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Kent Ultra Cigarettes

Kent is a brand of cigarettes. Kent's Micronite filter was introduced shortly after the publication of a series of articles in Reader's Digest in 1952 entitled "Cancer by the Carton," that scared American consumers into seeking out a filter brand at a time when most brands were filterless. (Viceroy cigarettes had been the first to introduce filters, in 1936.)

From March 1952 until at least May 1956, however, the Micronite filter in Kent cigarettes contained carcinogenic blue asbestos.[1] Kent now uses charcoal filters (a form of activated carbon).

The brand is the property of British American Tobacco Nassi group.

The brand is named after Herbert Kent, a former executive at Lorillard Tobacco Company.


Cultural references

  • In the documentary The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit, the Beatles overhear a Kent cigarettes radio commercial, expressing sarcastic interest in it:
Radio Announcer: Looking for a filtered cigarette that really satisfies?
Paul McCartney: Looking for one?
Radio Announcer: One that will give you the pleasure you want in smoking.
McCartney: I am, yes.
Radio Announcer: Well, look no more. There is a cigarette that gives you the satisfaction you are looking for today.
McCartney: Which one!?
Radio Announcer: Kent!
John Lennon: KENT!
Radio Announcer: With the exclusive Micronite filter.
(Kent "Satisfies the Best" theme song plays. Lennon whistles along.)
  • The brand was the co-sponsor of The Dick Van Dyke Show from 1962 through '66. Dick and several of his co-stars also appeared in "integrated commercials" for the sponsor's product at the end of the episodes sponsored by Kent. They also gave Dick and Mary Tyler Moore free cartons of Kents for their own personal use, but as Mary recalled in her 1995 autobiography After All, she often traded hers at a local store for her own preferred brand.
  • Kent cigarettes was the brand of choice of many of the rich and famous. The most famous Kent smoker was entertainer extraordinaire Dean "Dino" Martin...whose ever-present cigarette was a Kent.
  • In communist-era Romania, Kent cigarettes were used as a de facto currency; goods and services could be purchased with packets or cartons of Kent cigarettes.[citation needed]


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