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The Ken River is one the major rivers of the Bundelkhand region of central India, and flows through two states, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. It is a tributary of the Yamuna, and originates near village Ahirgawan in Katni district and travels a distance of 427 km, before merging with the Yamuna at Chilla village, near Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh.

Ken has an overall drainage basin of 28,058, out of which 12,620 belong to Sonar River its largest tributary, whose entire basin lies in Madhya Pradesh; and along its 227 km course it receives water from its own tributaries such as Bawas, Dewar, Kaith and Baink on the left bank, and Kopra and Bearma of the right [1].

It is famous for its rare Shajar stone. Banda city is located on banks of river Ken.

Tourist attraction

Ranneh Falls on Ken river are a tourist attraction and are located in the alligator park (ghariyal reserve) of Panna National Park. The gorges near Ranneh falls does remind one of the Grand Canyon on Colorado river.

Banks of Ken River have quite a few castles which were used by Rajputs of this region to fight against Mughals. Nowadays some of these castles are occupied by dacoits and are a cause for worry for the local police. These castles are in such a state of ruin that the walls are difficult to see from below the hill they are built on and ruins of only key buildings still exist. Some of these castles make for a good trek.

Upstream of

The Ken River flows into the Yamuna River which flows into the Ganges River.


Coordinates: 25°46′N 80°31′E / 25.767°N 80.517°E / 25.767; 80.517


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