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A Football striker taking a shot at the goal.
Precise field and goal kicking using the oval shaped ball is the most important skill in Australian rules.
An American Football Punter.

Kicking is a method used by many types of football, including:

Kicking is the act of propelling a ball by striking it with the foot or, depending upon the sport, with the shin. Kicking is most common in Association Football, where only the two goalkeepers are allowed to use their hands. It is also the primary method of transferring the ball in Australian rules football and Gaelic football. Whereas most sports allow goals, touch downs or tries to be scored by methods other than kicking, in Australian rules football kicking for goal is the only method allowed to score a goal and get the maximum six point score. Kicking is used less frequently in Rugby League, Rugby Union, American, Canadian forms of football and may be restricted to specialist positions, but it is still an important tactical skill in each sport.

List of common kicking styles

The range of kicking styles available is typically influenced by the shape of the ball and the rules (whether hands can be used to carry or pick up the ball).

In many football codes, kicking is a function of a specialist position, and cannot be done by any member of the team. The exceptions to this rule are Australian rules football, Soccer and Gaelic Football.

Off the ground Grubber kick Up and under Drop kick Drop punt Punt Torpedo punt Checkside punt Bicycle kick Place kick Rabona Dribbling
Association football Yes No No Specialist[1] No Specialist[1] No No Yes Yes[2] Yes Yes
Australian rules football Yes Yes Yes No[3] Yes Yes Rare[4] Yes Rare[5] Dropped No
Gaelic football Yes No No No No No No No Yes No Rare
Gridiron football[6] No No No Rare Yes Yes Yes No No Dropped No
Rugby union[7] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Restricted[8] Yes Yes No Yes No No
Rugby league[9] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Restricted[10] Rare Yes No Yes No No

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