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Keighley and District bus at Keighley bus station
Service area Keighley and surrounding area
Service type bus service
Operator Transdev Blazefield
Web site

Keighley & District is a bus company based in Keighley in West Yorkshire, England. It is part of the Blazefield Group which is itself owned by the international transport company Transdev.

Like other Blazefield Group companies it aims to maintain a strong local identity with brand & service quality in comparison to other bus operators. Its key marketed service is The Shuttle 662, which runs between Keighley and Bradford, and uses dedicated buses with leather seats.

Many of its services are partly paid for by Metro especially on Sundays and in the evenings. The Sunday extension of service 66A from Skipton to Grassington is paid for by North Yorkshire County Council.


Services and operations

The company operates bus services from Keighley bus station around town and interurban routes to Leeds, Bradford, Ilkley, Hebden Bridge and Skipton as well as various school services. In a similar fashion with other Blazefield Group/Transdev group companies, K&D's regular bus routes that it operates are separately marketed. High quality routes such as Shuttle 662 and The Zone, use differently liveried buses to the traditional fleet colour scheme. Most other buses within the fleet retain the traditional light blue and white appearance.

These are the current services provided by Keighley & District:


Interurban routes

Route Destination
66 Keighley - Steeton - Airedale Hospital - Sutton-in-Craven - Cross Hills - Skipton
66A Keighley - Steeton - Airedale Hospital - Sutton-in-Craven - Cross Hills - Skipton - Grassington
67 Skipton - Cross Hills - Sutton-in-Craven- Airedale Hospital - Steeton - Keighley
70 Skipton - Farnhill - Silsden - Steeton - Keighley
78A Keighley - Sutton - Cross Hills - Cononley - Skipton
79 Cowling - Cross Hills - Skipton
662 Keighley - Bingley - Saltaire - Bradford
760 Keighley - Bingley - Shipley - Leeds
762/765 Keighley - Steeton - Silsden - Addingham - Ilkley

Other Keighley services

Route Destination
500 Keighley - Haworth - Oxenhope - Hebden Bridge
663 Keighley - Haworth - Oxenhope
664 Keighley - Haworth - Stanbury
665 Keighley - Haworth - Oakworth
696/697 Keighley - Cullingworth - Denholme - Thornton - Bradford
698 Oxenhope - Haworth - Denholme - Thornton - Bradford
712 Keighley - Steeton - Silsden
717 Keighley - Oakworth
720 Keighley - Ingrow - Oakworth - Haworth - Oxenhope
727/729 Keighley - Bingley - Harden - Cullingworth

The Zone

Route Destination
702/703 Bus Station - West Lane - Guard House - Braithwaite
704/705 Bus Station - Thwaites Brow
706 Bus Station - Fell Lane
708 Bus Station - Riddlesden
710 Bus Station - Laycock
711 Bus Station - Thwaites - Parkwood Flats
715 Bus Station - Broomhill
716 Bus Station - Black Hill (Raynham Crescent)
719 Bus Station - Ingrow - Bracken Bank

Infrequent services

Route Destination
65 Keighley - Cross Hills - Cowling
SS1 Low Bradley - Sutton - Steeton Station

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