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The Kentucky House of Representatives is the lower house of the Kentucky General Assembly. The House is composed of 100 representatives elected from single-member districts throughout the Commonwealth. Representatives are elected to two-year terms with no term limits. The Kentucky House of Representatives convenes at the State Capitol in Frankfort.

Section 47 of the Kentucky Constitution stipulates that all bills for raising revenue must originate in the House of Representatives.


Terms and qualifications

According to Section 32 of the Kentucky Constitution, a state representative must: be a citizen of Kentucky, be at least 24 years old at the time of election, have resided in the state at least 2 years and the district at least 1 year prior to election. Per section 30 of the Kentucky Constitution, representatives are elected every two years in the November following a regular session of the General Assembly.


The Speaker of the Kentucky House of Representatives is the chief presiding officer of the Kentucky House. The Speaker's official duties include maintaining order in the House, recognizing members during debate, appointing committee chairs and determining the composition of committees, and determining which committee has jurisdiction over which bill. Traditionally, the Speaker has also served as Chair of the Rules Committee and the Committee on Committees.

When the Speaker is absent from the floor or otherwise unavailable, the Speaker pro tempore fills in as the chief presiding officer of the House.

In addition to the Speaker and Speaker pro tem, each party caucus elects a floor leader, a whip, and caucus chair.



Position Name Party Residence District
Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo Democratic Prestonsburg 95
Speaker pro tempore Larry Clark Democratic Louisville 46
Majority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins Democratic Sandy Hook 99
Majority Whip John Will Stacy Democratic West Liberty 71
Majority Caucus Chair Robert Damron Democratic Nicholasville 39
Minority Floor Leader Jeffrey Hoover Republican Jamestown 83
Minority Whip David Floyd Republican Bardstown 50
Minority Caucus Chair Bob M. DeWeese Republican Louisville 48

Current Composition

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 62 36 98 2
Begin 65 35 100 0
August 31, 2009[1] 64 99 1
December 8, 2009[2]
February 2, 2010[3] 65 100 0
Latest voting share 65% 35%

List of Members

Member Pty Hometown District County Since Committee Chair Vice Chair
  Steven Rudy R West Paducah 1 Ballard, Carlisle, Hickman, Fulton, McCracken 2005 State Government
  Fred Nesler D Mayfield 2 Graves, McCracken 1993 Appropriations & Revenue
  Brent Housman R Paducah 3 McCracken 2009 Banking & Insurance
  Mike Cherry D Princeton 4 Caldwell, Crittenden, Livingston, McCracken 1999 State Government
  Melvin Henley D Murray 5 Calloway, Trigg 2005
  Will Coursey D Benton 6 Lyon, Marshall, McCracken 2008
  John A. Arnold D Sturgis 7 Daviess, Henderson Union 1995 Natural Resources & Environmental Protection Agriculture & Small Business; Appropriations & Revenue
  John Tilley D Hopkinsville 8 Christian, Trigg 2007 Judiciary Seniors, Military Affairs & Public Safety
  Myron Dossett R Pembroke 9 Christian 2007 Economic Development; Seniors, Military Affairs & Public Safety
  Eddie Ballard D Madisonville 10 Hopkins 1987 Tourism Development & Energy State Government
  David Watkins D Henderson 11 Henderson 2007 Health & Welfare
  Jim Gooch D Providence 12 Daviess, Hopkins, McLean, Webster 1995 Natural Resources & Environment
  Jim Glenn D Owensboro 13 Daviess 2007 State Government
  Tommy Thompson D Owensboro 14 Daviess, Ohio 2003
  Brent Yonts D Greenville 15 Christian, Hopkins, Muhlenberg 1997 Appropriations & Revenue; Judiciary
  Martha Jane King D Lewisburg 16 Logan, Todd 2009 Economic Development
  C.B. Embry R Morgantown 17 Butler, Grayson, Hardin 2003
  Dwight Butler R Dayton 18 Breckinridge, Bullitt, Daviess, Hancock, Hardin 1995 Agriculture & Small Business
  Dottie Sims D Horse Cave 19 Edmonson, Hart, Larue 2007 (1997-04)
  Jody Richards D Bowling Green 20 Warren 1976
  Jim DeCesare R Rockfield, KY 21 Warren 2005
  Wilson Stone D Scottsville 22 Allen, Simpson, Warren 2009 Education
  Johnny Bell D Glasgow 23 Barren, Warren 2007 Transportation
  Terry Mills D Lebanon 24 Casey, Marion, Pulaski 2010
  Jimmie Lee D Elizabethtown 25 Hardin 1993
  Tim Moore R Elizabethtown 26 Hardin 2007
  Jeff Greer D Brandenburg 27 Bullitt, Meade, Hardin 2007 Banking & Insurance Seniors, Military Affairs & Public Safety
  Charles Miller D Louisville 28 Jefferson 1998 Labor & Industry; Licensing & Occupations
  Kevin Bratcher R Louisville 29 Jefferson 1997
  Tom Burch D Louisville 30 Jefferson 1978 (1972-75) Health & Welfare
  Steve Riggs D Louisville 31 Jefferson 1991 Local Government Banking & Insurance
  Scott W. Brinkman R Louisville 32 Jefferson 2001
  Ron Crimm R Louisville 33 Jefferson 1997 Banking & Insurance
  Mary Lou Marzian D Louisville 34 Jefferson 1994
  Jim Wayne D Louisville 35 Jefferson 1991 Local Government
  Lonnie Napier R Lancaster 36 Garrard, Madison 1985 State Government
  Ron Weston D Fairdale 37 Jefferson 2006 Elections, Constitutional Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs; Tourism Development & Energy
  Tim Firkins D Louisville 38 Jefferson 2007 Labor & Industry
  Robert R. Damron D Nicholasville 39 Jessamine, Fayette 1993
  Dennis Horlander D Shively 40 Jefferson 1996
  Tom Riner D Louisville 41 Jefferson 1982 Education
  Reginald Meeks D Louisville 42 Jefferson 2001 Licensing & Occupations
  Darryl T. Owens D Louisville 43 Jefferson 2005 Judiciary
  Joni Jenkins D Shively 44 Jefferson 1995 Labor & Industry
  Stan Lee R Lexington 45 Fayette 2001
  Larry Clark D Louisville 46 Jefferson 1984
  Rick Rand D Bedford 47 Carroll, Henry, Oldham, Trimble 2003 Appropriations & Revenue
  Bob M. DeWeese R Louisville 48 Jefferson 1993 Appropriations & Revenue
  Linda Belcher D Shepherdsville 49 Bullitt 2009 Education
  David Floyd R Bardstown 50 Bullitt, Nelson, Spencer 2005
  John "Bam" Carney R Campbellsville 51 Adair, Taylor 2009 Economic Development, Education
  Ken Upchurch R Monticello 52 McCreary, Pulaski, Wayne 1999 Agriculture & Small Business
  James R. Comer R Tompkinsville 53 Cumberland, Green, Metcalfe, Monroe 2001 Banking & Insurance
  Mike Harmon R Danville 54 Boyle, Washington 2003 Tourism Development & Energy
  Kent Stevens D Lawrenceburg 55 Anderson, Mercer, Spencer 2009 Education
  Carl Rollins D Midway 56 Fayette, Franklin, Woodford 2007 Education Seniors, Military Affairs & Public Safety; State Government
  Derrick Graham D Frankfort 57 Franklin 2003 State Government
  Brad Montell R Shelbyville 58 Shelby, Spencer 2003
  David Osborne R Prospect 59 Jefferson, Oldham 2005 Licensing & Occupations
  Sal Santoro R Florence 60 Boone 2007
  Royce W. Adams D Dry Ridge 61 Gallatin, Grant, Owen 1992 Agriculture & Small Business
  Charlie Hoffman D Georgetown 62 Fayette, Scott 1997 Labor & Industry
  Alecia Webb-Edgington R Ft. Wright 63 Kenton 2008 Education
  Thomas Kerr R Taylor Mill 64 Kenton 1985
  Arnold Simpson D Covington 65 Kenton 1994 Appropriations & Revenue
  Addia Wuchner R Burlington 66 Boone 2005
  Dennis Keene D Wilder 67 Campbell 2005 Licensing & Occupations Economic Development
  Joseph M. Fischer R Ft. Thomas 68 Campbell 1999 Judiciary; Elections, Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs
  Adam Koenig R Erlanger 69 Boone, Campbell, Kenton 2007 Local Government
  Mike Denham D Maysville 70 Bracken, Campbell, Mason 2001 Agriculture & Small Business; Banking & Insurance; Local Government
  John Will Stacy D West Liberty 71 Menifee, Morgan, Rowan, Wolfe 1993
  Sannie Overly D Paris 72 Bath, Bourbon, Fayette, Nicholas 2008
  Don Pasley D Winchester 73 Clark, Madison 2001
  Richard Henderson D Jeffersonville 74 Montgomery, Powell, Wolfe 2007 Agriculture & Small Business
  Kelly Flood D Lexington 75 Fayette 2009
  Ruth Ann Palumbo D Lexington 76 Fayette 1991 Economic Development
  Jesse Crenshaw D Lexington 77 Fayette 1993
  Tom McKee D Cynthiana 78 Campbell, Harrison, Pendleton, Robertson 1997 Agriculture & Small Business
  Susan Westrom D Lexington 79 Fayette 1999 Enrollment Licensing & Occupations
  Danny Ford R Mount Vernon 80 Lincoln, Pulaski, Rockcastle 1982
  Harry Moberly D Richmond 81 Madison 1980 Appropriations & Revenue
  Charles Siler R Williamsburg 82 Laurel, Whitley 1995 (1985-90) Appropriations & Revenue
  Jeff Hoover R Jamestown 83 Clinton, Pulaski, Russell 1997
  Fitz Steele D Hazard 84 Harlan, Perry 2009 Natural Resources & Environment; Tourism Development & Energy
  Tommy Turner R Somerset 85 Laurel, Pulaski 1997 Transportation
  Jim Stewart R Flat Lick 86 Knox, Laurel 1997 Labor & Industry; Natural Resources & Environment
  Rick G. Nelson D Middlesboro 87 Bell, Harlan 2001 Labor & Industry
  Bill Farmer R Lexington 88 Fayette 2003
  Marie Rader R McKee 89 Jackson, Laurel, Owsley 1997 Transportation
  Tim Couch R Hyden 90 Clay, Harlan, Leslie 2003 Natural Resources & Environment
  Ted Edmonds D Jackson 91 Breathitt, Estill, Lee 2003 Education; Economic Development
  Ancel Smith D Leburn 92 Knott, Letcher, Magoffin 2003 Local Government; Tourism Development & Energy; Transportation
  Keith Hall D Phelps 93 Pike 2001 Natural Resources & Environment
  Leslie Combs D Pikesville 94 Harlan, Letcher, Pike 2007 Transportation
  Greg Stumbo D Prestonburg 95 Floyd 2008 (1980-04) Committees, Rules
  Jill York R Grayson 96 Carter, Lewis 2009
  Hubert Collins D Wittensville 97 Floyd, Johnson, Martin, Pike 1991 Transportation
  Tanya Pullin D South Shore 98 Boyd, Greenup 2001 Military Affairs & Public Safety
  Rock Adkins D Sandy Hook 99 Boyd, Elliot, Lawrence, Rowan 1987
  Kevin Sinnette D Ashland 100 Boyd 2009 Banking & Insurance


  1. ^ Democrat Robin Webb (D-96) resigned after being elected to the State Senate [1]
  2. ^ Republican Jill York (D-96) won the special election to succeed Webb. Republican Jimmy Higdon (D-24) elected to the state Senate. [2]
  3. ^ Democrat Terry Mills (D-24) won the special election to succeed Higdon. [3]

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