, Kefka demanded that the water be poisoned. Before this could happen, Sabin and Shadow confronted Kefka, chasing him across the camp. Despite catching up to him multiple times, and being subject to his horrible puns, they were unable to stop Kefka from reaching the Doma River, giving a macabre speech, and poisoning the entire river a purple Koolaid color with what could only possibly be a magical vial of unending, super fast acting poison.

A magical poison that forced everyone in the castle to drink it at the same time.

At this point, one of the few survivors of Doma Castle, Sir Cyan Garamonde, attacked the Imperial camp for revenge. He did not encounter Kefka, however, as he, Sabin, and Shadow made their escape in Magitek Armor a few moments later.

A short time later, Kefka was apparently back on the trail of that frozen Esper in Narshe, as he led an attack against the town to reclaim it. The Esper had been relocated to a cliff behind the town, and the newly reunited Returners were charged with its defense. The town of Narshe was apparently thought by the Empire to be neutral, and the vast majority of the townspeople may very well've been just normal citizens, but that didn't stop Kefka.

He lead a small portion of the Imperial Army into Narshe, ordering them to destroy all who opposed them. Kefka eventually lead his troops to the cliffs, and sent them against the Returners. Eventually, when confronted in battle, Kefka ended up fleeing to fight another day. In the end, the Returners kept control of the Esper, but another exposure to it turned Terra herself into an Esper, beginning a quest to hunt her down.

It would appear that Kefka was once more called back to the Imperial City of Vector, as the Returners would later encounter him there. After finding Terra, the heroes had been given a mission by the Esper Ramuh to go to the Imperial Magitek Facility, and free the Espers there. During their infiltration, they stumbled across Kefka, disposing of two drained Espers. As Kefka kicked Ifrit and Shiva into a trash heap, he ranted about collecting Espers, extracting magic, and restoring "the statues" (in FFVIA, Kefka refers to a "Warring Triad" instead), a rather cryptic quote at the time.

Following this, Kefka left for the moment, leaving the Returners to speak to the dying Espers. Kefka would next encounter the heroes a short while later, as they spoke to Professor Cid about Espers and Magicite. As Cid accidentally implicated Celes as a spy for the Empire, Kefka entered and derided Cid for his failure to learn about Magicite. Thinking quickly, he also picked up on the Returners' new doubts about Celes, and spoke to her like a comrade in arms. He ordered her to bring him the Magicite shards, and claimed that she had worked for the Empire all along. He then commanded her to exterminate the others, in one of his vicious rages. Celes claimed that she wasn't a spy, and worked her magic, apparently warping herself and Kefka away. Kefka's rants here confuse matters slightly; he seems amazed that Celes would disobey his orders in such a way. It may be that Kefka truly believed that Celes was a spy, and that he acted upon these beliefs. More likely, it could possibly be that in his crazed mind, what was a lie moments ago became to him the truth, and he couldn't tell the difference.

The respite Celes granted the heroes was temporary at best. Cid swiftly led the now Magicite-laden party to an escape tunnel, where they would ride a mine cart to freedom. Almost as soon as the player stepped onto the mine cart, Cid exclaimed that he heard Kefka approaching. As the clown's laugh echoed in the background, the cart led the Returners to freedom (or mandatory battles and the obligatory boss, whichever works).

By the time the party reached Setzer's airship, Kefka had moved to the roof of the Magitek Facility. Declaring that the heroes won't get away, Kefka ordered that they be attacked with the facility's cranes. Cranes which can apparently reach up and menace airships.

The party succeeded in defeating the cranes with their monster crushing skills, and flew on. At this point, the party would return to the thief town of Zozo, and awaken the comatose Terra. A line of events that began here would end with a visit to the Sealed Gate, where the Esper World connected to the human world. Just as Terra began to open the gate, Kefka approached the party from behind. Here, it was revealed that the Empire had allowed Terra to fall into the hands of the Returners, and allow them to open the gate. Feeling that the forces of good had outlived their usefulness, Kefka attacked.

The battle was a stalling action by the Returners, allowing Terra enough time to fully open the gate. The plan by the heroes to petition the Espers for aid fell through, however, when the magical beings flew by and ignored the humans. Kefka, feeling anxious and sensing "frightful energy", was driven off.


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