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Keith Albert Anderson
First appearance Florida's Homecoming (Pts. 1, 2, 3 & 4)
Last appearance The End of the Rainbow
Portrayed by Ben Powers
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 24 (in 1979)
53 (as of 2008)
53,54 (as of 2009)
Date of birth 1955
Occupation Football player for the Chicago Bears (1978–present)
Taxicab driver (1978-?)
Family Florida Evans (mother-in-law)
J.J. Evans (brother-in-law)
Michael Evans (brother-in-law)
Spouse(s) Thelma Evans-Anderson (1978–present)
Children 1 child (unknown)
Address Chicago, Illinois, United States, USA
Nationality African-American

Keith Albert Anderson is a supporting character in the sitcom, Good Times, who is played by Ben Powers in the series final season (19781979).

Character Background

Keith Albert Anderson appeared in the final season of Good Times, and one late night, when J.J. and Willona were at The Evans' family apartment, wondering where Thelma was, J.J. and Thelma's younger brother, Michael Evans, came home from a date declaring that he will be leaving for college (the college he had attended was unknown.), Michael implied to both Willona & J.J. that Thelma has been dating a man in a new expensive Cadillac car, so Thelma shows up lovesick and "deaf" (implying that Thelma did not listen to Willona.), so Thelma gives information about her new love that he is a Chicago Bears football player with a $1 million contract, which is especially a lot of money because this was before free agency, although at a time when the Bears were not a good team, and brings him over the next night to the apartment.

The next night, Willona, Michael, J.J., and Penny are nervous to meet Thelma's new love, and J.J. orders chinese food, so outcomes Thelma's new boyfriend (later husband), Keith Anderson in the flesh. Shocked and stunned that Thelma is dating a famous football player, everyone (including J.J.) rushes to meet Keith, then all of them sits down for dinner, Keith, however wants to marry Thelma, Thelma, all nervous, calls her mother, Florida, who is in Arizona, which is funny because she's in one state while named after another, saying if Thelma loves him that much then she should marry him, Thelma accepts Keith's marriage proposal, and they get married.

The next day, Florida returns home (Esther Rolle receives the longest applause at the end of the 4-part episode.), saying how much she missed Wilona and Florida's own children, J.J., angry and disappointed that he could not find his mother, shows up, but realizes his mother is already in the apartment, he gives her a hug and misses his mother, however the day of the wedding J.J. takes a picture and Keith trips over his knee and hurts his knee bad and Keith loses his contract, until later in the series when his knee gets better, and Keith gets a new contract to once again play for the Bears, and he and Thelma move into a new, big, luxury apartment in Chicago, but in another part of the city, not near the place where the Evans Family is living right now.



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