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Horrorcore KidCrusher
Background information
Birth name Shawn Montague
Also known as Cannibal Clown, KC, Kid Crusher, Axis Of Death
Origin Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Genres Horrorcore, Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal
Years active Since 1996
Associated acts Insane Clown Posse, Hatchet House, kCaveMen, Trips
KidCrusher (Shawn Montague)

KidCrusher is an Australian Horrorcore band from Adelaide, South Australia, formed in 1996, and also the name of a member of the band. KidCrusher consists of himself and several producers from around the world. He has collaborated upon Insane Clown Posse's Compilation Album Tunnel Runners released upon their sub-label The Hatchet House.



Shawn Montague (KidCrusher) was born October 28, 1986. Born and Raised in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. KidCrusher started his own rap game in 1996 recording on cassettes and PC programs and also attempting his dream of being a vocalist in a Death Metal Band. With the lack of commitment from other band members, KC found away to put both of his musical genres together and start a one man rap metal band, Recording Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals and also featuring instrumental production from legends in the business and beat makers in the underground.

KidCrusher was first recognized by the world when he released his first music video (A Dirty Fuckin Murder) released upon the internet in 2005. It was featured upon an article in "Something Awful", which not only delivered KC thousands of negative comments and hate mail, but traffic from millions of fans from the underground music genre known as The Wicked Shit. KidCrusher recorded his debut studio album Tormented Mutation in June 2006 and it was charted on the Awesam 'Music SA Top 10 Independent Charts at number 3, right under The Hilltop Hoods. Which gave him the motivation to create an endless discography to entertain the world.

KidCrusher Meet The Monstors Music Video.

In 2007 KC wrote a single for "The Disturbed Movie"[1] An Independent Horror Movie by Strongman Pictures Australia, The Director of the film Daniel Armstrong then produced a high definition music video on the set of the movie with KidCrusher in Melbourne, Australia featuring make up and special effects from Justin Dix who recently worked on the set of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. The Video was reviewed and KC was interviewed by FANGORIA (Americas Leading Horror Movie Magazine). The Single was entitled "Meet The Monstors" featured on KidCrusher's "Cannibal Clown" album. It was also quoted by Matt Molgaard from Fangoria as the most controversial horrorcore music video in the wicked underground.

In 2008 KidCrusher featured upon a compilation album TUNNEL RUNNERS: MASTERS OF THE WICKED SHIT hosted by Insane Clown Posse's sub-label The Hatchet House, Featuring 13 of Today's Hottest Unsigned Underground Wicked shit Artists in the world today, Including: King Gordy, Mars, Lo Key, Q Strange, KidCrusher & More. The album was pressed and sold nation wide with Psychopathic Records & Red Distribution.

In 2010 KidCrusher announced in his Myspace blog that he is working on two new albums this year. Featuring the sequel to the Metal Murder Mixtape with over 23 brand new tracks featuring production by Stircrazy, Shy One, Vampirocore and Professor Fresh. The album was announced to drop sometime in June 2010. KC is also working with a full Shock Rock, Death Metal Band called kCaveMen on an album entitled Gondwanaland featuring Todd Hansen from The Berzerker on drums, KC has been working on lead vocals, guitar and production for the band. They will also be touring around Australia in June 2010 with Headkase. [2]

KidCrusher recently appeared on Season 20 of Law & Order on the Episode Steel-Eyed_Death The Storyline is Inspired upon Richard Sam McCroskey aka Syko Sam who was arrested for the Farmville murders in the United States. KidCrusher's Music Video features upon the episode when the detectives research about the suspects attendance to a Horrorcore Festival. KidCrusher is fictionally refereed to as AXIS OF DEATH in the Episode. The Episode aired live nation wide on NBC on the 1st of March 2010 with a record of 7.58 million viewers. KC was angered by the episode after the release as the NBC refused to tell him the episode was based upon misrepresenting Juggalos to make the entire fan base look like killers. Due to spoiling the script before the release they could only tell him it was based upon Syko Sam and Horrorcore Music. [3]



  • Light To Dark And Life To Death (2005)
  • Tormented Mutation (2006)
  • Cannibal Clown (2007)
  • Stoned As A Mother F**ker (2007)
  • Metal Murder Mixtape (2008)
  • Black Circle Magic (2009)
  • Metal Murder Mixtape: Volume 2 (2010)


  • Meet The Monstors (2008)
  • Tunnel Runner Down Under Tour (2009)

Guest appearances

  • Rectal Birth: The Nothing (2003)
  • kCaveMen: Return For Snack - Demo (2004)
  • Subterra: Chronicles of the Reluctant (2005)
  • Trips: Tripstape Volume One (2006)
  • Dyad Souls: Speak Ov The Devil (2007)
  • Trips: Satan's God (2007)
  • Tunnel Runners: Masters Of The Wicked Shit (2008)
  • Underground Hustlin Vol.7 (2008)
  • Project X: The Compilation (2009)
  • Trips: Tripstape Volume Two (2009)
  • Dyad Souls: Overkill (2009)
  • Horrorcore: Devilz Night (2009)
  • Trips: Absolute Death (2010)
  • Trips: Emergency Room (2010)
  • kCaveMen: Gondwanaland (2010)


Music Videos

  • A Dirty Fuckin' Murder (2005)
  • Meet The Monstors (2007)
  • Cannibal Cantina (2008)
  • I'm Not Alone (2010)

Guest appearances

  • XBA Death Death Documentary (2008)
  • Law & Order: Steel-eyed Death (2010)
  • kCaveMen: Gondwanaland Live (2010)

Live performances

KidCrusher Live in Adelaide.

Gathering of the Juggalos 2008

In 2008 KidCrusher was booked to perform on the 2nd stage at the Gathering of the Juggalos[4] Event, hosted by Psychopathic Records and the Insane Clown Posse at Cave-In-Rock, Illinois in the United States. On his plane trip he was deported to Amsterdam due to his criminal record he has held in South Australia. His record was only considered criminal to the United States but in Australia it was only an on the spot fine. With all the controversy, KidCrusher can only tour in the United States after a five year waiting period from his fine date, which will end in the year 2012. He has already announced on his Myspace page he will be booking shows all around the United States in that year[5], Including: Ohio, Texas, Los Angeles, Detroit, Michigan, Iowa, Germany & France.

Australian Tour 2009

In 2009 KidCrusher accomplished his own Australian Tour entitled Tunnel Runner Down Under Tour featuring special guests including The Berzerker from Melbourne Australia. The Tour consisted upon Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Queensland and Sydney in April 2009.[6] In recent interviews KidCrusher announced he will be back on the road around Australia in 2010.

KidCrusher Live at the Heatwave Festival.

Heatwave 2010

Hosted by INQ with A star studded lineup headlined by MTV’s Pimp My Ride rapper/actor Xzibit backed by Australia’s best DJ’s & MC’s; such as Mastacraft, Trips & KidCrusher, Chico, tyDi, Levelheaded and Headstrong Co. The event took place in Middleton, South Australia at the Abbott Reserve right next to the Victor Harbor beach on Saturday, 16th January 2010. KC was on stage as a Hype man for Trips, also performing tracks from the Metal Murder Mixtape and collaborations between them both from Satan's God and the Tripstape. [7]

KC has also done local shows with Trips opening for K-Rino from the South Park Coalition.

Style & Lyrics

KidCrusher performs several styles of Horrorcore lacing Hardcore Hip Hop with Death Metal, He announced his influences came from his favorite bands such as: Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, The Berzerker, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Rammstein, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Tenacious D, KoRn and System Of A Down. Also mixing vibes and samples from his favorite Horror Films, Dramas and Documentary's, His brutal lyrics are purely fictional for entertainment and should not be taken seriously.


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