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Location of Khatav
in Maharashtra and India
Coordinates 17°39′16″N 74°21′41″E / 17.6545°N 74.3614°E / 17.6545; 74.3614
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District(s) Satara
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

777 m (2,549 ft)

Khatav is a city and a municipal council and a taluka in Phaltan subdivision of Satara district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Bhushangad is a fort in the taluk and Jakhangaon is one of the villages.



Khatav is located at 17°39′16″N 74°21′41″E / 17.6545°N 74.3614°E / 17.6545; 74.3614.[1] It has an average elevation of 777 metres (2549 feet).

Khatav Taluka is situated to south of Satara district. The taluka headquarter is Vaduj. Khatav taluka is surrounded by Man, Karad, Phaltan and Koregaon talukas. The taluka receives less rainfall and categorised under Draught affected region.

Towns in the taluka: Vaduj is the Headquarter of Khatav Taluka. Other important towns are Pusegaon, Mayani, Aundh, Kaledhon, Pusesavali, Khatav.

Major villages: Budh(Behind Of Pusegaon),Vadgaon(Jayram Swami),Ner,Vardhangad, Chitali, Mayani, Mol, Diskal, Jaygaon, Siddheshwar Kuroli, Jakahngaon, Bhosare,LONI, Katar Khatav, Nimsod, Nidhal. There are many other villages like Shirasavdi, Dhakatwadi, Gopuj, Gurasale, Ambavade, Palsi, Dambevadi, Satevadi,Nadosi,Wadi,Trimali,Kalambi, Pusesavli, Wakeshwar, Kanakatre, Mhasurne, etc. The houses are spread far away from each other and the water is sought from wells mostly. Dhakatwadi is small village in Khatav Taluka which is famous for onion and sugercane production.Jagtapwadi is small village near Bhushangad in khatav taluka.


Shri Girija Shankar Wadi is a small village in khatav. Their Kulswami is Palicha Khandoba. This village is famous for temple of shiv Shankar known as "Girija Shankar Mandir".In the month of February at Mahashivratri there are village fairs for 8 to 10 days with lots of programs held during this duration. The people over there are Very hardworking & Truthful.

"Shri Girija Shankar Wadi" is one of village in khatav taluka where 99% people FROM MARATHA CAST people from this village are very much workholic by every angle they are very much similer to MARATHA SPIRIT. The people Surname are Thorave, Shedage, Salunke.

Shirasavdi is a small village in khatav tehsil on Vaduj - Gursale - Bhushangad road and comes in Madha Constituency. Most of the people leaving here have surname 'Ingle'. Their Kulswamini is Goddes Vajubai (temple located at Vajegaon in Patan taluka). History tells that these people(ingle) came to this village in search of food. This is one of the most Drought affected village in Maharashtra without any proper roads or water facility for drinking/farming. Farming here is main moccupation. Shirasavdi is also famous for its DINDI and VARKARI people. It is a stop for VARKARIS visiting Pandharpur during ashadi ekadashi for darshan of God Vithalla.

"Vadgaon(Jayram Swami)" is a small village in khatav tehsil,just 16 km away from vaduj city and 3 km from Pusesavali.Mostly dominated by maratha clan.... their surname is "GHARGE". GHARGE's are the maratha dynasty,tresses there roots back to "MAHABHARATA". There is math of "JAYARAM SWAMI".Many temple in this village like raul(where murti's of many gods out of 33 crore Hindu gods). Also a dargah of PIR RAJEBAKSAR,which is a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity,there is festival on 'Gudhipadava'.

Mol in khatav taluka is situated on North border of Khatav Taluka. It is nice to see this village during a rainy season.

peoples faces a drought condition during the summer. The main occupation of Mol villagers is farming. This village is surrounded by hill areas and valleys. The temples in the village are very nice to see. Villagers are developing the Temples under the guidance of Ghorpade guruji (Social server in the village). This village is one of the beautiful place to visit. Near Mol, Majarwadi is nice place to visit.

GGKMV High school is one of the best high school. Teachers there are working hard from last 17 years to develop the students in the village.

Pedgaon is a small village in khatav tehsil, just 6 km away from vaduj city. Major occupation of population is farming. Mostly dominated by maratha clan.... their surname is "JAGDALE"- Dhar che pawar. There is a small dam near the village. Population is around 2000 in count of which 60% are men and 40% are female. There is a govt. school in the village up to 7th std. Very nicely located surrounded by small hills from all the sides......arunkumar jagdale

"LONI" is a small village in khatav teshil, it is between bhoshre and dhaktwadi, mostly populated with maratha clans with surname phadtare -deshmukh,

" KUMATHE (NAGACHE) one of the small village in khatav teshil, just 7 km away from Vaduj city. This village is situated near 'Bapshacha Dongar'. Many temple in this village like Kumbheshwar, Nagoba, Vitthal rakhumai, Maruti, Ram, Baliram, Jyotiba, Laxmi etc. There is one masjid also. In this city all category ( Bara balutedar ) people lives happily. Population of the village is @ 2500 (2009). Mostly marathas with their surname Phadatare-Deshmukh, Mandawe, Mane, Jadhav, Khante. Famous for Potato, Onion production. There is big festival of Lord Kumbheshwr on Mahashivratri. There is a govt. School in the village up to 7th std. & High-school 8th to 10th Std. Farming is the main occupation of the people.

Places of interest

  • Aundh - Princely state in preindependence India. Famous for Museum, Yamai temple, Ambabai temple.
  • Vardhangad - The fort of Vardhangad & temple of Shri Vardhini(Adi Shakti) goddess of Morey clan.
  • Mayani - Mayani Bird Sanctuary Flamingoes from Siberia come here in large numbers.
  • Pusegaon - Sevagiri Maharaj temple
  • Siddheshwar Kuroli - Old temple of Lord Shiva well known for Shivnada and Samadhi of Yashawant Baba.
  • Chitali - holy place, having sangam of two rivers. people are traditional asst. Good temple of Bhavani Mata, Jyotirling, Bhairvnath etc Mr Ramrao Pawar IGP from Chitali. good cultivated agricultural land.
  • Ner Dam - Built on Yerala river during British Empire.

bhoshre__ the great maratha warrior prtaprao gujar's smarak

Gallantry Awards

Aba Kirtakude(Bhosare,Tal-Khatav) "Veer Chakra" 1948

Kisan Jagdale(Pedgaon Tal-Khatav,Malthan) "Veer Chakra" 1965,Indo-Pak War

Shrirang Tatyaba Sawant(Bilapur, Tal-Khatav) "Shaurya Chakra"(After Death),1986




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