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The keratinocyte is the major constituent of the epidermis, constituting 95% of the cells found there.[1] Those keratinocytes found in the stratum spinosum are sometimes referred to as "basal cells" or "basal keratinocytes."[2]

Melanosomes are transferred to it by dendritic processes(Cytocrine melanin).

Keratinocytes form tight junctions with the nerves of the skin and hold the Langerhans cells and intra-dermal lymphocytes in position within the epidermis. Keratinocytes are essential immunomodulaters, maintaining the intergrity of the immune response by secreting inhibitory cytokines such as IL-4 and TGFβ when dormant, but when provoked, the keratinocytes will stimulate cutaneous inflammation and Langerhans cell activation via TNFα and IL-1β secretion.

A sunburn cell is a keratinocyte with a pyknotic nucleus and eosinophilic cytoplasm that appears after exposure to UVC or UVB radiation or UVA in the presence of psoralens. It shows premature and abnormal keratinization, and has been described as an example of apoptosis.[3]


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