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Jat Clan: Khaira
Distribution Punjab
Descended from: Janjua Rajputs
Branches: None
Religion Islam and Sikhism
Languages Punjabi
Surnames: Khaira,Khera

The Khaira (Punjabi: ਖੈਰਾ ) are a Jat gotra (clan) found in Indian Punjab and Pakistani Punjab and parts of Afghanistan. Alternate transliterations include Khera, Khara, Khehra or Khahra.



Khaira are a Jat clan that hail from the historical Majha area of Punjab. Clan members are commonly found near Khadoor Sahib town of Amritsar, Faisalabad and Lahore districts of Punjab in India and Pakistan.[1]

The Jat people were designated by the British as a "martial race" (people). Thought to be naturally warlike, the British recruited heavily from the "martial races" for service in the colonial army. [2]

There are differing opinions about the origin of the word Khaira.

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