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Keystone Service
Keystone Devon.JPG
Current operator(s) Amtrak
Start New York City, New York
No. of intermediate stops 19
End Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Distance travelled 195 miles (314 km)
Average journey time 3 hours 50 mins
Service frequency daily,13 trains per direction
Train number(s) 600-601, 605, 607, 609-612, 615,618-620, 622, 637, 640-656, 658,660-672
On-board services
Class(es) Standard Class
Seating arrangements Reserved Coach Seating
Rolling stock AEM-7 and Metroliner coaches
Electrification AC Overhead Catenary
Distance Station
Unknown route-map component "tINTa"
0 New York City (subway)Handicapped/disabled access
Unknown route-map component "etGRENZE"
New York/New Jersey border
Exit tunnel
North River Tunnels
Interchange on track
10 mi (16 km) NewarkHandicapped/disabled access
Unknown route-map component "HSTACC" Airport
13 mi (21 km) Newark Airport
Unknown route-map component "HSTACC"
25 mi (40 km) Metropark
Unknown route-map component "HSTACC"
33 mi (53 km) New Brunswick
Unknown route-map component "HSTACC"
49 mi (79 km) Princeton Junction
Unknown route-map component "ACC"
58 mi (93 km) Trenton
Unknown route-map component "eGRENZE+WBRÜCKE"
New Jersey/Pennsylvania border
Unknown route-map component "HSTACC"
74 mi (119 km) Cornwells Heights
Unknown route-map component "HSTACC"
86 mi (138 km) North Philadelphia
Interchange on track
91 mi (146 km) PhiladelphiaHandicapped/disabled access
Junction to left
Northeast Corridor to Washington D.C.
Stop on track
99 mi (159 km) Ardmore
Stop on track
110 mi (177 km) Paoli
Stop on track
112 mi (180 km) Exton
Stop on track
123 mi (198 km) Downingtown
Stop on track
129 mi (208 km) Coatesville
Stop on track
133 mi (214 km) Parkesburg
Unknown route-map component "HSTACC"
159 mi (256 km) Lancaster
Stop on track
171 mi (275 km) Mount Joy
Stop on track
177 mi (285 km) Elizabethtown
Stop on track
185 mi (298 km) Middletown
Unknown route-map component "ACC"
195 mi (314 km) Harrisburg
Abbreviated in this map
Pennsylvanian to Pittsburgh

Amtrak's 195-mile (314 km) Keystone Service provides frequent passenger train service along the Amtrak-owned Keystone Corridor and Northeast Corridor between Harrisburg Transportation Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Penn Station in New York via 30th Street Station in Philadelphia.

The trains consist of unreserved coach between Harrisburg and Philadelphia and reserved coach between Philadelphia and New York. There is no business class or snack/food service.

On weekdays there are thirteen Keystone trains and one Pennsylvanian train in each direction. All trains run between Harrisburg and Philadelphia, though only nine of the Keystone trains plus the Pennsylvanian operate along the segment between Philadelphia and New York. There are eight roundtrip trains on both Saturdays and Sundays. Seven of the Saturday and Sunday trains, including the Pennsylvanian, make the full trip between Harrisburg and New York.

On the majority of the trains, the journey between Harrisburg and New York takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes, including 1 hour and 45 minutes to travel between Harrisburg and Philadelphia. There are also several express trains which cut both journey times by 15 minutes.

As a result of signal, track, and catenary upgrades that were completed in October 2006, Amtrak now uses exclusively AEM7 electric locomotives in push-pull configuration with rebuilt Metroliner cab cars for their Keystone service. Previously, a complicated engine switch was needed at Philadelphia's 30th Street Station that required about twenty minutes to perform. The trains can reach a top speed of 110-m.p.h. (180 km/h) along the Keystone Corridor, a significant improvement in speed from the previous service. The improvements in infrastructure and service are a result of a $145 million investment and partnership between Amtrak, the Federal Transit Administration, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to bring high-speed rail to southeastern Pennsylvania.


Route details

The Keystone Service operates over Amtrak trackage:

Current Keystone Service trains

Train # Days Between
600 Weekdays Harrisburg-Philadelphia
601 Weekdays Philadelphia-Harrisburg
605 Weekdays Philadelphia-Harrisburg
607 Weekdays Philadelphia-Harrisburg
609 Weekdays Philadelphia-Harrisburg
610 Saturdays Harrisburg-Philadelphia
611 Saturdays Philadelphia-Harrisburg
612 Sundays Harrisburg-Philadelphia
615 Sundays Philadelphia-Harrisburg
618 Mondays-Thursdays Harrisburg-Philadelphia
619 Weekdays Philadelphia-Harrisburg
620 Weekdays Harrisburg-Philadelphia
622 Weekdays Harrisburg-Philadelphia
637 Sundays New York-Philadelphia
639 Weekdays New York-Philadelphia
640 Weekdays Harrisburg-New York
641 Weekdays New York-Harrisburg
642 Weekdays Harrisburg-New York
643 Weekdays New York-Harrisburg
644 Weekdays Harrisburg-New York
645 Weekdays New York-Harrisburg
646 Weekdays Harrisburg-New York
647 Weekdays New York-Harrisburg
648 Weekdays Harrisburg-New York
649 Weekdays New York-Harrisburg
650 Weekdays Harrisburg-New York
651 Weekdays New York-Harrisburg
652 Weekdays Harrisburg-New York
653 Weekdays New York-Harrisburg
654 Weekdays Harrisburg-New York
655 Weekdays New York-Harrisburg
656 Weekdays Harrisburg-New York
658 Fridays Harrisburg-New York
660 Weekends Harrisburg-New York
661 Weekends New York-Harrisburg
663 Weekends New York-Harrisburg
664 Weekends Harrisburg-New York
665 Weekends New York-Harrisburg
666 Weekends Harrisburg-New York
667 Weekends New York-Harrisburg
668 Sundays Harrisburg-New York
669 Weekends New York-Harrisburg
670 Weekends Harrisburg-New York
671 Weekends New York-Harrisburg
672 Weekends Harrisburg-New York

Station stops

State/Province Town/City Station Connections
Pennsylvania Harrisburg Harrisburg Transportation Center Amtrak: Pennsylvanian
Greyhound Lines: various routes
Capitol Trailways: Schedules 7142, 7146
Fullington Trailways: Schedule 7155
Susquehanna Trailways: Schedule 7139
CAT: 1, 6, 7, 13, 14, 18, 21, 81 (route to downtown Harrisburg only), 322, A, C, CI, CX, F, K, M, MX, TecPort, Dillsburg Commuter Express; outbound only: 3, 8, 12, 15, 16, 19, 20, Riverfront Office Center Shuttle
Middletown Middletown CAT: 7
Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Amtrak: Pennsylvanian
Mount Joy Mount Joy none
Lancaster Lancaster Amtrak: Pennsylvanian
Capitol Trailways: Schedule 7146
RRTA: 3, Red Rose Trolley
Parkesburg Parkesburg none
Coatesville Coatesville
Downingtown Downingtown Amtrak: Pennsylvanian
SEPTA Regional Rail: R5 (limited service)
Krapf Transit: A
TMACC: Beeline
Exton Exton SEPTA Regional Rail: R5 (limited service)
SEPTA Bus: 92
Krapf Transit: A
Paoli Paoli Amtrak: Pennsylvanian
SEPTA Regional Rail: R5
SEPTA Bus: 105, 204, 205
Ardmore Ardmore SEPTA Regional Rail: R5
SEPTA Bus: 103, 105, 106
Philadelphia 30th Street Station Amtrak: Acela Express, Cardinal, Carolinian, Crescent, Northeast Regional, Palmetto, Pennsylvanian, Silver Meteor, Silver Star, Vermonter
NJ Transit: Atlantic City Line
SEPTA City Transit Division: Market-Frankford Line, 10, 11, 13, 34, and 36 (Subway-Surface), 9, 30, 31, 44, 62, 121, LUCY, 124, 125
SEPTA Regional Rail: R1, R2, R3, R5, R6, R7, R8
North Philadelphia Amtrak: Northeast Regional
SEPTA Regional Rail: R7, R8
SEPTA Bus: 54, C
Cornwells Heights Cornwells Heights Amtrak: Northeast Regional
SEPTA Regional Rail: R7
New Jersey Trenton Trenton Rail Station Amtrak: Acela Express, Cardinal, Carolinian, Crescent, Northeast Regional, Pennsylvanian, Silver Star, Silver Meteor, Vermonter
NJ Transit: Northeast Corridor Line, River Line, 409, 600, 601, 604, 606, 608, 609, 611
SEPTA Regional Rail: R7
Princeton Princeton Junction Amtrak: Northeast Regional, Pennsylvanian
NJ Transit: Northeast Corridor Line, Princeton Branch, 600, 976
New Brunswick New Brunswick Amtrak: Northeast Regional
NJ Transit: Northeast Corridor Line, 810, 815, 818, 980
Iselin Metropark Amtrak: Acela Express, Northeast Regional, Vermonter
NJ Transit: Northeast Corridor Line, M 801, 802, 803, 804, 805
Newark Newark Liberty International Airport AirTrain Newark: to Newark Liberty International Airport
Amtrak: Northeast Regional
NJ Transit: North Jersey Coast Line, Northeast Corridor Line
Newark Penn Station Amtrak: Acela Express, Cardinal, Carolinian, Crsecent, Northeast Regional, Pennsylvanian, Silver Meteor, Silver Star, Vermonter
NJ Transit: Newark City Subway, Newark Light Rail, North Jersey Coast Line, Northeast Corridor Line, Raritan Valley Line, 5, 21, 62, 67, 70, 71, 72, 73, 75, 76, 78, 79, 108, 978
New York New York City Penn Station Amtrak: Acela Express, Adirondack, Cardinal, Carolinian, Crescent, Empire Service, Ethan Allen Express, Lake Shore Limited, Maple Leaf, Northeast Regional, Palmetto, Pennsylvanian, Silver Meteor, Silver Star, Vermonter
LIRR: Main Line, Port Washington Branch
NJ Transit: North Jersey Coast Line, Northeast Corridor Line, Gladstone Branch, Montclair-Boonton Line, Morristown Line
NYC Subway: 1, 2, 3, A, C, E
NYC Transit buses: M10, M16, M20, M34, Q32


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