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Khokhol (Russian: хохо́л) is a Russian term used to describe a style of man's haircut that features a lock of hair sprouting from the top or the front of an otherwise closely shaven head.



The word is also commonly used by Russians and Polish as an ethnic slur for Ukrainians, as it was a common haircut of Cossacks. The term is frequently derogatory or condescending, an equivalent of the Ukrainian term katsap for Russians.[1]

Ukrainian culture

The Ukrainian name for this type of haircut is oseledets or chub (чуб, "crest"). There are several Ukrainian surnames derived from this word. In the Cossacks times the haircut carried an honorary meaning identifying one as being the true Cossack. That tradition is depicted in various motion pictures such as Propala Hramota that is based on works of Mykola Hohol.

The khokhol/oseledets is a standard feature in the stereotype image of a Ukrainian Cossack.

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