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Kelly Cutrone (born November 13, 1965) is a fashion icon and the founder of the public relations, branding and marketing firm People's Revolution.[1][2]

Her agency has produced shows for artists like Alexandre Herchcovitch, Rachel Comey, As Four, Jeremy Scott, Pat Fields, Atil Kutoglu, Marisa Ribisi, Alvin Valley, Jennifer Nicholson, Nicky Hilton, Paco Rabanne and Vivienne Westwood.[3] People’s Revolution currently represents 46 clients, including Longchamp, Vivienne Westwood and Sass & Bide.[4]

On September 11, 2002 Cutrone's agency broke a record for most shows produced on one day during New York Fashion Week — five shows in one day — mainly because she was the only one willing to produce shows during that day, the first anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.[3]

At 21, she married Andy Warhol’s protégé, Ronnie Cutrone[1].[3] She has one daughter with Ilario Calvo named Ava Cutrone-Calvo (born 2002).

Cutrone has appeared on three of MTV's reality shows: True Life, The Hills, where she was the employer of Lauren Conrad, and The City, where she serves as the professional/personal mentor and employer of Whitney Port, consulting on Port's clothing line. She has avowed that her role in the shows is unscripted: "I can only talk about the parts that they film with us, but it's totally unscripted. There's always some sort of drama here, so we don't have to make that up. MTV is really happy about our agency - it's full of things going on. It's like, um, OK, we have an opportunity to go to Coachella to film a Jeremy Scott party at Frank Sinatra's house. That's just how we roll."[5]

Cutrone is known for her no-nonsense approach to the industry, and her brutal straight-talking. She has said that she and her People's Revolution partners mute their personas somewhat for the cameras: "We kind of have to downplay our real selves. Today for example, we had a meeting at Casio. The assistants don't have the right stuff, so we're yelling at them, I'm securing everything with a paperclip and wondering whether we want a jumbo-clip or a cute little paperclip. We're in this Ford Explorer with a bumper sticker that says "Proud to be a Sioux" (and I'm not a Sioux) and Robin is sitting in the back next to a car-seat and we manage to get to the Casio office in New Jersey five minutes early and there are all these geese out front, and geese are really mean, so I tell everyone to quack at the geese. So we're all quacking really loudly at the geese. And then after the meeting, we go to this diner and I'm wearing Marni, Yohji and Prada and we are like Charlie's Angels with BlackBerrys descending on this diner. And it has like an 80 page menu, and we all have these crazy diets, and I order only hot turkey and they ask if I want stuffing and cranberry sauce and I'm like, "no just hot turkey," and Robin does her thing and Emily has a cheeseburger and we don't talk, we're on our BlackBerrys the whole time. So yeah, on the show, we're less bizarre. If we were our real selves, PETA would be calling us for how we quacked at the geese." [6]




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