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Kevin Butler
It Only Does Everything commercials character
Kevin Butler.jpg
Kevin Butler as he appears in "It Only Does 256 Players"
First appearance Dustin vs. PlayStation
Created by Sony Computer Entertainment
Portrayed by Jerry Lambert
Gender Male
Occupation Vice President of various departments of PlayStation

Kevin Butler (portrayed by actor Jerry Lambert) is a fictional character created by Sony Computer Entertainment as part of their It Only Does Everything advertising campaign for the rebranded "Slim" models of the PlayStation 3. He stars as the Vice President of various fictitious departments within the PlayStation division of Sony, responding to "Dear PlayStation" queries.[1] Due to the positive reception of the commercials, Sony will extend them throughout the rest of 2010.[2]



Kevin Butler first appeared in a 2009 ad for MLB 09: The Show called "Dustin vs. PlayStation" where he was debating the in-game abilities of Dustin Pedroia.[3] Kevin Butler has since appeared in many additional commercials with more to come throughout 2010.[2]



He has a different title in each commercial, such as "Director of Rumor Confirmation" or "VP of First Person Shooter Relations".[4]

  • Director of Game Accuracy (MLB 09: The Show)
  • Director of Rumor Confirmation (PlayStation 3 Price drop, It Only Does Everything)
  • VP of Enough is Enough (Unsatisfied Girlfriend)
  • Family Activities Director (Desperate Dad)
  • VP, Big Action Moments (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)
  • Chief Weaponologist (Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time)
  • VP of Epic Footage (Mon-Tage)
  • VP, Blu-ray Superiority (Grandma)
  • VP, Big Deal Deal Making (PS3/Best Buy bundle, BOOM)
  • VP, First Person Shooter Relations (MAG)
  • VP, PS3 Softball Team (MLB 10: The Show)
  • Regional Manager of War (God of War III)[5]
  • VP of Realistic Movements (PlayStation Move)[6]


In one of his first commercials, in response to a rumor monger questioning a then-confirmed price drop for the PlayStation 3, he says, "You can't believe everything you read on the Internet. Otherwise, I'd be a Nigerian millionaire by now." This prompted Nigeria's Minister of Information and Communication, Professor Dora Akunyili, to demand an apology from Sony, calling the commercial an "unwarranted attack on the reputation and image of the country." In response, Sony promptly issued an apology to the Nigerian government and immediately pulled the commercial from the air.[7] A few days later, Sony replaced the commercial with an edited version, changing the original line to, "You can't believe everything you read on the Internet. That's how World War I got started." [8]


The string of commercials starring Kevin Butler has been met with positive acclaim due to its humorous and lively tone. Gaming site Kotaku commented on the first two commercials that were released, "What we didn't mention is how funny they are."[1] Sony Computer Entertainment America Senior Vice President Peter Dille said that the commercials have "been tremendously successful. Consumers love it. It's great to hear people like you guys love it. And the results are really in the sales because it's really been flying since this coincided in September with the launch of the new PS3."[2] Engadget also loved the commercials saying, "We have to hand it to Sony, they've followed up nicely on their "worst kept secret" trade show jokes with an ad campaign that is fittingly self aware".[9] Destructoid praised the commercials, saying that they were much better than Sony's previous White Room series of ads, which was met with mostly negative reception, with some even calling it "creepy."[10]


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