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Khalid al-Dakheel
Birth name Khalid al-Dakheel خالد الدخيل
Born May 11, 1981(1981-05-11)
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Khalid al-Dakheel (Arabic: خالد الدخيل‎) (born 11 May 1981 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) is an Arabian cartoonist, animator and animation director. He is known as the first Arabian animation filmmaker in the region.



Khalid began illustrating and creating cartoon characters when he was five years old. At 10, he started creating comics and at 18 years old, he published his first comic called Hassan al-Fannan in an Arabian comic magazine called al-Jeel al-Jadeed. His drawings and comics are influenced by Japanese Manga and his animations are Anime-inspired, his general style is a combination of Disney-style and motion and the look and feel of Anime characters that Khalid grew up with. Hayao Miyazaki is Khalid's idol and is an influence on his work.

In 1992, Khalid started animating by making flip-book cartoons. He developed his way of animating by working with a video camera and some simple tools he made. He produced his first 15 minute cartoon about Pac Man, which he animated frame by frame. Later, while watching Woody Woodpecker, he discovered the Cel method, which he used to make his other cartoons, by separating the character layers from the backgrounds and props. Khalid also used a video camera to create stop motion short films using clay and toys.

Khalid was always passionate about directing and acting and later began filmmaking with his brothers and friends. He made his first short film called The Butcher with his brothers, wherein he personally acted as more than five characters, which led him into video editing.

He joined The Saudi Association Of Culture and Arts in 1998, where he stayed for only a few months. He described the situation there as "a mess". A well known Arabian channel called al-Arabiya interviewed al-Dakheel later in 2006 where he spoke honestly about his experience in the Saudi Association, describing the situation there. The interview caused a media furore later on with newspapers and magazines writing about the interview.

In 2000, Khalid started using Macromedia Flash, with which he made couple of short animated cartoons, the first was called Kick Kivi, which he created using just a mouse. This cartoon and ones that followed were emotional vents of anger and feelings, specifically Cats Benefits in 2003 (when he first launched his website) the film that was highly rated and participated in couple of film festivals including Emirates Film Competition in 2007.

In 2004, Khalid went to work with production companies in Riyadh. He worked on couple of TV programs, as an illustrator, video editor, story-board artist and director. He directed TV commercials in a cartoonish style for some companies.

In 2006, he produced Sida. The film is a traditional Arabian animation and story that takes place in the KSA in 1960. The story, which was told to Khalid by his mother, is about a man called Sida who was known for his bizarre and mysterious character.

Khalid participated with Sida in couple of short films festivals, where he received his first award (A Special Mention Award for Sida's Production Quality) at the Emirates Film Competition (Efilm) in 2006, as well as a Daily Third Place Award at the online animation network Newgrounds, among other honors. The film was shown in other festivals and animation networks, including Jordan Short Films Festival, and the first Saudi film festival called Jeddah Film Festival in 2006. These events made him the first Arabian animation filmmaker to appear in the media and in film festivals, specially when he received awards for his animations.


  • 2005 - Daily 3rd Place Award for the animated short film Sida at NewGrounds.
  • 2006 - Special Mention Award For Production Quality for the animated short film Sida at Emirates Film Competition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
  • 2007 - Announcing animated film Sida (Famous Today) at MyToons.

Upcoming Projects

Khalid al-Dakheel is currently planning to establish his cartoon & entertainment company.

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