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Kid Kash
Ring name(s) David Jericho
Kid Kash
The Notorious K.I.D.
Billed height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Billed weight 202 lb (92 kg)
Born Waynesboro, Virginia
Resides Nashville, Tennessee
Billed from Johnson City, Tennessee
Trained by Ricky Morton[1]
Tim Horner[1]
Debut 1990

David Cash[1] (born July 31, 1969) better known by his ring name Kid Kash, is an American professional wrestler known for his work in Extreme Championship Wrestling, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment



Kash's father was a boxer and Kash began training by the age of seven years old. He went on to become a professional fighter and worked in Japan. There is when Cash met Ricky Morton and Morton liked what he saw and told Cash he would train him and take him under his wing. Working as a welder by day, Cash wrestled on the independent circuit. Under the name David Jericho he formed a short-lived tag team with Morton.

Kash said, on "Blood, Guts & No Glory", that his very first wrestling pay was $3. "I almost didn't take it. I mean, 3 bucks? That's ridiculous !" For his second match, he was paid $5. "The most I got paid that year probably was $50."

Extreme Championship Wrestling (1996-2000)

David Cash's first mainstream exposure came in late 1996 with Extreme Championship Wrestling. Kash, then wrestling as David Jericho, went to Philadelphia with friend and sometimes tag-team partner "Heavy Metal" Ric Savage. Kash was friends with New Jack of the Gangstas and Rob Van Dam. Kash shortly left ECW back to the indies and even wrestled house shows for World Wrestling Entertainment. It was during a WWE house show against the tag team Too Cool that Cash broke both of his ankles performing a botched hurricanrana on Scotty 2 Hotty. The injury sidelined Cash for a while but upon his return to the ring he resurfaced in ECW in late 1999 under a new gimmick, Kid Kash. The name change was due to his uncanny resemblance of musician Kid Rock. Under this name, Kash would dress like Kid Rock from his Devil Without a Cause album, and even used the song (and named one of his finishers) (the moneymaker) during this phase in his career. Just months after his return Kash suffered a broken jaw in Atlanta at the hands of the The Dupps. He had legitimate heat with the tag team for their supposed stiff and shoot moves on Kash during matches and as payback during a planned run-in during Kash's match Bo Dupp did an unplanned frog splash right on Kash's face, breaking both sides of his jaw. At the time Atlanta was going through a flu epidemic and so Cash had to get a private physician to fix his jaw because the hospitals were swamped. Despite the injury Kash continued to wrestle, and never took a night off. He even wrestled on the Guilty As Charged PPV the very next night after driving from Atlanta to Birmingham, AL. Literally after his surgery, which in turn earned him the respect of Paul Heyman and several other ECW wrestlers. Kash recovered from the injury without any problems and went on to wrestle tag matches, cruiserweight-style matches, and even wrestled Mike Awesome for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship at Living Dangerously on March 12th, 2000, although he lost after he was superbombed from the top rope through a Table. His tag team partners during the time include the likes of Rob Van Dam, Super Crazy, Nova and The Sandman. He won the ECW World Television Championship one time, defeating Rhino for it on August 26th, 2000. A few weeks later, Rhino would reclaim the title from Kash.

World Championship Wrestling (2001)

On March 21, 2001 Kid Kash signed with the WCW where they billed him as Kash. Less than a week later WWE and Vince McMahon purchased WCW, and wanted to keep Kash on through a renegotiation of his contract, which would have cut his wages considerably.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2002-2005)

On August 14, 2002 Kash re-emerged in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as part of the X Division.[2] Using the gimmick of a cocky, obnoxious heel (while still maintaining a degree of his Kid Rock mannerisms), Kash won the TNA X Division Championship from Sonny Siaki on February 12, 2003[3] and lost the title to Amazing Red on April 30.[4] Some of the more notable feuds Kid Kash developed in TNA were against James Storm, Dusty Rhodes, Jeff Hardy, A.J. Styles, and even a few intergender matches with Trinity. Also, Kash faced off against legends such as Roddy Piper & Larry Zbyszko. He even beat his trainer, Ricky Morton.

On March 31, 2004 Kash teamed up with Dallas to win the NWA World Tag Team Championship[5] and the pair picked the titles up a second time on April 21[6] before losing them to America's Most Wanted in June.[7] Kash was released from his TNA contract on April 20, 2005 after making inflammatory remarks on Wrestling News Live on April 18th 2005 in which he stated he wanted out of the company due to his misusage and signed with WWE shortly after.[8][9] [10]

World Wrestling Entertainment (2005-2007)

Kash's first appearance on television was as one of many interferers in the main event at ECW One Night Stand 2005.[11] His first official proper WWE outing, however, was the June 19, 2005 airing of Sunday Night Heat against Tajiri in what was designated a tryout match.[12] On June 23 he said in an interview that "You never know what the company is looking for. I might not be what they're looking for. I can only hope", indicating that he continued to pursue a WWE contract.[13] that same month he was reported to have signed a developmental deal with WWE and to have been assigned to Deep South Wrestling. Kash then wrestled a few matches on Velocity, before coming up to Smackdown.

Kid Kash showed up after a tag team match between MNM and the Mexicools on Smackdown, viciously attacking Juventud Guerrera. The following week he faced off against Mexicool member, Super Crazy. Kash picked up the win, earning himself a title match with Juventud at Armageddon. Kash made his WWE pay-per-view debut on December 18, 2005 at Armageddon in Providence, Rhode Island. On the card, he defeated WWE Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera to win the title.[14] After losing the Cruiserweight title at the Royal Rumble,[15] Kash began to frequently tag team with fellow cruiserweight Jamie Noble to take on the face members of the cruiserweight division;[16] during May 2006, Kash and Noble used a gimmick previously seen in ECW, where they wore dog collars, often barked at and bit opponents, and wrestled rather aggressively. The pair were soon named The Pit Bulls[17] and entered the hunt for Paul London and Brian Kendrick's WWE Tag Team Championship.[18] The team, however, came to an end upon Kash's release from the company on September 27, 2007.[19]


He has recently made appearances on Real Quality Wrestling which shows on The Fight Network in the United Kingdom. He has recently been wrestling in Tewkesbury for top midlands promotion Pro Championship Wrestling as well as in Waterford, Ireland for Irish Whip Wrestling. However, Kash was involved in some controversy at a One Pro Wrestling show where, during a match against Pac, he seemingly attacked a photographer who had not been part of any planned involvement, as well as taking a video camera from a ringside cameraman.[20]

Kid Kash has wrestled in several Indy promotions since leaving WWE, perhaps most notably Showtime All-Star Wrestling, where he has had a lengthy title reign as the promotion's International Champion.

Most Recent of which, during summer 2009(August). Kid Kash is wrestling for an independent promotion, known as Real Deal Wrestling(RDW). Which runs shows in north east England, mainly the east coast.

On 16 August 2009, Kid Kash continued a feud with a the promotions current heel champion Prince Ameen. In a match than spanned approximately 30 minutes. Kid Kash showed the prowess that took him to each of the major wrestling promotions and turned in a decent performance. Following the match, which Kid Kash won on a count-out (title not changing hands), a heated dialogue sprung up as Kid challenged the current champ for a re-match on 23 August 2009.

On December 23, 2009, a man named David Cash was arrested in Johnson City, TN on charges of identity theft, forgery and theft of property. It was first announced that he was David "Kid Kash" Cash[21], but later Kid Kash denied being the man arrested.[22]

In March 2010 Kid Kash will be conducting a series of UK training seminars in Manchester with Star Power Training.[23]

In wrestling

  • Nicknames
    • "Mr. TNA" ("Total Nonstop Attitude")
    • "The Notorious K.I.D."

Championships and accomplishments


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