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For current information on this topic, see 2009–10 Kentucky Wildcats women's basketball team.
Kentucky Wildcats
Kentucky Wildcats athletic logo

University University of Kentucky
Conference SEC
East Division
Location Lexington, KY
Head coach Matthew Mitchell (3rd year)
Arena Memorial Coliseum
(Capacity: 8,500[1])
Nickname Wildcats
Colors Blue and White


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Home jersey
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Team colours
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Away jersey
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Team colours
Conference tournament champions

The Kentucky Wildcats women's basketball team represent the University of Kentucky in the Southeastern Conference, which has historically been the most dominant conference in women's basketball.[2] However, despite reaching national rankings as high as #4, the team has never reached the national championship semifinals ("Final Four"). Through the end of the 2008-09 season, the team's all-time varsity record (excluding non-varsity seasons prior to 1974) was 575-447. The team has won the SEC Women's Basketball Tournament once (1982), and appeared in the NCAA Tournament six times with a tournament record of 4-6.[3]

The first University of Kentucky women's basketball team was organized in 1902,[4][5] and competed for the first time on Feb. 21, 1903. However, in 1924, despite a perfect 10-0 season, the University Senate passed a bill to abolish women’s basketball in part because, according to state politicians, "basketball had proven to be a strenuous sport for boys and therefore was too strenuous for girls."[4][5] After 50 years, women’s basketball was granted varsity status in 1974,[4] and most of the official records maintained by the university only reflect games since that time. The team, coached by Sue Feamster, was given the nickname "Lady Kats",[5] which continued to be used until May 1995.[6]

Led by UK all-time leading scorer Valerie Still,[7] Patty Jo Hedges, and Lea Wise, the Lady Kats won the SEC Tournament in 1982. The following year, the same trio led the team to a #4 ranking in the country, the highest in the team's history.

The team is currently coached by Matthew Mitchell.[8]



Since the restoration of the program in 1974, the Kentucky Wildcats have played their home games in the 8,500 seat Memorial Coliseum, and their record attendance in that building is 10,622, set on February 5, 1983 against Old Dominion; they also led the nation with an average attendance of 3,645 that season.[9] Recently the team has also played occasional games in the 23,500 seat Rupp Arena.

In January 2007,[10] the university opened the Joe Craft Center, a $30 million state-of-the-art basketball practice facility for both the men's and women's teams designed by Anna Frate and John Elliott.[11]

Head coaches

  • Jane Todd Watson (1903)
  • C.P. St. John (1904 - ?)
  • Thomson Bryant (? - ?)
  • Bart Peak (? - 1924)
  • Sue Feamster (1974–76)
  • Debbie Yow (1976–80)
  • Terry Hall (1980–87)
  • Sharon Fanning (1987–95)
  • Bernadette Locke-Mattox (1995–2003)
  • Mickie DeMoss (2003–2007)
  • Matthew Mitchell (2007–present)


The following is a list of Kentucky Wildcats women's basketball seasons, with records and notable accomplishments.

Season Overall
Head Coach Accomplishments
1903 1-0 n/a n/a Jane Todd Watson
1904 2-0 n/a n/a C.P. St. John
1904–05 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1905–06 0-1 n/a n/a Thomson Bryant
1906–07 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1907–08 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1908–09 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1909–10 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1910–11 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1911–12 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1912–13 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1913–14 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1914–15 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1915–16 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1916–17 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1917–18 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1918–19 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1919–20 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1920–21 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1921–22 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1922–23 unknown n/a n/a unknown
1923–24 10-0 n/a n/a Bart Peak "Champions of the South"
1971–72 10-3 unknown unknown Sue Feamster
1972–73 unknown unknown unknown Sue Feamster
1973–74 unknown unknown unknown Sue Feamster
1974–75 unknown unknown unknown Sue Feamster First season as a varsity sport
1975–76 unknown unknown unknown Sue Feamster
1976–77 unknown unknown unknown Debbie Yow
1977–78 unknown unknown unknown Debbie Yow
1978–79 unknown unknown unknown Debbie Yow
1979–80 24-5 unknown unknown Debbie Yow Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) Tournament
1980–81 25-6 unknown unknown Terry Hall AIAW Second Round
1981–82 unknown unknown unknown Terry Hall SEC Tournament Champions, NCAA Elite Eight (#2 seed)
1982–83 unknown unknown unknown Terry Hall 1983 NCAA Women's Division I Basketball Tournament (#3 seed)[12]
1983–84 unknown unknown unknown Terry Hall
1984–85 unknown unknown unknown Terry Hall
1985–86 unknown unknown unknown Terry Hall
1986–87 unknown unknown unknown Terry Hall
1987–88 unknown unknown unknown Sharon Fanning
1988–89 unknown unknown unknown Sharon Fanning
1989–90 23-8 unknown unknown Sharon Fanning National Women’s Invitation Tournament Champions
1990–91 unknown unknown unknown Sharon Fanning
1991–92 unknown unknown unknown Sharon Fanning
1992–93 unknown unknown unknown Sharon Fanning
1993–94 unknown unknown unknown Sharon Fanning
1994–95 unknown unknown unknown Sharon Fanning
1995–96 unknown unknown unknown Bernadette Locke-Mattox
1996–97 unknown unknown unknown Bernadette Locke-Mattox
1997–98 unknown unknown unknown Bernadette Locke-Mattox
1998–99 21-11 7-? unknown Bernadette Locke-Mattox NCAA Second Round (#6 seed)
1999–00 15-14 unknown unknown Bernadette Locke-Mattox
2000–01 6-12 2-12 unknown Bernadette Locke-Mattox
2001–02 9-19 1-13 12 Bernadette Locke-Mattox
2002–03 11-16 4-10 9 Bernadette Locke-Mattox
2003–04 11-17 3-11 11 Mickie DeMoss
2004–05 18-16 4-10 9 Mickie DeMoss Women's National Invitation Tournament (WNIT) semifinals
2005–06 22-9 9-5 4 Mickie DeMoss NCAA Second Round (#5 seed)
2006–07 20-14 6-8 7 Mickie DeMoss WNIT
2007–08 17-16 8-6 5 Matthew Mitchell WNIT quarterfinals
2008–09 16-16 5-9 10 Matthew Mitchell WNIT second round
2009–10 25-7 11-5 2 Matthew Mitchell 2010 NCAA Women's Division I Basketball Tournament (#4 seed)[12]
  • SEC Player of the Year: Victoria Dunlap[13]
  • SEC Freshman of the Year: A'dia Mathies[13]
  • SEC Coach of the Year: Matthew Mitchell[13]


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