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Kevin Mitchell

Kevin Mitchell performing at WOMADelaide in Adelaide, March 2008.
Background information
Birth name Kevin Edward Mitchell
Also known as Bob Evans
Born October 1, 1976 (1976-10-01) (age 33)
Origin Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia
Genres Indie
Years active 2003 – Present
Labels Redline Records (2003 - 2005)
Capitol Records (2006 – Present)
Website Official Bob Evans Website

Kevin Edward Mitchell (born 1 October 1976), is an Australian musician, known for his role as the vocalist and guitarist of the alternative rock band Jebediah and also his solo work under the pseudonym of Bob Evans.

Mitchell grew up in the Perth suburb of Bull Creek, forming the band Jebediah in 1994. With Mitchell as the frontman, the band released four studio albums from 1997—2004, the first three of which entered the top ten of the ARIA Albums Chart.[1] The band went on hiatus as Mitchell undertook solo work with the pseudonym of Bob Evans.

The name Bob Evans was first created in 1999, so Mitchell could play solo shows without attracting Jebediah fans who may expect him to play acoustic Jebediah songs. He released a rather unrecognised album in 2003, Suburban Kid. Capital Records signed Mitchell and released the album, Suburban Songbook, in 2006. It debuted at number 15 on the ARIA Albums Chart and featured the successful single, "Don't You Think It's Time". In 2009, he announced a third album, Goodnight, Bull Creek!, named after his hometown of Bull Creek. The album peaked at number 22 on the ARIA Albums Chart.




Early life

Born Kevin Edward Mitchell in the suburbs of Western Australian capital city, Perth, in 1976,[2] Mitchell spent most of his childhood living in the suburb of Bull Creek. From ages five to eighteen, Mitchell lived in the suburb of which he would later name his third album, Goodnight, Bull Creek!, after. Mitchell said of his hometown, "It's a very ordinary, plain little suburb with a primary school and a shopping centre and a BMX track," whilst speaking about the title of the album in 2009.[3] Mitchell attended Bull Creek Primary and Leeming Senior High School, dropping out of university to sign a record deal with Jebediah. His older brother Brett was also a member of Jebediah.

In 2009, Mitchell revealed that he had suffered from depression for a short amount of time at the age of 16, an illness which he revisited at the age of 30, in 2007. "It sort of crept up on me (in 2007)," he said. "The strangest thing was that the only time I had suffered from depression was a brief period when I was about 16, when I was at high school. I got a little bit of counselling and it didn't last very long. It never happened again, so as a 30-year-old it was the last thing I expected. It frightened the hell out of me when I started having these feelings." Mitchell suffered from the disorder for months in 2007, a much more severe case than what he had at 16.[3]


Kevin Mitchell formed Jebediah in Perth, Australia in 1994. He undertook vocal and guitar duties, as the band played covers by bands such as Green Day and the Smashing Pumpkins. As the popularity of the band grew they competed in the Australian National Campus Band Competition, winning the national final in Lismore, New South Wales.[4] This led to an opening slot on the 1996 Australian music festival, run by renowned promoter Steve Pavlovic, Summersault. They performed in Perth before groups such as the Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters and Sonic Youth.[4]

Jebediah signed with Murmur, a part of Sony Music, in 1996, with the band also winning its first WAMi award for Best Stage Presence, a credit to Mitchell's on stage energy. The band's first single, "Jerks of Attention", earned the band a WAMi award in 1997 for Most Popular Song, with the band also taking out Most Popular Band.[citation needed] High profile work on Homebake and the Big Day Out as well as support slots for Soundgarden, Everclear, The Presidents of the United States of America, Silverchair and You Am I further raised the band's profile.

In 1997, the band recorded and released its first album, Slightly Odway. The album peaked at number 7 on the ARIA Albums Chart, spending 54 weeks in the chart,[1] with it being certified platinum in 1998, by ARIA.[5] They recorded Of Someday Shambles in 1999, with the first single, "Animal", peaking at number 16 on the ARIA Singles Chart.[1] The album peaked at number two,[1] earning a gold certification from ARIA.[6]

Jebediah released the single "Fall Down", in 2001. The song peaked at number 24 on the ARIA Singles Chart. It was followed by the self-titled album, Jebediah (2002), which reached number eight on the ARIA Albums Chart.[1] The band released their fourth and final album to date in 2004, titled Braxton Hicks. Following the album, Jebediah went on hiatus, with Mitchell moving onto his own solo work.

Mitchell has confirmed that he is still very much involved with his band, Jebediah.

People have said that because the last Bob record did quite well that I am now bigger than Jebediah, but it is not exactly the case. Jebediah is still able to do things that I can't do as a solo performer. They are two different things and it can be a bit of a juggling act. I am still waiting for the day when I rock up to a Jebediah gig with my acoustic guitar or turn up to a Bob Evans gig with my amplifier, and realise I have brought the wrong equipment.
Kevin Mitchell[7]

Mitchell further insists there will be a new album at some point, saying, "Jebediah has become more of a part-time thing... But a great deal of that was a natural occurrence, regardless of Bob (Evans). We are still together and I have ambitions to make another Jebs record."[3]

Bob Evans

Kevin Mitchell performs his solo work under the pseudonym of Bob Evans.[8] He created the name in 1999, coming up with it to play incognito solo shows in Perth.[3] Mitchell has said he chose Bob Evans, "because it was written on a T-shirt I was wearing".[9] His first solo album was a relatively unrecognised album titled Suburban Kid, which was released in 2003.[3] It was released on Redline Records, and has been described as "an album of youthful introspection, love and loss".[10] Whilst all the tracks were written by Kevin Mitchell, one song, "The Hermit", was co-written by Luke Steele from The Sleepy Jackson. Katy Steele, from Little Birdy also performed backup vocals on the album.

The follow-up was released in 2006, titled Suburban Songbook. It began as a collection of demos that Kevin Mitchell recorded with no intention of widely releasing them. However, Capitol Records discovered the tracks and put into motion the recording of the album, which set him on the road to commercial success in 2006.[3] Mitchell sent out the demos to his favourite record producers around the world and was surprised by the immediate response by American producer, Brad Jones (Josh Rouse, Yo La Tengo, Sheryl Crow).

Normally when you send a demo to a producer overseas you are lucky to even hear back. Within a month of him hearing the demos I was on a plane to Nashville to begin recording. The whole process seemed blessed.
Kevin Mitchell[11]

Jones took Mitchell’s wide-eyed-and-gritty vision for the album and suggested a more refined, listener-friendly approach.[12] Suburban Songbook was released on 10 June 2006 and debuted at #15 on the ARIA album charts.[13]

Suburban Songbook won the 2006 ARIA Music Award for Best Adult Contemporary Album and earnt Mitchell's alter ego Evans a nomination for Best Male Artist.[14] The album was also nominated for the 2006 Australian Music Prize and the 2006 J Award.

Mitchell supported Evermore on their "Welcome to the Real Life" tour of Australia and New Zealand under the Bob Evans pseudonym, and also performed on the 2007 Big Day Out tour, Homebake, West Coast Blues & Roots Festival and The Great Escape.

At the 2007 Western Australian Music Industry (WAMi) Awards he was nominated for two awards, Most Popular Album and Best Commercial Pop Act. Mitchell was voted Best Male Artist in the 2007 Rolling Stone annual readers poll. He also played showcases in London, New York and Johannesburg before undertaking a national tour with Machine Translations and South African band Farryl Purkiss.

I think Bob Evans is more me than Kevin Mitchell from Jebediah is! In that way it’s like a reverse alter-ego. It just allows me to push things a bit. Bob’s been enough under the radar to give me, creatively, a lot more freedom than I might otherwise have.
Kevin Mitchell [15]

When later asked what 'reverse alter-ego' means to Kevin, he said “I've no idea, that's one of those quotes that I've been haunted by.”[16]

Mitchell has been recording a new album with Jebediah and has also recorded some new songs for his third album, Goodnight, Bull Creek! in Nashville, with producer Brad Jones (Sheryl Crowe, Josh Rouse). According to Mitchell the album will be the final piece in his suburban musical trilogy.[7]

The title is referring to me saying farewells, as I said with the last record that I would only do one more suburban record as part of the trilogy. Ironically, this record isn't very suburban at all though; not nearly as much as the last one. But it is the end of the chapter.
Kevin Mitchell[7]

Goodnight, Bull Creek! was released on 3 April 2009 and debuted at #22 on the ARIA album charts.[17] In April 2009 Mitchell undertook a national tour to promote the release of the album and was joined by Malcolm Clark (Sleepy Jackson), Hugh Jennings (End of Fashion), Ben Witt (The Chemist), Louis Macklin (67 Special) and Steve Poltz (The Rugburns) from the United States. In July he played the Splendour in the Grass festival in Byron Bay, following which he was the support act for Eskimo Joe on their Inshalla national tour.

With the original intention of Mitchell's Bob Evans persona to record a trilogy of suburban themed solo albums now complete he admits that this era of his life is coming to an end.

I'll run Bob into the ground on this record and do as much work as I can, and do as many tours and as many festivals as i can into next year. Then I'm going to give him a break and do another Jebediah record and do some collaborative stuff with other people. Then after doing a few different things, I'll come back and see what I do next. I do like the idea of it just being a three album journey. I don't have any sort of fear of just starting all over again under a different name, or in a different... whatever.
Kevin Mitchell[18]

Media Career

In March 2010 Mitchell is set to expand his media career as a guest presenter on Australian Radio's Triple J morning show, in Zan Rowe's absence.


Mitchell married girlfriend Kirsten in November 2006[19] and in December 2008 they moved from Perth to Seddon, Victoria, an inner west suburb of Melbourne.[2]


All releases are under his pseudonym Bob Evans, for work with his band see the Jebediah discography
Bob Evans discography
Studio albums 3
Singles 7

Studio albums

Year Album details Peak chart positions
2003 Suburban Kid
  • Released: 8 September 2003
  • Label: Redline RED020
  • Format: CD
2006 Suburban Songbook 15
2009 Goodnight, Bull Creek!
  • Released: 3 April 2009
  • Label: EMI 2682202
  • Format: CD, digital download
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.


Year Song Peak chart positions Album
2003 "Friday Come Five" Suburban Kid
2006 "Don't You Think It's Time" 22 Suburban Songbook
"Nowhere Without You"
2007 "Friend"
"Sadness and Whiskey"
2009 "Someone So Much" Goodnight, Bull Creek!
"Pasha Bulker"
"Hand Me Downs"
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.


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