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Kenneth Bania
Seinfeld character
First appearance The Soup
Last appearance The Finale, Part II
Cause/reason End of series
Portrayed by Steve Hytner
Episode count 7 (8 including an unaired but filmed scene in The Wig Master)
Gender Male
Age 30s
Occupation Comedian

Kenneth "Kenny" Bania (pronounced ['bejn.jə] or BAN-yah) is a fictional character on the situation comedy Seinfeld played by Steve Hytner.



Bania is portrayed as a mediocre comedian who idolizes Jerry Seinfeld.


He appeared in at least seven episodes throughout the series ("The Soup", "The Secretary", "The Soup Nazi", "The Wig Master" (in a scene deleted before broadcast), "The Fatigues", "The Butter Shave", "The Finale"). His comedic act mainly revolves around milk-based drinks such as Nesquik, Bosco and Ovaltine; Jerry claims that Bania thinks "anything that dissolves in milk is funny." According to Jerry Seinfeld on the DVD release of the series, one of Bania's most lovable characteristic is the way he looks up to Jerry and always wants to be around him. In the episode "The Soup," Kenny gives Jerry a new Armani suit, and in return wants Jerry to buy him a meal. Jerry takes Bania to Mendy's for the meal and Bania orders soup. Kenny tells Jerry, "Soup isn't a meal.", and tells him he needs to buy him a meal later. Jerry insists that soup counted as the meal but Bania talks him into buying him another meal. Kenny later spots Jerry and George at the coffee shop and sits down with them and has a bowl of soup and a sandwich. Jerry tells him, "This is it. This is the meal.". Kenny tells him that soup and a sandwich isn't a meal and he needs to take him somewhere else. In order to get rid of Bania, Jerry offers the Armani suit to Simon, an Englishman whom Elaine is dating at the time.

Uncomplicated humor

George Costanza called Bania "the voice of my generation" after Jerry degraded him. Bania and George share a fondness for "jokes you don't have to think about" such as the word "puke".

"The best" and "the worst"

Kenny will often refer to food items in superlatives, asserting that a particular dish is "the best," repeating the phrase twice. This format is first used in "The Soup," where he tells Jerry that Mendy's restaurant has "the best swordfish in the city. The best, Jerry!" Bania asserts in "The Secretary" that Mendy's "had the best pea soup. The best, Jerry!", that the Soup Nazi "makes the best soup in the city. The best, Jerry!" ("The Soup Nazi"), and that the duck at Poppie's is "the best. The best, Jerry!" ("The Fatigues").

At one point in "The Fatigues" when Kenny is depressed he describes his own comedic talents as "the absolute worst. The worst, Jerry!"

Also, Kenny is known for the quote relating to Jerry giving him a good comic idea, "That's gold, Jerry! Gold!"




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